Thursday, July 20, 2017

- On Being Heroic

Yesterday while chatting before a meeting, someone asked me what I thought was the coolest single line ever, and I suggested that it belonged to Brigadier General Anthony Mcauliffe the commander of the 101st Airborne during the battle of the bulge. When the Germans had his troops surrounded in the Belgian City of Bastogne and demanded his surrender, he replied with a single word: “Nuts”.

(You may have heard this story before. It’s mentioned in the HBO series ‘Band of Brothers’ and the Classic movie ‘Patton’.)

That story got me, at 4:45 this morning, watching the Documentary for the 506th E company that was featured in the HBO series, and I wanted to call your attention to this clip from the documentary. Speaking is Major Richard Winters, commander of the E company on D-Day. You want to watch to about the 29:40 mark:

If you’ve seen the HBO series you already know that these guys were real heroes. And for most of us, there aren’t a lot of opportunities in our day-to-day lives for real heroism. That’s probably just as well. But there are a lot of opportunities for most of us to show that kind of loyalty and commitment. And that in itself can be heroic.

Look at the way Major Winters talks about it – even years later. Can you see how choked up he is by it? And it was the commitment of the man that impressed him, not the act. The beauty he describes is of a man being his best. A man doing all he can to support his ‘brothers’.

I’ve always strived to show that kind of loyalty to the people I care about, and I’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of some of it in return. RP, VV, Jose, and a bunch of others, have gone heroically out of their way to help me, and whenever I could I’ve done the same for them.

If you ask me, this is the very best thing about men. Women can’t tell you anything about heroism. To them it all looks like stupidity, particularly if the heroism involves personal risk. Women would never, ever sacrifice themselves in that way for anyone except their children. And how they feel about their children comes from a very different place than the heroism of men.

But men very much can - even perfectly ordinary men, doing ordinary things in their more or less ordinary lives. These days the word Hero is probably considerably overused. But my broader point is that heroism is an ideal. A goal. And a man can be capable of acting heroically, without ever being thought of as a hero.

No one puts up memorials to the day that Robert ‘Popeye’ Wynn was hit by a German grenade. But the men that were with him will never forget his heroism. They’ll never forget that when heroic commitment was required of him, he possessed what was necessary to deliver it. That he was heroic in his heart as he ever needed to be.

That's something that every man should strive for.

- Skinny In Minny

Here is the NYTimes account of what's going down in Minneapolis. It's nice to know they can find a Policeman they can support. It's a shame the only one they can find to support is the same guy who shot an unarmed white woman in her pajamas from the safety of his police cruiser, for 'startling' him. From the tone, You'd almost think the NYTimes doesn't like white people.

As a reminder, PJ O'Rourke in his book "Give War A Chance" spent some time in Mogadishu when US troops were trying to pacify the place. Speaking confidentially and anonymously, an American Army Captain had the following suggestion for the best thing we could do for the Somalis:

"Seal The borders, and arm the population."

Combat soldiers are very clear thinking, or they aren't combat soldiers for long. The irreducibility of having someone try to kill you for a living, has a way of purging all the pretty illusions about the nature of man. Your view either matches reality very closely (the closer the better), or very quickly, you no longer get to play.

Having had some personal experience with Somalis in Minneapolis, (and not particularly caring for the passive aggressive 'Minnesota Nice' nature of the white residents) I say we should heed that unnamed soldier's advice. And if the Somalis there don't like it, there is a whole country in the east of Africa where they can turn it into precisely the kind of society they want it to be without any interference from those raciss Americans.

- My NYTimes Audition

Another day, another riot. In Minneapolis last night another night of riots tore the through the Midwestern city. White people, long known as the most horrible scourge of all human history, tore through the city burning cars, looting shops, and throwing rocks and makeshift Molotov cocktails at the Police. 96,240 police were injured in the riots.

While peaceful Somali immigrants cowered from fear in their homes, mobs of hate filled whites chanted ‘white lives matter’ and ‘no justice no peace’ from the street below.

