Wednesday, September 5, 2018

- Are you a Liberal or a Leftist?

Another gem from PraegerU.
As I suggested in the previous post, the Democrats are no longer Liberal, but Leftists.
Pass that video around to your "liberal" or "progressive" acquaintances.
The video has gotten over 900k views in two days. Would love to see this video be the top rated video on Youtube, however I don't trust the overlords of social media.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

- The Hard Left Turn and the Blue Backwash

With the victory of Andrew Gillum in the Florida Democratic Gub Primary, the Progs are crowing:

Progressive Patriarch Indeed. Let's face it. The Democrats are owning the road to totalitarianism. They are welcoming it. Gillum was once considered moderate when he was Mayor of Tallahassee, but late into his campaign he adopted the crazy-talk of Ocasio-Cortez: declaring himself a Democratic Socialist! 
This is the Democrat party's road-map to victory? They are drowning out the few moderates that remain in the party with shrieks of bolshevism! 
In the 1990's Clinton ran as a moderate and was regaled as the greatest politician in the history of the presidency. HE defeated GHW Bush because of the incumbent being out of touch with conservatives. Perot didn't help either, but Perot shown a light on both parties that was much needed.
Al Gore lurched left with Limousine Liberalism by incorporating celebrity endorsement and far-left enviro-socialism. Gore lost to a liberal-Republican G.W.Bush but by a razor thin margin. 
Kerry ran against W as a Liberal with a small "l" by trying to distance himself from ... himself.
Barack Obama signaled the Democrats return to "Progressivism". Liberal was a dirty word, Socialist was down-played with a nervous chuckle and equated to the birther movement as baseless. Cocktail parties has Nouveau-Progs proclaiming the virtues of infant extermination and forced-collectivization as the hallmarks of an advanced society.  
Here in the midst of the Trump mid-term we are promised "Blue-Waves" and endless scandals to plague the white house. Progs are claiming victory that Trump is already a lame-duck heading for the gallows... and it's only August.  Trump has all but eradicated the Obama legacy. Another SCOTUS notch will put a stake in the vampire legacy. 
The scandals of Trump and the Mueller investigation is nothing more than a last-gasp by the corroding Democrat party to stall the Kavanaugh appointment. That's it. Mueller has nothing and the scandals are not having the desired effect on Trump.
While Derb points out that Cult-Marxists are still in executive branch it is important to see where the opposition is heading. Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are now considered "Moderate". 
The Democrats are now the Democratic Socialists and just as ugly as all the political regimes of the 20th Century that embraced the moniker. Whether it was Italian Fascism, National Socialism, Chavism, etc... the DSA takeover should be closely watched and contained.  
I believe the Blue-Wave won't happen. I truly believe voters are not as dumb as the media claims they are. As a contrarian, the evidence suggests that the GOP will retain the House and Senate.
Desantis just utilized a Trump tactic by forcing the Dems to throw the Racism card early.
You will hear the endless shrieks of "RACIST! RACIST! RACIST!" from here on out. Heck, they were going to brand him a racist anyway, he just got them to burn the card early in the hand.

Friday, August 3, 2018

- The Fall of South Africa

Must see! Must share!
I hunted South Africa in 2001. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
I experienced kindness and jovial community in that short period and developed a lasting friendship with my Afrikaans hosts and their staff.
South Africa had once been a Nuclear Power. It was a 1st World Country up until the emergence of the ANC.
The legacy of Nelson Mandela is not peaceful inclusiveness. It is murder and genocide. 
I thank God that the former governments had de-nuclearized before Mandela's followers could take control of weapons of mass destruction.
I beg the US State Department to encourage mass migration of White South Africans to the US as refugees.
In the 1980's I recall the anti-apartheid movement across college campuses. The warning then was that if Mandela was not freed, and Apartheid dismantled, there would be a bloody revolution.
They freed Mandela, they ended Apartheid and they even repatriated lands... and now in 2018 they demand a bloody revolution.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

- Hold Muh Beer: Solo-Cup Ballistic Medium

I don't know what we can infer from the test results other than do not use a a stack of Red Solo Cups as a bullet barrier. This youtuber posts some interesting bullet test videos. All of them are pretty pointless but if you've sat around the keg or the campfire with your buds I'm sure you've pondered some of Who-Tee-Who's ballistic test results.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

- #WalkAway :The Fracturing of the Democrat Party.

