Friday, August 26, 2016

-The Other Third Rail...

Well, it didn't take long, but she did it.
People used to say that the Second Amendment was the "third-rail" of political suicide. Hillary has touched or "teched" as in "teched in the head" on the "other third rail" of political suicide... The Conspiracy Theory.
I'm no fan of Alex Jones, but he deserves whatever traffic he can harvest from this.
Prior to Hillary declaring that the Alt-Right was a dark conspiracy launched from Putin's living room, she had been leading in the polls. She even had the press (like Bloomberg and CNN) carrying her water.
Come Thursday, she made a big hulabaloo about her new speech on the Alt-Right. She used the opportunity to insult over 51% of the population of Great Britain and possibly insult a similar ratio of Americans. Now the media is running far away from her hysterical attack and have literally dropped the standards on the battle field. "What... Alt-Right? Nope, never heard of it".
It was reminiscent of Hitler's rants against the Plutocrats.
An interesting gambit since it was an absurd baseless attack from a woman that has no record to run on.
By the way, the poster child of the alt-right is said to be identified as "Pepe". Hillary's rally's have garnered such low attendance that "alt-righters" may have inserted themselves to pull their own "BABABOOEY" moments, ala PEPE! Click on the youtube above and you'll hear it!

I didn't know what "Pepe" was until I and several million other people had to search it. The Pearl Clutching Media has gone over the edge!

Game, set, and ,match.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

- Why You Should Hate Black People

To the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd, I don’t hate you because you’re black, I hate you because you’re uncivilized idiots with no self-control, who are only capable of blaming others for the problems that you bring upon yourselves.

Let’s look at some facts:

Black Americans are 17% of the population. Black men are therefore roughly 8.5% of the total population. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, that 8.5% (black men) commit 53% of the murders in the US, 93% of which also involve a black victim.

By even the harshest assessment of the crime statistics, a minimum of 2/3 of that 8.5% (all black men) are perfectly law abiding through their whole life. By that I mean I mean that they are never charged with a felony from cradle to grave. They may not be boy scouts, but there is no evidence to say otherwise. So no more than the remaining third (a maximum of 2.8% of the total population) are committing 53% of all the murders in America.

That 2/3 number is a very cynical view, and it's much more likely that even a larger portion of the black male population never even comes close to committing a homicide. Not everyone busted with enough drugs to make it a felony, or misses a traffic court date and ends up with a bench warrant also automatically commits murder. So 53% (the majority) of all murders in America are committed by a very small minority of violent black (probably young) males, and 93% of the time they're killing other black (probably young) males. It is not ‘racism’ to want to avoid them, its rational self-preservation.

Those murders aren’t happening because of white people. They aren’t happening because of society. They aren't because of oppression, or bigotry, or poverty, or anything at all except the savage behavior of a small number of black men, too stupid and uncivilized to be decent citizens. Spout all you want about the legacy of slavery (which neither you, your parents, nor your great, great, great grandparents know anything about) or white privilege, or any of the other ridiculous blame shifting nonsense that’s become so fashionable lately. None of it changes the fact that a portion of black America is extremely dangerous to be around for everyone else, and doing your best to avoid them is the correct way to behave.

The problem is not guns. My guns (I have many) have never hurt anyone and probably never will. The real problem is the tiny minority of idiotic savages that go around murdering each other. I think it’s fundamentally wrong to attempt to disarm 100 million Americans simply because a tiny portion of them can’t behave like civilized people. I think it’s equally wrong to blame all black people for the behavior of what is obviously a tiny minority.

So I don’t. I don’t hate all black people. My personal hero is a black man. My friends come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles and I hate none of them. I only hate the lazy, stupid, violent, illiterate, entitled, excuse generating, “f*** the police’ screaming, rioting, looting waste products that believe themselves to be downtrodden and oppressed because I didn’t give them enough my stuff. A good metric is this: the angrier someone is about ‘racism’, the more I hate them. They are the problem here, not me. No one has to be afraid of me. But everyone has to be afraid of them.

And to all you (so called) journalists who seem to be able to find new evidence of racism behind every tree… everyone knows you’re lying, so please just shut the f*** up. Whipping up an angry mob isn’t ‘speaking truth to power’, it’s whipping up an angry mob. Just because someone gets angry doesn’t automatically mean they’re oppressed or that they're anger is justified. Some behavior leads to success, and some behavior leads to failure. Show me the black man with an ivy league MBA who can only get work on a loading dock, and I’ll admit I’m wrong. But don’t hold up a bunch of people who have done nothing to help themselves except demand that I do more for them, and claim that they’re being oppressed. They aren’t. They’re all just losers who happen to be black.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

- New York City's Parasites

So I got into a little ‘incident’ yesterday evening in Washington Square Park. A young lady and I were sitting on a bench near the fountain, quietly trying to unwind from the day and discreetly drinking a bottle of decent wine from paper cups, when one of the increasingly common beggar/psychos came over and began asking for handouts.