All of this turmoil comes from the perfectly natural reaction of a Somali policeman who shot an obviously racist Australian who was seen sneaking up on their police car as they sat in dark alley, in the mostly crime filled white suburb of west Minneapolis. Reports say the Australian woman silently crept up on the police in her pajamas and shouted “BOO!” as she came upon them unaware.

“It was a perfectly natural reaction.” said a peaceful Somali on the scene. “I mean, we all know how awful and raciss white people can be. I don't know anyone who doesn’t want to kill a white woman!”

Though women and minorities were obviously the hardest hit by the riots, the Minneapolis police have issues a statement declaring themselves the enemy of the evil scourge of ‘whiteness’ which since the Evergreen State College liberation, has been exclusively known as the worst, most oppressive and violent system ever.

And racism.

- Art Imitates Life

American Horror Story can be pretty good in moments. I liked the season about the witches in New Orleans, but mostly because Emma Roberts spent a lot of time walking around partially dressed and being the sexy bad girl, and who doesn't want to watch that? This time though it promises to be much more truly horrifying:

Lena Dunham is joining the cast of American Horror Story Season Seven

One can only assume she'll be playing herself.

I've never been more grateful for blurring of an image in my life.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

- ISIS And Antifa

From 'The People's Cube':

ISIS files 'cultural appropriation' complaint against ANTIFA

Who arbitrates that dispute is a mystery to me. Maybe the Canadian Human Rights council. I can just hear the Antifa girls now ... "but...but... don't you understand that we're on your side? We hate America too!!!"

- Jared Taylor Going Mainstream

A conversation. That's what they call it. In most cases a 'conversation' or 'an honest conversation' means 'shut up you hateful bigot and let me talk about how I feel!' But the video below is a slightly different version.

In this case it means allowing the 'interviewer' to impart their own ideas to the interview rather than having to listen to the interviewee. It's really about the 'journalist' self aggrandizing, and taking what they universally see as their 'proper role as arbiters of the truth'. As if the person asking the questions matters as much as the person answering them. But since that's all the journalist class ever talk about, we all know how they feel already - and we're all pretty sick of listening to it.

With that said, this interview isn't so bad. Jared Taylor has been at this 'honest discussion about race' stuff longer than virtually everyone. He knows all the tricks, and has crafted his manner and message in such a way that he can fend off virtually all of the shallow empty rhetoric that liberal journalists use to shut up their opposition and paint them as the most sinful bigots to ever bigot.

But the topic changes are clearly designed to give the interviewer the last word on everything. And trying to attribute some blame to Jared for Dylan Roof and then denying doing so 2 minutes later is a an obvious dodge and probably over the line. On the whole it's as shamelessly one sided effort as anyone in the 'journalism' class has ever made, and is an excellent example of why we all hate them.

But Jared still does well with it over all.

Here's Jared:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

- A Dangerous Bit Of Propaganda

The Z man has a typically interesting piece on his blog concerning this:

“A Dangerous Idea”

At a glance the movie looks to be a liberal hit piece designed to delegitimize the science of genetics. (I mean … Robert Reich?) And in today's climate I’m sure it will get lots of support from the far left who seem to care less and less each day about any fact that could be described as objective.

But you never know. Facts are persistent things, and this movie looks to me like an admission that the genetic and biological facts are inescapable. A great many others will no doubt see it the same way. And from that perspective the movie could simply be a rallying cry to get the liberal rank and file working on the next generation of sound bites that will be used to counter biology in the great liberal narrative machine.

And you never know. It wouldn't be the way to bet but there may even be something to be said for its arguments. The people I respect on the alt-right don’t advocate anything like the forced march progressive tactics that liberals happily use to crush their enemies. Jared Taylor, who is briefly shown in the clip, advocates for nothing except the right of free association, and treating white people with the same respect that America have always shown to it’s preferred minority groups.

