Monday, August 21, 2017

- Eclipse Review

So I went up to the GF's office on the millionaire mile (Park Avenue from E60th to Grand Central Station, where all the global Banks have their offices) so we could watch it together. The clouds were very accommodating and as a result we got several great photos and even some selfie video with the 2 of us, and the eclipsed sun appearing and disappearing behind the clouds above us. But that wasn't the funny part.

If everywhere in New York was like that neighborhood then of the 12 million people in Manhattan each workday, about 9 million of them were outside looking up. The sidewalks were so mobbed that no one could pass. We were lucky in that we were in such a high end neighborhood and that it was such a highly educated and jovial bunch. Strangers passed their glasses back and forth with each other so everyone could get a look. But Man oh man what a crowd. No deals were made at 2:44 in New York today.

I'll put up some pics later if I have time.

- AntiFa As INGSOC

War Is Peace
Freedom Is Slavery
Ignorance Is Strength
Self Reflection Is Oppression
Victimhood is Virtue
Success Is Failure
Failure Is Achievement
Talent Is Larceny
Comparison is Evil
Beauty Is Ugliness
Ugliness Is Beauty
Hate Is Love
Destruction Is Liberty
Speech Is Violence
Freedom Is Hate
Science Is Opinion
Reason Is Bias
Deviance In Normalcy

Examples abound. Discuss amongst yourselves.

- Purging History

As if it wasn't already hard enough to figure out what's really going on.

This piece at Unz demonstrates just how hard the left is trying to make sure no one can find out what actually happened at Charlottesville, and to make sure the official narrative is the only narrative. the piece itself is fine, but the links are all a mess. The Occidental dissent piece can be found via the Internet Wayback Machine, but it's links are all shattered as well and the videos deleted.

It's a shame too because it looks like there is a great deal in the way of revealing video. The gang of BLM kids chasing the UTR protesters into the parking garage (shown via LiveLeak) is compelling, and I hadn't seen it before.

To be perfectly clear, i don't think there is a conspiracy here. There is nothing hidden about these efforts. But one of the uniting doctrines of leftism is the belief that they should be the sole framers of events. They universally believe that if they are the ones to attribute the motives and descriptors of all the actors, then they are the ones in control. You don't need a conspiracy when your central tenet is to silence anyone who doesn't agree with you.

As I've said, I think the people on the right who were involved in the Charlotteville protest were idiots. But the idiots do have their side of the story, and I'm very uncomfortable seeing how effectively the left is silencing their view - particularly when that view is supported by live shot video. A person can be stupid and malicious, and still be the victim. I don't care for Richard Spencer and I find his tactics idiotic. In the end I think he is going down a very dark road, and is not being helpful to the way I'd like to see our political discussion progress. But that doesn't mean I think it's OK to sucker punch him.

This big 'crack down' on dissenting voices is going to have two effects. Yes, to a great degree there will be much less offered in opposition to the mainstream narrative of events. But there won't be no information. And to the degree that the facts support the opposition take and the message manages to squeak out through the cracks, the credibility of social media is going to plummet. No one believes that google is objective. Twitter never was, and now Facebook, which has been largely above the fray, is being dragged down in the mud with them.

So fewer opposition voices, but stronger opposition resistance. And that resistance will be made easier by the cratering credibility of the Social media companies. Other technical solutions will be found eventually. And what comes back will instantly be more credible, because it will become common knowledge that the average person is already being lied to.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

- The Fight 93 Culture

The Z man, in this typically insightful piece, names that which must not be named:

Returning to the Greeks, they have an expression that is important to keep in mind while the rage virus runs through our society. “A Society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” The opposite of that is true. What we are seeing today is barren young women cutting down memorials because they remind them of the fact they have no future. The high presence of infertile women in these mobs is suggestive. One day, the cat will die and they will be alone.

It is this ahistorial nature of the American Left that is at the root of this incoherent and pointless violence. The Left organized a great PR campaign in response to Charlottesville, but they threw it all away in an orgy of violence over the last week. The reason is they are locked into the moment, a moment bound on all sides by a rage against nature. They can’t think about how today’s action will be viewed tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow for these people. All that matters is the catharsis.

I think he's onto somehting here. Feminism created the childlessness, and then the childlessness created this suicidal nihilism and subjective reasoning. I don't know if it's possible to gently slide back into a more rational view of the world, though I plan to do my part to try to make it happen. But if we do manage to pull back on the stick before the plane crashes, I strongly suspect it will be without that core of hard left 3rd wave leftovers.

It's not just a flight 93 election, we're also in a flight 93 culture. And we can't treat all voices as equal if we plan on avoiding the crash. All people are, and of a right ought to be, equal under the law. But that doesn't mean we let all of them decide which way we're going.


We were busy today so we took the dog over to the Washington Square Dog park quite late, missing all the relatively 'regular' regulars we typically see in the early morning. In their place there was an assortment of west village types who don't look like they're much on early rising.