A new movement is afoot that the Democrats are desperately trying to squash. But the more DNC Leaders try to denounce this movement as Russian Bots, the more people are questioning whether their Party has their interests. To be a Democrat in the 21st Century means you must accept the entire nebulous platform of the party: Anti-Individual, Anti-American, Anti-Second Amendment, Anti-First Amendment (Because Hate Speech), Gay Rights (whatever they are), Feminism (whatever that is supposed to be), Free Skool, Anti-Masculinity, Anti-Corporation (unless it is a DNC Mega-Donor), Anti-Fox News, Anti-White Male, Anti-White Female (The ones that voted for or worked for Trump), Anti-Religion (unless it is Islam), Anti-Electoral College, Anti-Law Enforcement, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Illegal Alien, Pro-Prison Release to Vote, Pro- Impeach Trump, and Pro-Victim Class du jour, Pro-Union, Pro-Socialism.
That's a pretty strict and confusing belief system. Meanwhile people on the center-left are realizing that swallowing the platform in its entirety (which is required by the Party) places them in conflict with who they are as an individual. #WalkAway allows the individuals within the victim value index  to speak freely without getting clonked on the head by one of the Party Nags.
While I may be preaching to the choir, what needs to be examined is why so many people in the Democrat Victim Class Universe believe they have reached a crossroads with their party affiliation.
The Democrats have for decades played the same angle: The Republicans will take away everything we fought for! Truth be told, the Democrats were always opposed to civil rights. It all started to come apart at the seams when Trump ran for office. While the Unions, especially the Police Unions endorsed Democrat candidates, the cops started to wonder why they would support another candidate that would denigrate them. Then it shifted to the trade and labor unions. The members themselves would not sign on to another candidate that betrayed the trust. This was a sea-change and it is not an easy tide to turn back in favor of Democrats. Individuals emerged from the union ranks, silently pulling the lever for the R but telling the union leaders that they voted D.
Ross Perot always believed in people voting their conscious once they entered the polling booth. Voters were liberated from the scowl and derision, the cowing and intimidation that they experienced outside the booth. The dark secret was many Americans began to vote their conscious and tune-out the static from the operatives. The facade of the Democrat party has completely cracked. They don't hide who they are anymore and it is refreshing. They are Anti-American Socialists hell bent on reducing average Americans to drones. Only Party elites will enjoy the fruits of Democratic Socialism. That doesn't bode well for Blue Collar workers and entrepreneurs.
The other shoe to drop was the narrative collisions in the Social Marxist vanguards. Lesbian Feminists are demanding that Trans people should no longer included in the LGBTQXYZ alphabet.
Blacks are being passed over for illegal alien latinos. Asians and even mid-eastern immigrants are being shafted in favor of Latino border jumpers. Cops are the enemy while criminals are the victims.
It really is a sight to behold. All this talk of flipping the House or Flipping the Senate is whistling past the graveyard especially since GDP numbers are closing in on 5% for the first time in memory.
Trump holds 48% approval even after it was discovered he may have banged another smoking hot playmate. Shame on him!
The party of lascivious behavior has now become a choir of pearl clutching Margaret Dumonts.
They continual search for any reason to impeach Trump will push normal Americans further away.
The #WalkAway movement is telling and poignant. The DNC is not listening because the horse has left the barn. The DNC only exists now to preserve the Barack Obama legacy (which is mere crumbs) and perpetual excuses for running a rotten candidate lite Hillary. Even the Never Trumpers (at least some of them) are turning towards Trump.
I don't see a Blue Wave coming. California, New York, and New Jersey will always be Blue. But don't stay home for the midterms.
It could be the end of the Democrats as they willingly embrace Socialism. One can hope.
Additional Thought:
It also appears that the Democrats are becoming victims of their own design. They hire people as strategists and spokespersons on the basis of outward appearance rather than intellect. Example: Gone are the days of Pat Caddell  or James Carville who were trusted Dem strategists and pollsters. They have been replaced by Joel Payne who has the IQ of a fence-post. They will fill their ranks with womyn and people of a specific ethnographic  appearance because it is now a requirement. The heads of the DNC are Tom Perez (a lunatic) with Keith Ellison as an unofficial co-chair.
They will accuse people of being racist or homophobic or misogynist if they blunder the next few elections... and they will.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

- Gun Laws and the New Jersey Gulag

New Jersey Democrats hate liberty.
They Hate that you have the gall to exercise your God Given Rights.
A friend called me last week to as if I needed and 15 round AR-15 mags.
I told him I was well stocked with 30 and 40 rounders in Florida.
I told him to hold on to them and when the law gets repealed he'll be set.
Seems that NJ has no desire to repeal or change these stupid virtue signalling laws.
He is convinced that he needs to either destroy or pay $10-$15 to put blocks inside his mags.
New Jersey Legislators without waiting for the truth about the MSD HS shooting decided they know what was best for its subjects. The MSD shooter used 10-rd magazines. That's a fact.
Here is a list of pending "liberty control" legislation that groups like the NRA and NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs are trying to stop.
If you are not an NRA member, you are part of the problem.

The utter stupidity of some of these laws: It is already impossible for a normal person to get a C&C in New Jersey. Expanding Background Checks to Private sales is unenforceable. The Red Flag Law will disarm anyone on a whim. The Armor Piercing Bullet Ban is another falsehood. A 12-ga rifled slug can pierce certain types of body armor as can most fully jacketed bullets. New Jersey already has a ban on hollow-points which by design cannot penetrate body armor. They sold the hollow point bullet ban as the "Cop-Killer Bullet" Ban.