Liberals see an idea like that as self evidently reprehensible. I mean, only a white supremacist would actually say an abhorrent thing like white people should be given all the same rights and privileges as minorities right? And while I know Robert Reich sees that as the same thing as wanting to put Jews in ovens, I'm not at all sure that their viewing audience will see it that way. Oh sure, they could carefully edit and spin Jared's statements, but to make him look like the evil caricature they need him to be, they're going to have to spin awfully hard. And that sort of thing often gets noticed. In the end they might not be convincing to anyone but themselves.

But people like Jared aren’t envisioning camps and ovens, or forced repatriations, let alone compulsory sterilization. And they all recognize that the policies our government puts in place to cope with the reality of bio-diversity should be based on compassion and respectful and decent treatment of all involved. The only place where they differ substantially from mainstream American culture is that they believe our policies should be rooted in facts rather than happy illusions. We should quit pretending that a man with an IQ of 80 can be the bestest Neurosurgeon ever, if we just throw enough money at the teacher’s unions.

That doesn’t sound like a particularly dangerous idea to me. Certainly less dangerous than the kind of anti-white bigotry so commonly on display on the left. The left’s happy illusion of white American ‘hatred’ being responsible for all evils in the world has engendered generations of rabid anti-white resentment by non white groups, and at least some of the violence that springs from that can and should be laid at their door. I don’t mean to equate anti-white hatred by minorities with forced sterilization, but the liberals should have to own their ‘dangerous idea’ too, shouldn’t they?

That quote from the clip by the way – that “we’ve learned nothing from the holocaust” is an interesting one given the liberal position. In Germany, a small fanatical minority convinced the majority of Germans that a small subset of their population outperformed the rest by being devious, cheating, and discriminating against them. To my eyes this sounds like exactly what America’s left wing Jewish population is doing with minorities and whites. Only in this model it's white America playing the role of the Jew, and blacks, latinos, and every other splinter group representing the Germans.

Ask that paragon of virtue Robert Reich or someone who shares his views, why black people don’t succeed in this country. Take his answer and replace the word white with the word ‘Jew’, and the result will sound exactly like something from the Nazi propaganda machine:

“The wealth of Jewish households is 13 times the median wealth of German households. German children represent 18% of the nation's preschool enrollment but make up nearly half of all children with multiple suspensions. Job applicants with Jewish-sounding names are 50% more likely to get called back for an interview than similarly qualified applicants with German-sounding names. And prison sentences for German men are nearly 20% longer than those of Jewish men convicted for similar crimes.”

The linked article is from CNN, long known as a bastion of White Supremacy and racism.

"Every Jew isn't guilty for every bad thing that's been done to every German," Wallis says. "But if we benefit from cooperating with Jew supremacy, then we are responsible for changing it. To tolerate Jewry in our social system is to be complicit."

Who precisely is promoting a dangerous idea? And who is it that hasn’t learned anything from the Holocaust? Maybe Jewish Liberal Americans learned a great deal from Hitler. And what they learned is to make sure the unthinking populace driven by feelings of resentment, identifies someone else other than Jews as their primary enemy. Maybe there really are dreams of camps and ovens in contemporary America. It's just a different group of people than the press imagines, who are the dreamers.

Does anyone know the yiddish word for 'Obergruppenfuhrer'?

Monday, July 17, 2017

- Being Fashionably Broken

Estimates of the total ‘Trans’ population, who have become the most vocal of our counter-cultural leadership, comes in somewhere between 800K and 1.4 million in the US. So who the hell are these people?

OK … Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner. Got it. That’s an easy one. But what about the rest?

For instance, I knew a guy in College – well… that may be stretching it. I knew him to say hello to, but I really didn’t know anything else about him and today I can’t even remember his name. I only remember him at all because he dated a girl who was in my social circle and she inevitably revealed his secret to the rest of us. During intimate moments, he liked to wear women’s clothing ala Ed Wood. She assured us that he was very much heterosexual, and I have no reason to disbelieve her. So was he Trans?