Two in particular struck my eye. The first was an angry Israeli militant feminist with a lesbian looking outfit and haircut, who kept screaming at dogs to not be 'racist' and complaining to owners that their dog had bit her. After the first accusation I watched closely and though the dogs occasionally got near her with their play, I wouldn't call anything that happened a 'bite'.

The other was a much older woman who lacked the first woman's sense of drama, but bothered me none the less. She wore a T-shirt which read: "So Many (right wing) Christians, So Few Lions." Clearly to her, someone who goes to church every sunday is "The same as Hitler".

There are a lot of extremely normal people in the village, and many have dogs. But the crowd changes as sundown approaches. There are fewer 30 somethings and their boyfriends, and more of the 'never parented never will' types. These very clearly are the people who are happy to see America burn to the ground for the sake of their nihilism.

- 'Useless Freak' Supremacy

I think there are 2 reasons why the alt-right is seen by the media as much more dangerous than the alt-left. Number one is the more obvious, the media is extremely leftist. This is so obvious that it's well beyond parody now. Any example you can imagine of journalistic bias running right up to and including outright slander, has not only been done in fact, it's available online.

But the other reason is more subtle, and is embedded in how we see the left right division generally.

The people on the right are the people who do things. They build bridges, and buildings. They create large corporations that provide useful products and services to the rest of the world. They are the backbone of any nation, not just America.

The left meanwhile is the artists, poets, musicians, and all the people who need to constantly remind us how important their contributions to society is because most people don't really think it's important at all. How many black transexual puppeteers does it take to build a civil society? Answer...none. They're so utterly useless that to even ask the question sounds like the setup for a joke.

But it's worse than that. 'Art' is a luxury product that's subject to a rather severe Pareto distribution. All the valuable art is produced by an infinitesimally small number of artists at the top, and the rest produce things that, even by the standards of the left where the mining engineers and software designers are considered 'the real' simpletons, the value of their output is basically zero.

You may hate M Night Shyamalan's movies but you know who doesn't? The wife of the cameraman who paid for their dinner with his salary.

This is why the core of both Antifa and BLM aren't seen as that threatening. Because you just can't be that threatened by a 6 foot tall man in a dress and high heels. They're ridiculous. And rather than allowing society to 'civilize' them, they have instead built their lives around their silliness. No one apparently ever mentioned to them that you can have all the good ideas in the world but if you shave half your head, dye the other half neon blue, and show up at the meeting dressed like an escapee from a mental institution, no one is going to listen to them. All they'll see are the ways in which your inner turmoil has affected your outward appearance.

And it's just as clear to all (rational) observers that the thing they're fighting is nothing but their own delusion. 40,000 people showed up in Boston to protest a free speech rally, and were disappointed when they discovered that there were zero Nazi's and Klansmen to fight. Not a single one. There has always been a shortage of 'actual' racism and hate crime, so the left has been manufacturing their own. Now they're imagining whole organizations into existence, and instead of a couple of hundred deluded idiots and ex-cons in a nation of 300 million, they see legions of goose stepping brownshirts.

"Well it's a reaction to Charlottesville! We must stop HATE" you'll hear them scream through clenched teeth and raised fists. No, it's not. It's a hysterical overreaction to Charlottesville. Even in Charlottesville itself the far right spent months trying to cobble together every NAzi and Klansmen they could find for a 'show of strength'. They drew people from the surrounding dozen states and still only ended up with about 150 attendees. That means that statistically, the Klan and the Nai Party is about as important and influential and the Black Hebrew Israelites. And even the village voice makes fun of them.

In the end though we have our own delusion in America. We don't believe the left can 'do' anything, and the further left you go, the less they can do. That's true enough. But one thing they can do is form a mob. And when they all get together and start feeding off each other's hatred of the 'normal', they can turn that mob into a riot. Individually the alt-left are the losers of life, fueled by resentment and envy of their more successful peers, which in their case is almost everyone. But collectively they are as dangerous as any other group.

And they are very much a supremacy movement. They believe in the supremacy of useless freaks. It's not a question of style for them, it's a question of identity. Their facial tattoos, mental illness haircuts, their crossdressing, and their surgical body manipulations are all seen by them as 'superior'.

Take an average white man with a military standard haircut, dress him in a suit and tie and take his picture. Then put the same man in a dress, die his hair shocking pink, give him hoop earrings, lipstick, a sundress and a pair of pretty Jimmy Chu sandals and take his picture again. Show both pictures to Antifa and ask them who is the 'better man'. Ask them who is morally superior to whom. Ask them who is more likely to destroy America or ruin the planet.

Their answer tells you everything you need to know about the left.

I think most of us in the first world start out life on the left, or at least far to the left of where we end up. I certainly did. But in the end the thing that turned me toward the right was that I looked at the people on the left with their ideal of 'equality' above all else, and I looked at the right with their ideal of 'productivity' above all else, and I couldn't find anyone to admire on the left.

