Monday, January 15, 2018

- Feminism's Downgraded Complaints

Man Oh man that Steve Sailer is a National Treasure! His posts from yesterday represent two of the most emotionally satisfying things I've ever read consecutively, and exactly the kind of thing to fill me with joy as I slurp my morning coffee at 4:00AM on a monday.

Regrettably to get the full effect you have to read his linked pieces as well. The first one is this piece about an illegal alien 'immigration activist' who was deported by Ice. It conveys exactly the type of images that those of us on the pro enforcement side of the debate fantasize about:

An escalating legal battle played out on Friday in the case of Ravi Ragbir, an immigrant rights activist whose detention on Thursday by federal immigration authorities sparked protests that led to the arrest of 18 people, including members of the New York City Council.

OK. Got it. Feckless politicians arrested during a protest for non-citizens. Good. Next...

Mr. Ragbir, 53, the executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, had shown up for a check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday morning, at the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in Lower Manhattan. When officials told him that he was going to be detained and deported, Mr. Ragbir fainted, his wife, Amy Gottlieb, said.

That is when events turned chaotic.

Actually, they turned chaotic in 1965. This is just the chaos being thinned out a little.

His lawyer from New York University Immigrant Rights Clinic, Alina Das, said that as he was regaining consciousness she argued that she was still pursuing legal remedies for Mr. Ragbir. She said that Scott Mechkowski, the assistant field office director for ICE, dismissed her arguments and had officers handcuff Mr. Ragbir.

An ambulance called for Mr. Ragbir was met with angry protesters as it left the federal building. The protest extended onto Broadway and toward City Hall and council members Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane D. Williams were among the 18 arrested.

Think that sounds good? Me too. But wait, there's more:

Ms. Gottlieb rode to Lower Manhattan Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian in the ambulance with Mr. Ragbir, she said. There, Ms. Gottlieb said, she was told to get out of the ambulance, which then left with Mr. Ragbir inside. Ms. Gottlieb learned later that it had taken him to a hospital devoid of protesters, Bellevue Hospital Center, for evaluation. From there, the New York Police Department provided an escort for federal immigration vehicles to the Holland Tunnel; unbeknown to his wife, lawyer and supporters, Mr. Ragbir was soon on a plane to Miami, where he was placed in a federal detention center.

I used to live near Bellevue so I know the neighborhood. This conjures images of the ambulance pulling over on first avenue in the 20's, dumping the wife and lawyer out on the curb to wail and scream, slamming the door, and continuing on unperturbed while the illegal alien in question continues to fake a heart attack. For me it helps if you picture the EMT's and Ice agents looking like the cast from ghostbusters.

Then there is this absolute treasure.

Perhaps she hoped to maybe even become the famous man’s girlfriend. He wasn’t interested. What she felt afterward—rejected yet another time, by yet another man—was regret. And what she and the writer who told her story created was 3,000 words of revenge porn. The clinical detail in which the story is told is intended not to validate her account as much as it is to hurt and humiliate Ansari. Together, the two women may have destroyed Ansari’s career, which is now the punishment for every kind of male sexual misconduct, from the grotesque to the disappointing.

The Atlantic piece that Steve links is a must read. It's written by a woman who is old enough and wise enough to see this Feminist purge for what it really is. She stops short of saying it in red pill terms, but the conclusions are unavoidable.

For the 'man' involved Aziz Ansari, I have nothing buy sympathy. There is maybe some small part of me that resents the fact that he is really only here because past generations of proto-third wave feminists were disappointed that I (or someone cut from the same cloth as me) didn't want to date them, but I'm capable of setting that aside.

The 'immigration project' of the far left, as far as feminists are concerned, is designed to bring more men into the nation like both of the men mentioned here, to replace the excessively picky, smart, tall, lean, handsome, assertive white men who only wanted to date the most attractive 15% of women. We (the men) all ended up with Asian geniuses, or eastern european models. And fat, obnoxious, self centered girls needed men too, so they downgraded their expectations and tried to import replacements. Certainly this poster boy for modern liberalism wouldn't compete directly with someone like me on any score when it comes to women.

Even Jessica Valenti, confused and deluded poster girl for 'burn it all down' third wave feminism has a quote in there that's worth reading for it's personal agency abandoning hypocrisy if nothing else:

The feminist writer and speaker Jessica Valenti tweeted, “A lot of men will read that post about Aziz Ansari and see an everyday, reasonable sexual interaction. But part of what women are saying right now is that what the culture considers ‘normal’ sexual encounters are not working for us, and oftentimes harmful.”

