Monday, July 6, 2015

- It's The German's Turn To Lie

I admit it, I was wrong. I thought for sure the Greeks would vote yes, promise reform, not implement it, and the silly carnival ride of the European union would continue to spin. A liberal politician will always avoid facing the math of reality when a few lying words will do in it's place. But the Greeks voted no. And that means it's the German turn to lie.

Instead of the Greeks lying to the German taxpayer who is paying for their retirement, the Germans will have to do so. They'll be recognizable because they'll be the same lies the Greeks would have had to tell. "Real Reform", "real accountability", blah, blah, blah, followed up by a great big ... nothing. It either that, or watch the failed dreams of the unelected European Bureaucrats go up in smoke. Somehow, the EU needs to add 2 units of German productivity, to 1 unit of Greek productivity, and find a way to pay for 4 Greek public sector retirements.

Well, that's overstating it. In truth, they just have to convince the German public that 2+1 can equal 4, they don't have to actually achieve it. And in an age when Bruce Jenner is a woman, two men can be "married", and you can choose (and change) your race at will, a little bad math seems like a very small lie indeed.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

- Our Hero Commits a Thought Crime

“To learn who rules over you, find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

A "real man" doesn't feel the need to be rude. He doesn't threaten and he doesn't boast. He follows through on what he says. He has principles, and honor. His word is his bond. And he doesn't ever knuckle under to bullies.

So let's talk about "Gay Marriage", which if you feel the way I do about it, you most certainly are not allowed to do. And the reason you aren't, is because it's a movement dominated by, and populated by, bullies.

First, if one of my homosexual friends decided to get married, I'd probably attend. I'd be polite. I congratulate all parties involved. I'd bring a gift that cost more than the per person price of the event. Those are the rules I learned for attending celebrations. When speaking of my friend in the third person, I'd refer to their partner as his husband if it were a man, or wife if it were a woman. That's just a matter of courtesy.

But I would not 'think' of them as married because by the classic definitions of western culture, they are not. They may or may not be in a committed relationship. The same could be true of the heterosexual couples I know, but that's a private issue for all parties involved, both gay and straight. That isn't the issue. What they have may involve adopting children. That's not the issue either. What the core issue is for me is that marriage, is a staple of western culture that defines the core of what I think of as family. The role that it plays in society can not be supplanted by a homosexual couple.

Beyond that, there is a reason I said I'd 'probably' attend. If the ceremony would be held in a venue or with the participation of anyone that is being coerced into participation by government force, then I will not attend. And that IS the point. That is the entire point of the gay marriage debate. I don't believe the propagandists that have been so successful in the gay marriage debate really want to expand marriage to include more people. What they want to do is to co-opt what Americans think of as 'normal'. They want to use this 'new normal' as a wedge to force the government mandated destruction of the foundations of western culture. I'll always be polite to individuals, but I will not participate in the that destruction.

Next on the list (arguably already on the list) for them is polygamy. Eventually, it will be the destruction of the concept of 'parenthood'. At that point, the destruction that the cultural marxists have so yearned for (of which the gay lobby is just the most effective part) will finally have arrived. And I think we're past the point where we can take their denials on that kind of thing seriously. They'll continue to lie about their goals, while doing all they can to obliterate the foundations of our society and replace them with government force.

So gay couples, may be together, they may be monogamous. But in my mind, the last domain of rapidly vanishing freedom for an American, they will never be 'married'. I will never think of them as married any more than I do a heterosexual couple who are just living together. And so long as I'm free to think what I like, they never will be.

They've demonstrated themselves as bullies, so I feel it's my responsibility to say how I feel publicly. And that's because I'm a man... and men don't knuckle under to bullies.

Friday, July 3, 2015

-losing the right to be left alone and what may be coming

Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the law as it is written is really not what it says. Justice swings on a pendulum influenced by belief. If you close your eyes and convince yourself that a law means something else, then, well you are correct, at least based on the precedent established by the Roberts court. The UnAffordable Healthcare Scam was also processed by the court into similar ersatz.
Stare Decisis is an uncompromising mistress. As America drifts away from its sensibilities, we will probably see more liberal initiatives using the decision of these cases to foster everything from reparations for slavery to stripping ecclesiastical universities and institutions of their right to hold their beliefs sacred.
There is another side of the pendulum that proponents of 2A reciprocity have floated. Marriage is more of a choice than a right, however the right to defend oneself from harm via concealed-carry is not debatable in a majority of states.
Based on these decisions, it is hard to challenge the assertion that a constitutional  right should not enjoy unfettered access by all men, women and those in between.

I work with many people from Latin America, non-citizens, but law-abiding. They left their homelands to find opportunity and to escape the mire of leftist-political constructs gone haywire.
Given the opportunity to vote they would still lean liberal. It may be a surprise to most, the Latin Americans were overwhelmingly against the gay marriage decision, with a few stating that they understood that religion would now be compromised.
The future will probably morph towards the kind of governments America that resemble shadows of failed Latin American socialism. With technology in place, it will resemble the society that Huxley, Orwell and Levin warned about.