If you are in New Jersey and you are reading this... WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL LIVING IN NEW JERSEY?!?!?!!? AND DON"T SAY BECAUSE THE SCHOOLS ARE GOOD!

Concealed carry permit restrictions

Background checks expansion

Red flag laws

Armor-piercing bullet ban

Limited capacity for gun magazines

- Brilliant? Keep Talkin' Alex!

Monday, July 9, 2018

- The Left Has a New Succubus!

And Heeeeeeeeere's Gavin!

Lefties will rejoice and extol the virtues of their new Succubus. Hillary Failed. Fauxcahontas has taken over the role of Shrill school marm from Hildebeest. And now crazy broad thinks that Socialism is the new antidote for hemorrhoids.

in truth:
Socialism is about taking your stuff and your freedom and killing you if you complain. They try to pass it off as just Liberalism 2.0, but then you usually don’t call something by a name unless you mean it. If they don’t mean “socialism,” why do they call themselves “socialists?” 

I had the displeasure of visiting that socialist paradise called Venezuela back in 2013, and even then it was nowhere near the chaotic smoldering ruin it is now. Venezuela's swift decline from the "benefits of socialism". The only people that benefit from Socialism are the people at the top of the pyramid.
Hit this video if you want to see leftist millennial nitwits experience what the fruits of Socialism (DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM) has yielded average Venezuelans. The nitwits that produced the video somehow blame their ignorance of NEWS... on NEWS! Gee - if you only tuned into FOX or One America or picked up an Occasional Wall St Journal, you might have a friggin clue as to why Venezuela is a crapshow! The Term Maduro Diet was coined by Nicolas The Fat during a Venezuelan televised town hall. The video is hard to find but a woman complains that she lost almost 30 pounds of weight that she didn't have to spare because of food rationing and scarcity of nutrients. Maduro responded that it was good that she lost weight and that she looked better thanks to the Maduro Diet!.

Liberals will embrace socialism especially if it is whispered into their ears by the New Succubus. They will most likely Voxsplain that us normal folks are overreacting and a third-world Latin American style dictatorship will never happen here... as we maintain open borders and dumb-down immigration status to allow the absolute lowest of the low to enter our country, overpopulate and Vote Vote Vote for the exact same and only style of government they ever knew.

When it does happen, and it will (God willing I will be fertilizer when it happens) the liberals will say everything is great and the normal people will have to fight a losing battle against the human wave of Marxism Amerikan Style.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

- The Madness of George Will and The Coming Red Wave

Last week, George Will suggested, no urged, for the Democrats to take over Congress. Will believes that the Trump Train has completely dismantled the kind of Republican Party that he desperately wants to see restored. 
The video above is flashback to where it all began. George Will wasn't Anti-Trump, but he was anti-Trump supporter. Even though the argument above is about Bill O'Reilly selling his version of Reagan history, Will's argument is a mealy-mouthed rationale for withholding facts to the detriment of truth. I used to think George Will was at the conservative forefront, and then I read his belief's about baseball... he's a clown that probably never played an inning of hard-ball on major league dimensions. He was the guy that sat in the dugout and kept stats, useful but not the first person you allow to lead you to a victory.
George and the rest of the "Never-Trumpers" on the right want to believe in a fraudulent "compassionate conservatism". In other words, they will cower to the Left when confronted.
George must be apoplectic now that the Mid-terms will be about Trump getting a second SCOTUS appointment on the heels of Kennedy's retirement.
Dan McGlaughlin, another "Never Trumper" takes the contra-argument:
[Endorsing Democrats to cleanse the GOP] is a profoundly bad idea, and Will makes nearly no effort to consider its actual consequences. There are four main reasons why running Republicans out of Congress will not produce the results that Will is seeking. One, Democrats do not respect the values Will champions and cannot be counted on to advance them. Two, the recent history of divided government shows that it moves policy toward the out-party’s ideology and away from the in-party’s, but it does not actually restrain corruption or abuse of executive power; if anything, it tends to expand them. Threeif voters follow Will’s advice, it will make the Trumpist faction more, rather than less, powerful within the Republican party. Four, Will underestimates the importance of the judiciary and the administrative state and the extent to which Democratic control of Congress would empower them to further erode the constitutional powers of Congress as well as those of the presidency.
The Kennedy retirement sparks the Trump base and it sways more "never-trumpers" over to sided of "winning". The recent behavior of Democrats Waters and Booker will also serve to alienate middle-of-the-road Dems into embracing Trumpism. The recent New York primary upset where a socialist defeated a Tammany Hall Democrat is a fractal of where the party is heading. It is also a stage setter for the mid-terms. The Primary voter turnout was anemically low.
They will make the mid-terms about controlling the Courts, bu they will lose.
Daniel Greenfield writes a brilliant piece:
The times they are a changin'