Friday, July 25, 2014

-¿Cómose dices ilegal?

Edward Woodson, local Miami radio show host did a man on the street interview in Miami and asked if the word "Illegal" was the new "N-Word"?
You'll notice a majority of the hispanic or latinos that answered the question displayed more lucidity than the white-liberals. If you can't see the video on your iPad or portable device as I have been experiencing, here is the link:

Keep up the good work Ed!

-Showing Your Hand ...

When the Obama Administration first learned about the Border Crisis from the news... ok, ok, he knew about it a long time ago... His first impulse was to demand that Congress approve $3.7 Billion in emergency funds to "deal with the crisis". Now that congress has heard the voice of Americans "loud n' clear", the admin has decided to meet with leaders from Honduras and Guatemala in an attempt to either slow the flow of illegals through Mex into USA or to expedite the possible amnesty of millions already in America, plus offering "refugee status" to minors from the aforementioned nations.

I think back to the early days of the Admin when Hillary needed to flex her Secretary of State muscle. Rather than adopt a stance of non-interference, Hillary, with the blessing of Obama, jumped right into the Honduran elections.. maybe this chicken is coming home to roost?

The central-American nation of Honduras is now ruled by an extremist far-right government today, a fascist junta-imposed government, because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The lives of all but the top 0.001% of the population there are hell because of this. Those people now have good reason to hate America. The reputation of the United States has gone down under President Obama, throughout almost all countries, and this hell in Central America is a significant part of the reason for that, but the U.S. news media have paid pathetically little attention to this U.S.-caused hell there, and so most Americans don't even know about it.
Please read the rest of the linked article... it is a reminder of maybe why we are at the negotiating table with the governments that unleashed a human wave upon us...

So, because of meddling in Honduras and aiding and abetting a corrupt regime, that regime returns the favor...

Obama already showed his hand to Honduras, Guatemala and anyone else that has a seat at the immigration poker table. They heard "$3.7 Billion to make it go away"... Guatemala says they'll split the pot and with the low-blind at the table bids $2 billion from the US to make it stop.

Now Obama is holding a junk hand that already flashed the table. He will continue to play this hand because like all losers that came before him, he always thought he would win.

Unfortunately, we are the losers that backed the player.


Friday, July 18, 2014

-Leadership Then and Now


The video that was originally referenced here was mysteriously removed from YouTube. A lot of the videos of Obama's reaction at the news of the Malaysian Airlines shoot-down have been either edited to look like he cared or deleted.
I found another one but I don't know how long it will stay there...


Sunday, July 13, 2014

-"Five Minutes of the most concentrated stupidity that has ever been my duty to watch"

The title of the thread comes from the July 4th edition of Radio Derb.
As Derb suggests, this video should be placed in a Time Capsule so scientists in the future can find the answer to why the USA vanished from the map in the mid-21st Century...
Pass it on.

Contributor, Hell_Is_Like_Newark, mentions an excellent historic comparison to the illegal immigration flood in the US by referencing the Crisis of the Third Century. One of the many answers to the question as to why the Roman Empire collapsed.

Monday, June 30, 2014

- SCOTUS on a Roll: 4 in a Row!

First, the court ruled in favor of Pro-Life demonstrators, or at least ruled against limiting freedom to protest by limiting where a Pro-Life demonstration can take place. That was a 9-0 decision.
Second, the court ruled that the Obama Administration was overreaching with recess appointments... another 9-0 bitch-slap!
I tell ya, the whole Supreme Court must be racist!
Then, Harris v Quinn: the court rules that unions can't force employees in union shops to contribute to the union. Not a huge decision, but a shot across the bow of union influence peddlers.
Finally, Hobby Lobby: 5-4, you can't force certain corporations to pay for abortion pills.
The Democrats are waxing wroth after this decision. White House spokesman Josh Earnest continues to perpetuate the myth that women are helpless and utterly incapable of buying their own contraception. They will also argue how pregnancy is a disease and jeopardizes women's health.
This is the wacky-world we live in.
The capper would be fro a Republican controlled Senate in November and a strong conservative candidate to emerge for 2016... I know, I know, I'm asking too much, but one can always hope.