The first substantial right we are losing is the right to be left alone. Freedom of choice is now the Right to Choose, but god forbid you choose what the populist government considers the correct choice.
The gay marriage debate is tired and really has nothing to do with government or marriage, but now the two are fused. In the past, although not a practicing Catholic, I argued against gay marriage proponents on the basis of religious and personal freedom. To these monsters, religion is nothing more but a thinly veiled institutionalized bigotry. Arguing against someone that calls you a bigot at every turn is not a debate, it is a cowards attempt to pick a fight that will get your arrested in the process of defending that right. That is the tactic of the left. They will slander and defame you and if you demonstrate old fashioned testosterone fueled settlement, you will appear in front of one of their judges.
I do feel a fight brewing, which probably means the hardcore left are going to run out of targets and begin to eat themselves. I'd probably let the rainbow confetti settle before pulling up a cooler of beer to watch the spectacle.
As Kevin Williamson titled his book: the end is near  and it's going to be awesome.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

- Coping With Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice is an oxymoron. The right way to cope with all the loud vocal anger of the permanently outraged class of Americans is to treat them like the overly sensitive children they are. They don't like something, throw it in their face.

Reality is not optional. SJW's are spectacularly illiterate when it comes to history. So the very fact that something outrages them can be taken as testimony that the issue is only being half told. Unless we all want to end up as illiterate as they are and in effect, becomes their slaves with regard to culture, we need to find the strength to tell them all to go fuck themselves. Unless we do, we are spoiling our children. We are ruining them as much as we are ruining ourselves.

America (even Obama's America) is not the terrible place they believe it is. Thanks to all the collective guilt we've allowed the permanently outraged class to foist on us, it isn't as great a place as it used to be. But it's still the best game in town. You want to return to individual responsibility? Start thinking like an individual.

I've never been a huge fan of the stars and bars, and I'm still not - truth be told. But I'm embracing it now exclusively because the Social Justice Warriors don't want me to. I won't have my conscience dictated to me by these imbeciles. And if they want to get a protest together and kick down my door, let them come.

I'm an American man. And if they have any brains (a dubious assertion I confess) then they're a lot more afraid of me than I am of them.

Monday, June 29, 2015

- A Civilization In Decline

How long do you imagine it will be before a gay couple files a suit to be married in St. Patrick's cathedral? How do you imagine that court case will out? Make no mistake, it is now illegal in the United States to be a fully practicing Catholic. The only real question is whether the church will continue to stand as the cornerstone of Western civilization that it's been for two millennia, or will it knuckle under to the will of the mob, who in the name of 'equality' allow a deeply held faith to be categorized only as "bigotry". I'm not optimistic.

I have no objection to gay couples receiving equal protection under the law, on the contrary I'm in favor of it. But this suit wasn't about that. It was about giving gay couples the right to force people to bake wedding cakes for them at gunpoint. It was about forcing everyone in the country, under penalty of the law, to define a homosexual relationship as 'normal' regardless of the teachings of their church. Like all things that spring from the left, it was a (successful) attempt to destroy a cornerstone of western culture, and to bring it's founding institutions low.

I believe the steamroller of popular culture will continue to pour over the institutions that have defined western civilization - at least until a gay couple tries to get married in a mosque. At that point the gay lobby will run into the one thing they don't have the courage to cope with; a group of people so devout that they will use violence to defend their faith. They will kill and die for it.

While I am not a devotee of Islam and I don't agree with the violent tendencies of Muslim culture, I do see where they're coming from. The things I would kill and die for are not the same as theirs, but there are things that I feel that strongly about. But my most cherished values leave me standing alone as a man in the wilderness and not a part of a unified faith with a billion global followers. So even if I would 'kill and die' for something, it isn't any secret that I'd probably end up doing the latter rather than the former. (previously) American ideals like liberty and equal protection, just don't have the traction that they used to.

And so we see a civilization in decline. A country founded on religious liberty has just made strict adherence to religious faith illegal. As I've said many times, I'm not a particularly good catholic, so it probably won't have much direct effect on me. But be assured, the country we leave our children will no longer be the America we remember. It's a country ruled by judicial fiat and the cult of personality. It's a country who's popular culture seeks only to destroy the very institutions and principles upon which it is based. We should be surprised not at all when a formerly great nation can no longer muster the faith in itself to continue to be great.

Head for the lifeboats boys, the ship is finally going down. There is nothing left to stop it, and no one with the strength to try.

Friday, June 19, 2015

- Nothing In Common

Nope... totally different. Just ask anyone in the media.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

- Our Cultural Collapse

Only a woman, or a man who thinks like a woman (a liberal), can think this makes sense. A few years ago, John Derbyshire and I were having lunch together after a day spend at the range. He was bemoaning the slow collapse of our society, and off the cuff I said "I blame the pill". It was meant as a joke and when he came back with fully serious "Oh? How so?" I couldn't come up with a quick response.

But the truth is, I see now I was probably right. We've empowered women to act like men, but we have utterly failed to teach them to think rationally like men do. Now maybe it's possible that all but the very best of them are simply incapable of thinking rationally. They are too narcissistic (and therefore too vested in ego defense) or too solipsistic to manage it. So maybe we were seeking an impossible goal. But it seems clear to me that we have opened Pandora's box, and like it or not, it will be the end of us.

No society that has so many morally unquestionable imperatives that are all provably false, can possibly survive.