He was the kind of guy who looked like he’d been hanging out in the part since the 70’s – a biggish guy, 6 foot 190lbs or so, Caucasian, long scraggly grey-blonde hair, clothes in the latest 1985 style with at least 25 years of wear and tear in them. He looked disheveled by not homeless, like he lives in a trailer park (I’m familiar with the style). He was relatively clean (which is to say the smell wasn’t offensive) and had no track marks on his arms. Anywhere else, I’d have guessed he was a meth head, but I understand crack is the thing these days in WSP so that’s probably his flavor of choice.

I did what I always do when beggars approach. Before he even got through his rap about the homeless, I waved him off and said “no thanks dude”, trying to give the clear impression that we are residents not tourists, and will be unpersuaded by whatever lies he’s concocted. My recollection of what came next was a bit of a blur. When I cut him off he immediately started screaming. Nothing intelligible, just loud and angry – “Waaahhh!!! Waaahhh!!!” right in the face of the girl I was sitting with. Her response was to curl into the fetal position. Mine was not.

I bounced up off the bench, dropping my phone next to her when I rose and got up right in the crazy bastards face. He took a few quick steps back and continued to scream, but it took on a more frightened tone. At that point my volume began to match his. I yelled something like “Get the F*** out of here you crazy F***ing psycho!!!” I took a few steps to follow him as he did an impression of Renfield while scurrying toward the fountain. As I closed on him he began yelling in genuine fear “Waaahhh Waaahhh you’re gonna beat me now!” to which I angrily and loudly responded “You’re goddamned right I am you f***ed up bastard, I’m in no mood for your sh** today!” and gave him a shove which made him stagger a bit but not fall.

When he regained his balance, he double timed it away as fast as he could, and I elected not to follow. I went back to the bench and tried to calm down my girl, who was visibly shaken by the whole thing. The bum (not homeless, not poor suffering indigent… the bum) went to the other side of the fountain and tried his rap again complete with the screaming, which scared away a whole bench worth of tourists, clearing away seating on a full 25% of the granite around the fountain. He never came anywhere near us again. I think he left the park after that.

We sat a bit longer and my girl calmed down. A few minutes later, we were approached by one of the other “local pot heads” (as we sometimes call them) from the park. He was a black guy maybe 30 and he spoke to us in a measured tone from a respectful distance. “Hey I saw what you did to that guy dude, that was a good thing.” What’s that?” we said “That guy’s not crazy. He said “He just does that to scare people into giving him money. I know him, he lives near here. That’s just his thing, but it’s totally not cool that he does that. I tried to tell him you know, but he won’t listen. It’s a good thing that you scared him a little.”

We spoke for a few more minutes about it, and about how the park was declining. And eventually wished each other a polite good night as he walked off.

New York City under DiBlasio seems to be culturally rusting. Homeless are cropping up everywhere, and adding their nasty smelly 2 cents to New York society. Washington Square has always been unusually tolerant of the crazies, but the situation seems to be degrading rapidly. Between the black lives matter protests and the crack heads, and screaming psycho beggars, the situation there seems to be falling apart. It’s taken a long time to get there since Giuliani's departure, but it’s definitely returning to the state of affairs as it was under Dinkins.

I don’t think I mishandled the situation last night. I didn’t beat on the guy or spend 5 minutes kicking him in the face while he cowered on the ground or anything. I wanted to… quite badly actually… but I didn’t. I exercised what I thought was genuine restraint. But there was no way I was going to sit there and let this useless bastard be in control of our interaction. I don’t have it in me to just cower like that.

And I have to believe that if people don’t tolerate it, the homeless crazies can be persuaded to push on. I’m happy to scream back in the face of any social justice warriors who give me lip over ‘oppressing’ a guy like him just because he doesn’t make $250,000 a year (or whatever silly rap they have). One thing is for certain, I have no intention of laying down for them. I wouldn't know how.

The fact that these parasitic creatures believe they have a moral right to ruin public spaces for people does not give them that right – not in my mind anyway. And I may be the last man in New York who behaves this way toward them, but I have no intention of letting them take the ground. This incident was no big deal. Just a guy refusing to be cowed by a conniving scum bucket. And it seems to me if we all act that way toward them, the parasites will go find some other way to live off the well being of others.