Anyone can demand that the government take from B to give to C. There is no virtue there. There is no evidence that you're a good person. It takes no effort, and the only sacrifice is the one you demand of others at government gunpoint. How is that virtuous?

But the people on the right only ever said, get out of my way and let me do for myself. I'll make the sacrifice, I'll put in the effort. I'll pay the costs and face the risks, just let me have the benefit if it works out the way I hope.

Antifa and the Social Justice left now call that idea a kind of tyranny because they can't ever produce the way others can. But for that to be a tyranny it means that everything is a tyranny and any measurement is inherently unjust because some people are more and some are less. Being tall 'oppresses' the short, by the Social Justice standard. It's a total philosophical non-starter.

And yet, 40,000 people showed up in Boston to protest a half a dozen Frat Boys in MAGA hats. We are so dedicated to the destruction of all comparison between people, that the new contemporary morality would have found it perfectly reasonable to mash those half a dozen perfectly innocent 'free speech' advocates into unrecognizable pink slop on the Boston Streets and the press and our leaders would have called it a 'blow struck for Justice'.

We can't run our society this way. And we need to find a way to explain this to the masses.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

- A Symbol Of Hate

If you have the self awareness to recognize that Social Justice and believing yourself the moral superior of a straw bad man is just getting virtue on the cheap, then you won't think I'm out of line for believing that America is already pretty much lost.

Fighting Hate, through open violence, spittle flecked rage, and childish tantrums. That oughta do it.

Meanwhile their dreaded "hate filled" opponents (about a half dozen men and women in MAGA hats - no swastikas, no klan hoods) were escorted from the mayhem by police without saying a word.

The whole country has lost their minds.

- Driven From The Internet: Part 2

In the interest of commiseration, I thought I'd try my hand at a little hate speech.

"We should halt all immigration (both legal and illegal) until we can reform our deeply dysfunctional policies."

Did that do it? I guess not. How about this:

"IQ and other behavioral tendencies are largely inherited and are the cause of many of the group disparities in outcomes between blacks and whites, particularly in higher skilled, complex jobs. This fact has a greater influence on outcomes than 'racism', which is on the whole rare, and quickly punished."

Did that do it? Not yet. OK, one more big one.

"According to the latest science, women are more subject to negative emotion than men, and this tendency discourages a disproportionate number of them from high risk positions. "

Nope...still here. OK, one last one:

Offending someone with word is not violence. Beating them with a baseball bat is violence. No matter how offended you get at someone's words, they have not 'assaulted you'. No one cares how you feel, they only care what you do. An accusation is not a conviction. It's wrong to stifle the speech of anyone, even monstrous people. The right solution is to defeat bad ideas with good ones.

That's all I've got. If you find these tepid examples of 'HATE!' I apologize. I'm not a particularly hateful person, and this is the best I can do. It's pretty much all they've been saying at Vdare, and it was good enough for them to be blackballed.

Since Blogger is a google product, I await my star chamber review and eradication from the web.

Friday, August 18, 2017

- DailyStormer Driven From The Internet

I don't read the Daily Stormer and don't have a lot of use for their view. But I am concerned that they have basically been hounded from internet, and now exists on the deep web. This isn't a 'victory' for the left. You don't make ideas disappear by silencing them, even the really stupid ideas. You win victories over them by coming up with better ideas.

The only idea the left has remaining is bullying.

This is going to get out of hand.

- Re-Dividing the Country - Literally

In support of the last post, I wanted to share this link. And to remind people what the point of these things is.

After the civil war, our most bloody war to date, Lincoln and the Republicans did their best to welcome the Confederate states back as equal members of the union, small politics notwithstanding. The spirit was for reconciliation, not division. They could have cast confederate veterans to the abyss with a whole host of vindictive policies. They didn't. They wanted to bring the country together.

These days the Democrats are so intent on re-dividing the country, that they are no longer content to simply refight the battles of the 60's. Now they want to go back to the last century and the century before it, to 'purify' the American spirit in light of the new religion of 'Social Justice'.

The press in all this are nothing but the stupid drunk girl at 3AM in the seven eleven parking lot, standing there screaming "my boyfriend is gonna kick your ass!" But like all drunk girls, she's digging a hole for Antifa that they are not going to want to be in. Some groups won't stand by and let the drecks and deviants pepper spray them and soak them with urine balloons. And in their quest for purity, Antifa is going to run into one of them eventually.

Someone is going to be killed before this is over. I don't mean one girl run down by a car under circumstances which aren't yet clear or public, but it's not totally outside the realm of possibility that it could have been accidental. I mean a whole lot of people facing down intentional live fire. It's just a matter of time.

The left aren't generally capable people. The right very much is. So what's ANTIFA going to do when they interrupt the next parade of maniacs, and it turns out that the maniacs have been planning carefully. And they have people on the roofs of nearby buildings providing covering fire?

I'm not advocating it at all. I'm just saying it's possible. Because down this road lies only ruin.