I once worked with a short, stout, crew cutted women who liked girls and dressed in men’s clothing exclusively. She was pleasant most of the time, and we got along well enough for work. No one cared about her sexual preference at all as far as I could see, and she seemed fine with keeping that part of her life to herself. Mostly she seemed to want her fashion idiosyncrasy to be completely ignored, which as a card carrying member of the ‘leave me the hell alone’ party, I was more than happy to do. Was she trans?

The problem with making every tiny little personal idiosyncrasy into a fashionable anti-establishment movement, is that to the degree it’s successful at making ‘normal’ people uncomfortable, it will attract new followers. So these days in Greenwich Village, where I live, you cannot leave the house without seeing what by all appearances are actually gay men who are testing the trans waters with odd fashion choices. Not a solitary day goes by that I don’t see men with feminine blouses, or carefully made up faces, or one of the many variants on fashion that have traditionally been reserved for ‘women’. Men with full beards, lipstick, high heels, and hoop earrings but otherwise dressed as men, can be seen every single day.

According to the NYTimes, New York City has more gay people in it than any other city in the country, and there is a particularly high concentration in my neighborhood. So obviously my experience is going to be atypically loaded toward seeing more ‘trans’ people than most. These days I think they’re all ‘trying out’ one version of Trans life or another. Or at the very least allowing it to define their dress. But I have no idea if that actually makes the grade for being ‘trans’ or not.

With the increasing need for ideological purity in the social justice space, I would imagine that the more technical you can make the ‘Trans’ identity, the better it would be perceived. So maybe it’s the medical diagnosis that’s important – ala Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner. But the contradiction there is that you don’t need a medical diagnosis to be ‘normal’ and being thought of as ‘normal’ is definitely what the Gay and Trans lobbies are both after.

Because of that, this is inevitably an endpoint of Social Justice lobbying – a place where the mentally ill demand equal treatment from the non-mentally ill, by virtue of their being mentally ill. It’s quite literally the inmates running the asylum. I don’t much mind that men want to walk around in strange dress and I’m far too secure in myself to be off put by it. But I worry for all those people who have other kinds of mental illnesses but are being culturally dragged into the ‘Trans’ world when they otherwise wouldn’t be, just because it’s an easy and visible way to get people to cut them some slack. Getting on this bandwagon is clearly a priority for New York City's mentally ill residents, because to be Trans is to get special treatment, and the mentally ill would do anything for that.

We're doing all the people who really do suffer from issues like M. Jenner a real disservice I think, by allowing all the other broken things to join their movement in an effort to make their own mental illness just as fashionable. And to the degree we put 'extra' laws in place to protect them, we're actually giving an easily donnable suit of armor to all the other psychos and misfit who wants to hide behind them.

- Meanwhile... In An Alternate Fictional Universe

McKenzie Kyger is a normal kid, stuck in a very abnormal situation. She seems to be of more or less average intelligence. She is more or less average looking - she's not a fashion model, or a spittle flecked 300lb blue haired Feminist. She seems to have a normal vocabulary, a normal temperament, and more or less normal ability to perceive the real world we all live in, without too much Solipsistic Narcissism clouding her judgement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a normal American kid. Unless of course you attend Evergreen State College, which unfortunately for her, MCKenzie Kyger does.

Social Justice Warriors, particularly of the Black Lives Matter variety, probably got a great deal of emotional satisfaction from seeing how upset McKenzie was while offering her testimony at the Board meeting, and in this interview below. She's a white girl with blonde hair. Making her feel bad is big part of the point for them. They want her to feel frightened and disenfranchised. They want to see her cry and cower in her dorm room.

Its hard to imagine restoring reason and order in a place like Evergreen, where the alleged adults have been so quick to capitulate to the forces of insanity. But western civilization is a pretty sophisticated thing. They've stopped being a source of learning so by now they will have lost a meaningful portion of their private funding, and since the demands of the student activists violated US anti-discrimination law, they will probably lose their public funding too. Eventually.

In the meantime, students like McKEnzie will be the collateral damage of a world gone mad. With a daughter about to leave for one of these August institutions, her video only makes me wonder where Mr. Kyger, her father is.