- Tomorrow's History Today

With the future as uncertain as ever, Victor Davis Hanson has turned his historian's eye to the facts on the ground and crafted a worthwhile missive describing the potential consequences. Few things to come out of National Review have been so worthy your time, and none lately have met that standard. but this one is a 'don't miss'.

Monday, August 22, 2016

- Another Feminist Hatefact

I was referred tot his by Chateau Heartists, but the language there is too specific to the form to link, so I decided to write a sentence or two myself. This study says what all but the most educated of us already know, that men and women are different. In this case, men are far better at controlling their emotions than women, that the cause of this lack of emotional control is anatomical, and they are therefore a product of differences in genetics.


Please forward to A Feminist near you.

- A NYC Handgun Permit: Update #1

Ok... the process is rolling along. I have obtained a lawyer, gathered my notarized documentation, submitted my application, payed my fees, gotten fingerprinted, and an investigator has been assigned. When I went to One Police Plaza I was expecting an experience like the DMV on steroids complete with surly bureaucratic clerks and dismissive low ranking flatfoots. But what I got was the exact opposite. It's a bewildering thing working your way into the bowels of the HQ nations largest Police force, but everywhere I went the guards, cops and staff were nothing but cheerful and helpful. I don't exactly look like a career criminal so I'm sure that helped, but by any measure the experience was a pleasant one.

I was directed to the Licensing Bureau on the ground floor of HQ, and after a brief wait while they handled other prospective applicants, my application was reviewed and accepted by a nicely dressed and quite handsome middle aged woman, who was nothing but a pleasure to deal with. She checked my docs and notarization, fingerprinted me, accepted my fees, issued me a pair of receipts and told me that they would be in touch. She even smiled.

Now I'm told the fun really begins. There is a 4 to 6 month wait, followed by an exhaustive investigation of my status as a citizen, my past crimes (in my case all vehicular) and my character. Assuming all goes well, and my lawyer assures me that this is likely the case, I will eventually be issued a permit which requires that I obtain a handgun in the subsequent 30 days.

My Gun choice is now a settled issue. It will be a Glock G30S with a milled slide to accommodate a Trijicon RMR. It fits my hand well, and I'm a true believer when it comes to the red dot solution. I think this is gaining popularity, but I'm happy to be out in front of it. I'll also go with the Suarez solution of a suppressor height co-witnessed iron sight fore and aft. I've read up on it, and think it will work.

I do not think this process will be completed without drama, but so far, it's really been just fine. My experience in NJ was considerably worse and involved being ducked and insulted by the issuing policeman in an effort to have my permit expire before I could get to it. But in NYC, so long as you're prepared to pay through the nose (I am) and willing to wait (ditto) it doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that should scare off most people.

- A Nation Wide Sex Strike

This looks like a fun delusion. A Hollywood film called "Is That a Gun In Your Pocket" tells the tale of a small Texas town where all the women go on a sex strike until the men all agree to disarm. I won't bother relating the flaws in this logic, you can get that anywhere. I was thinking a little outside the box on this one.

First, I don't know a single woman who could ever possibly hope to 'not have sex' if sex was available to her in a socially acceptable way. She might not want to have sex with her husband, but if she is sure no one will find out, she'll be having sex with someone. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of women who are not having sex right now, but that is VERY much not by choice. Either they don't have any running offers (or they don't have any they find appealing) or they cannot excuse the things they'd have to do to get it, in their own consciences.

Second, as much as they are all about collective decision making and "pulling together" to get something done, they are also far FAR more backbiting and deceptive than men. They'll cheer the idea of a mass sex strike, then slip out the back and have a fling with the other girl's man who they saw cleaning the pool one day and couldn't get out of their mind. "Well that doesn't count!" they'd say as they're pulling up their panties. Women are amazing at rationalizing away their guilt - especially when it comes to sleeping around.

Third, all it would take is one bad guy in town - one guy who is willing to victimize the newly disarmed men, and half the women will demand that the men re-arm themselves, and the other half will throw themselves at the bad guy. I had an ex-girlfriend when I was very young, who used to say that the easiest way to avoid a rape is to say yes. Girls lose their minds over bad boys - so much so that "treat em like dirt and they stick like mud" has become a common phrase among young men in New York City.

Personally, I'd love to see the women of America call a nationwide 'sex strike'. That would be huge fun for me because as a matter of coincidence, a significant portion of my friends all have very good looking wives. No... I'm just kidding, I'd never sleep with the wife of a friend. (Wait... did I say never?) But all you guys with less reliable friends should worry. It will be nothing but an opportunity for the guys who seem to be getting all the chicas already.