Monday, June 23, 2014

-Liberal Mythology: The Far Right is Taking Over the Right!

Lately, the talk from the liberal controlled media has been how the Tea Party and the Far Right or the Extreme Right has taken over the Republican Party.
Two things are at play here. 
First, the liberals get to pretend that their compassion extends across party lines and showers sympathies upon the lost brethren of the GOP.
It's a load of garbage, of course, but that never stopped the libs from seizing and shaping a narrative.
Second it resurrects the Monster from our dark but not so distant past: The Far Right! It can only mean totalitarianism!
Let's not get too carried away, but time is opportune to get the record straight.
In finance, we unfortunately receive our news from from three TV sources in order to stay on top of things.  With all the wealth flowing through Wall St, the three news outlets of our design are akin to forcing citizens of Beverly Hills to drink from a urinal (or at least their choice of three urinals).
CNBC is the oldest and most predictable when it comes to trotting out the evil far right takeover narrative. Fox Business News was supposed to be a counter-punch to CNBC's off balance views, but they are nothing more than Fox with a little business ( and some attractive women) thrown in.
Bloomberg TV is just plain awful. It is as pablum puking as it's namesake. Bloomberg reporters are the loudest to to sound the alarm of the emerging Far Right! They are most terrified and it's no wonder since Bloomy himself was never a true conservative to begin with.
Who are these Far Right Monsters that we need to shun from our midst? Why does the Left want to help us defeat the "far Right".
The defeat of Eric Cantor has the Left in disarray. They will howl loudly like Bill Maher's many open-minded panelists, that Cantor was a staunch conservative! Lol! It's interesting to see what happens to leftist media commentators when they are confronted with something that does not fit their narrative. Bloomberg's news people have been bemoaning that the Tea Party is some sort of new-fascist movement... the Right is doomed! They wail and moan like some sort of chorus in a greek tragedy! 
Emerging from the mist and shadows and screams like some mid-sixties horror movie monster, is a professor of economics that wants a smaller government and .. gasp! A Free Market! (cue thunder bolts and banshee wails!)
Why is that so terrible? It is if you are all for the oligarchy of the current system.
I don't see a new form of conservatism emerging,  but conservatives better start standing up for themselves rather than let mythology paint them into a corner. For too long conservatives and libertarians have taken the barbs from the left and the establishment Repubs. Its time to put that crap where it belongs. Even Bill Buckley knew that the left was incapable of civil debate when they were cornered. Liberals are cowards. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

-Destroying the Evidence; No Apologies This Time Around...

Welcome to bizarro world.
Lois Lerner and her henchmen at the IRS targeted conservative groups. The hard drives are supposedly irrecoverable, although the FBI and the NSA could easily produce data and metadata sufficient to replicate her correspondences. Nixon could have destroyed evidence, and may have directed Haldeman to do so, but he didn't and apologized and resigned.
The Right cries "foul!", and the left is silent.
Many years ago I'm sure there were worms like Bill Ayers that were savoring he moment when they could go "full Nixon".
I recently attempted to watch "All the President's Men". The outrage is hardly palpable in terms of what the current administration and the complicit press has perpetrated on the American people on several fronts.
Nixon resigned for what we see as comparatively innocuous to the stratagems and treasons of the Obama Administration.
This is the "leftists' revenge" what we are experiencing. It is a blunt-force assault on America from the foundation to the extremities. The left is unapologetic in its approach to the point where they and their representatives brazenly demand that they are entitled to their uber-nixonian moment.
Republicans claim this is close to impeachable, even though it is beyond the Clinton impeachment grounds by miles, the media will sell this as a racist attempt at mucking the wonderful works of America's first President of color.
The Left still yearns for a Nixon moment where a republican or conservative loses something and rather than impeachment, the left will seek a lynching.
When the Patriot Act was passed, a lot of outspoken conservatives warned us that this was a bad precedent. The warning was basically: "if you think its bad now, wait until the Left is in charge!"
We are experiencing that nightmare at present.