And whose fault exactly is that Jessica? Right up to the point that this girl had her change of heart, in what way has this 'man' failed to meet your ever changing, and wholly unrealistic expectations? If you girls can't tame a (very) low level beta like him, how can you expect to deal with an actual man?

Even more important, how can you EVER expect a real man to take the trade you're offering? You girls will wrap yourselves in solipsism, lower our wages by competing with us in the workplace, sleep around like whores, wait until after your viable childbearing years to take dating seriously, jerk us hither and yon with ridiculous emotional outbursts that blame us for everything in your lives from you fine arts degree to your menstrual cramps, and afterward, if it goes better than average, you drag us through the courts, take our children, our homes and 50% of our income forever, and expect us to be happy about it?

If you girls weren't all so wildly self centered, the next time some Xirl publishes a piece of Feminist dogma you'd all fall on her like a pack of wolves. Creatures like you made these rules Jessica. You demanded this 'liberation' for women. If it's bringing you misery now, then you have only yourselves to blame. Nothing has changed for us men. It's just that now all you women are 'free' to act like your worst selves. But you still expect us to bear all the costs for it.

Babe, you and your ilk are very much not worth it. Men have a whole planet full of options and most of those options look a far sight more appealing to us than you do. If you want to deal with a man, then you have to be worth it to the man - on men's terms. And based on what a "everyday, reasonable sexual interaction" has turned into, you are not now, and never will be 'worth it'. Men have figured that out even if you haven't. Even the little brown beta's you're trying to replace us with are figuring it out now. When will you finally take a reasoned look in the mirror?

In terms of policy, open borders immigrations is the death of the west. But culturally, it's Feminism and the idea that women can offer men nothing that we value and expect everything from us in return that is the impetus for it. The more you women try to exclude us from defining the social mores, the more men will simply ignore you and move on to other women. This bloated creature anonymously referenced as 'Grace' has just learned that. Or rather, she would have if she were a man. Instead all she learned is that useless bit of 'self congratulation' that all feminists use as justification for their delusions: "all men are the same".

Well if we're really 'all the same', then maybe you had better try dealing with us in some way other than open vilification, and total exclusion from defining how our society works, because that isn't doing it for us. And if it's going to take another generation or two of women spending the last 50 years of their lives sitting around alone on urban center park benches with their pocket dogs and chablis, that's fine with us. There are plenty more where you came from.

Decent men (meaning the overwhelming majority of them) are all for punishing the Harvey Weinstein's of the world. As the father of a daughter (who by the way looks exactly like an eastern European model and is in the top 99.96% for IQ so she'll be snatching away your more ambitious dating options any minute now) I'm thrilled to see him go down. But the babies that you all are throwing out with the bathwater in this purge, are your own.

I always enjoy when lies are shown as lies, and cosmic justice punishes the liars. Thanks Steve for bringing these two examples, to my attention.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

- Let's Talk About Eliza Dushku

I saw Eliza Dushku competently shoot a compound bow on one of the late night talk shows once. I have ever since been smitten. I think she's a pretty good actress. Very cute. A liberal of course, but it hasn't affected her looks at all. And if she's OK with hunting (and she is) then she's not a dogmatic liberal and I'm prepared to look past it.

The scenario she describes in this Variety piece is the kind of thing that I would ordinarily call 'less that rape', except for the fact that she was 12 years old at the time.

Go there yourself and read it. I don't think it's the kind of thing that could happen to most kids whose parents aren't liberal. But you judge for yourself.

Pedophilia is one of those things that makes no sense to me. I just don't see how you get there from here. Don't get me wrong, I live surrounded on all sides by NYU undergrads. I see the appeal of a lovely young girl. But in terms of the biology those are adult women. I find them attractive in precisely the same way I find any other woman attractive. Are they "Too young for me?" Probably. But no one would debate that they are too young for anyone, least of all them.

12 is too young for anyone. And I don't understand the pathology that would attract an adult man to a 12 year old girl.

12 is also a tough age for an adult to recollect clearly. Eliza is an adult now, and I don't doubt that some aspects of this story have been distorted by her over time. If so, then I call this a forgivable bit of distortion. It seems to me that she's doing her best to present her recollections accurately.

And though I'm not exactly following her around and documenting her behavior, by the standards of Hollywood she seems to me to be a fairly well adjusted adult. I don't read about her cocaine binges, high speed car crashes, or arrest record. So I hope she came through the experience with as little psychological damage as possible.

Vox Day has been talking about pedophila in Hollywood for some time. He indicates that it's much more common than it seems. I'm hoping he's overstating it, but I fear he isn't.

I did a quick search for my zip code on the New York State Sexual offenders list. Strangely, although he lives right around the corner and is very much in my Zip code, Anthony Wiener is not yet on the list or is otherwise being kept 'private'. Imagine.

It's a fairly short list. shorter than I thought it would be. And about 2/3rds of the people on the list are in a single halfway house on East 3rd st by the Bowery. The rest are spread around the lower rent areas of the neighborhood. Only 2 of the 26 are white. The rest are black and Latino, excluding one woman (the only woman on the list) in her 40's who seems to be MENA, and who just a few weeks ago was convicted of doing something or other with a 13 year old boy - a "non stranger".

One thing that was consistent though is that 3/4th of the convicted offenses were with boys and girls under the age of 17. Five of them were with children age 13 or younger.

True deviants seem to focus on the weakest among us.

Friday, January 12, 2018

- Let's Talk About Sh*tholes

Man it is so hard not to enjoy the hell out of this President. He annoys all the right people.

As I write this, the links above the headline on Drudge read as follows:

Threatens to record future Oval Office meetings...
Vulgar? Some in Africa agree...
LEMON: 'People of Color Warned You'...
Media Meltdown: 'Nazi,' 'Evil,' 'KKK,' 'Terrorist Sympathizer'...
Nancy repeats words, overrules own statement, slurs 'prescription drugs'...
President rejects 'Dreamer' deal...
FLASHBACK: Ted Kennedy on 1965 bill: 'It will not inundate America with immigrants from... deprived nations of Africa and Asia'
LIST: Potty-Mouthed Presidents...
US ambassador to Panama resigns...
Norwegians reject Trump's offer...

L.O. (F^cking) L. Even the Norwegians are pissed.

Can we all be honest here for a sec? Ikaika said it before. Haiti is a shithole. I was in the Dominican Republic a few weeks back, which compared to Haiti is a shining city on the hill, and I thought it was (mostly) a shithole. There are parts of Newark, the largest city in one of the richest per capita states in the country, that are major shitholes. But apparently this is a truth that we dare not name.

And if we can't call Haiti a shithole, then what can we say that about? Is Liberia a shithole with it's 6 foot 5 machete wielding cannibals in wedding dresses? Can we say it about Afghanistan with it's opium farms, child rapists, and gangs of murderous fanatics with Soviet era weaponry? What a joke.

There is a rule of thumb here (which I grabbed from Ace this morning):

- Extra! Trump Speaks Truth, CNN Gets Vapors

Well, turns out that Trump never said those words, but Dick Durban was the guy that reported it to the Washington Post. So much for closed door meetings. If true, Dick Durban just scuttled any chances of any Democrat deal advancing out of Congress. Thanks Dick!
Why are people offended that Haiti and other countries are recognized for what they are?
We don't see politicians or celebrities lining-up to travel to these exotic places. (Well some have visited Haiti, Malawi, and other Third-world countries for nefarious reasons...)
I've been to Venezuela post-Chavez: (Dung Heap thanks to Socialism)
I've been to South Africa (post-Mandela: Johannesburg Dung Heap thanks to the arch towards Socialism)
Just think: South Africa used to be a First World Nation. They had Nukes and then Mandela showed up and they dismantled their nukes before he took over!
I've been to really bad parts of Italy that my ancestors came from... Dung Heap. My dad warned me: "Don't go to Catania! It's become a Sh!thole!"
But hey why the feigned outrage from the media. These are the same buttholes that probably crack New Jersey Jokes whenever they get a chance.
Smelly NJ?
Speaking of New Jersey Jokes...

- A Real Conversation About Haiti

Me (laughing at the Headline): "So this "shithole" comment is all over the news.

Her (not laughing): "So what did he say, Haiti is a shithole and he likes Norway?"

Me: "Yeah something like that."

Her (laughing now too): "So let me ask you, if it were a hundred black Norwegians who were fully integrated into Norwegian society, or a hundred white ones, would he care?"

Me: "I can't say for sure what anyone else would care about, but if they moved to Norway 3 generations ago or something and were truly integrated, I don't think he would care... I know I wouldn't. But the real question is, if it were a 100 fully integrated black Norwegians or a 100 fully integrated white Haitians."

Her (really laughing now): That's impossible because 100 white people couldn't survive in Haiti for 3 generations.

It's only funny because it's true.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

- Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I was listening to Tucker Carlson's piece on President Trump talking 'comprehensive immigration reform' with Congressional leaders and something occurred to me. When did 'comprehensive immigration reform' become the DC code word for 'a pathway to citizenship for 11 million' illegal aliens? I don't mean 'when' precisely, I don't much care when the sound bite was crafted. What I mean is, when did it lose it's other more literal meaning?

The Derb and Peter Brimelow, arguably two of the most hawkish Americans alive on immigration, are both strongly in favor of reforming our immigration system comprehensively. But I can assure you that making 11 million illegals into legal voting citizens, is not a part of their plan.

I'm a supporter of the Derbyshire plan myself. Salt for the stew, and no more, with individual exceptions, individually assessed, and numbering no more than 1,000 a year maximum. A 'comprehensive immigration plan' that places the priorities of the people who are already here, first. That's black Americans, brown Americans, and yes, even white Americans.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

- Lock Up Your Great Granddaughters

I read Hamlet for the first time at age 8, with a dictionary beside it so I could look up the words I didn't understand. That was a little light reading in the 4th grade for me. Needless to say, I've never been much into Comic books. But this news from the comic world heartens me. From the DailyMail:

Comic book legend Stan Lee has been hit with several allegations of sexual assault and harassment by nurses caring for him at his Hollywood Hills home, can reveal.

The Marvel creator, 95, is alleged to have repeatedly groped and harassed a string of young female nurses employed to care for him.

He is said to have asked for oral sex in the shower, walked around naked and wanted to be 'pleasured' in the bedroom.

The nursing company which employs the women and caters for celebrities and high end clients is now in a legal dispute with icon Lee, has learned.

But as yet no police complaint has been made and no lawsuits filed.

My family lives to be old, very old. I expect to live to be even older. And when I'm old, past the point of being physically threatening to pretty young girls, I have every intention of sexually harassing them (modern feminist definition of the term in use here) every chance I get.

I plan on my being retired on the Tyrian Lannister plan:

"It's what I do." said Tyrian "I drink, and I know things."

And when I get so feeble that I can't even harmlessly chase the pretty young girls around in my bathrobe, I plan on taking up heroin, because what's it going to do... take a few years off my life?

OK, maybe not the heroin. We'll see.

But the rest of the stuff, I'm doing. So be warned ladies. Lock up your great granddaughters. Oh wait... you won't have any great granddaughters.... or granddaughters... or children. Yay Feminism. Go grrl power.

Maybe I better figure out how to translate that phrase into spanish and portuguese.

- #IDontBelieve

- Ben Shapiro's Missed Mark

I take a kinder more generous view of Ben Shapiro than most alt-thinkers, mostly because of his religion. He's an orthodox jew, and I like orthodox jews more than secular jews and have a greater respect for them. He's also a smart kid - a kid. And since he is, I'm prepared to forgive a little nest feathering. But I think he misses the mark here by more than a little. Mainly because I don't think most Americans believe the job of being President is a very difficult one, or if it is, it's difficult in ways that pretty much anyone can become good at.

Clinton taught us that the presidency doesn't require good character. Obama taught us that it doesn't take great intelligence or a good work ethic. Carter taught us that it doesn't require a broad overarching vision or being an effective manager. Lots of wicked, stupid, reckless and weak people have held the job of President and are remembered kindly by history.

Yes, you need to be good at speaking publicly and managing the press. Yes, you need to be able to smile when you should be scowling, and to manage the set of administrators directly below you. These tasks are harder than they seem, but with a machine like the US government there is always someone around willing to fill a gap. And when mistakes in these areas are made, the oil tanker is more than happy to proceed on inertia alone.

So the American people don't focus on those things when it comes to being president. They focus on intent. What will the President intend the government to do, either for us, or to us, depending upon your perspective. What role does the President intend for the government in our lives?

After nearly a decade of Obama, what we wanted was strength, and if possible, a return to (or at least correction in the direction of) colorblind fairness. But mostly strength. After 2 terms of America's first woman President we wanted a man in the job. And we got the only 'man' available. Yes there are warts... there is always warts. But at least they're the warts of a man.

All the rest is just talking head blather.

Mostly I think Ben over emphasises his own virtues. I don't think a President needs to be good at the things that Ben Shapiro is good at, as much as Ben Shapiro needs to be. It's the same with all of us I guess. And given Obama's breathtaking weakness, I really don't think it was important for this particular president at all, and the American people seem to have agreed. Sure, I'd love to have a President that had all of Trump's virtues and all of Ben Shapiro's. Do you know anyone like that? I don't. And neither does Ben Shapiro.

You hear the talk about how the role of President is part administrator and part cultural icon. I buy that. And if Trump is more cultural icon than brilliant administrator, I'm OK with that too. That's where we are the sickest, and where we need the most correction.

We'll die of debt collapse eventually. It's most assuredly fatal over the long term. But Feminism, anti-white racism and most important, borderless immigration policies, will kill us as a country way before that does, so that's what I'm looking to the President to address first. I'm anti-corruption, anti- whatever the hell you can name. But the culture is the crisis. So let's worry about that now.