Sunday, December 4, 2016

- Meanwhile In Real Life: Part 2

Final Score:

TC, JW, and The Derb: 8
Pheasants: 3

One Chukar and two quail were also fatally harmed in the making of this picture. May they rest in medium rare pieces.

On the medical front, I can’t tell you what a strange feeling it is to be plunging these needles into my flesh several times a day. It doesn’t hurt at all, though the side effects of the drug make me feel like I have a hangover in spite of abstaining from alcohol for some time now. But the psychological side of the act is well… unnatural.

I’m not jacking a vein or anything, it’s just a super tiny super thin needle that I’m injecting subcutaneously. But all my life, this was the kind of thing that others would do to me. To be doing it to yourself takes more than a little getting used to. I only have to perform the act another dozen times, so I don’t think I’ll get the chance.

My Bro is in good spirits. We facetime a couple of times a day including yesterday evening when he watched me inject myself twice, and did his best to make me laugh while I was struggling to push the plunger down. The laughter of course make the needle wobble around a little, so it causes a small amount of pain. That’s his idea of fun.

I had originally considered making a prank out of it. I was going to get a little ziplock full of fake blood and after injecting myself, I’d palm the blood bag into the area, complain about the severe pain, and go at it like Dan Akroyd as Julia Child, when she ‘cut the dickens out of her finger’. But after 6 hours of driving, plus shooting yesterday, I was just too tired. Instead, I’m sending him video of the ribs I’m making for dinner today, in order to call his attention to his diet, which will be restricted the adult equivalent of baby food for the next year or so.

The girls all think we’re being needlessly cruel to each other, but they don’t understand. By treating these otherwise serious issues with jovial disregard, we’re actually helping each other. It’s the ball breaking of the soldiers in the foxhole. It just the way men are. And we both refuse to apologize for it.

Friday, December 2, 2016

- Meanwhile In Real Life

For those of you following the exploits of our old friend R.P. (ex of Boston), Mrs. P sent me a text earlier to let us all know that he he's out of surgery (minus a donated kidney) and is doing just fine. I expect more than a few of you have gotten texts as well. All our best goes out to R, Mrs. P, the little P.'s and Mr. P Senior, who has his own drama to cope with.

My own exercise in anatomy donation is beginning tomorrow evening, immediately after I return from teaching the Pheasants of Hamburg PA, that the east coast isn't big enough for the both of us. A few regulars will be in attendance as well, but as they can't shoot - I expect to be doing all the actual killing myself.

My brother has checked into the hospital already and has begun the intense chemical process required in order to make room in his body for parts of mine. He's already bored. He's insisted that I both facetime and record my injections so he can watch them after the fact. I'm happy to do it if it keeps his spirits up.

Those are my weekend plans. Then the hospital early next week. I'm not sure how much you'll hear from me in the meantime.

- Tall Man's Burden

It turns out that Donald Trump scotch tape's the tail of his tie and the media is all a flutter:

There are hundreds of unspoken rules that govern our society, rules that are not meant to be bent or broken, and that we all must live by. One of those is: Thou shall not use Scotch tape to fix wardrobe malfunctions.

I'm six foot two. As a coincidence I attended a business function last night that required me to wear a tie. I wore it perfectly situated with my belt meeting the tie between the tip, and it's widest point, and I still had to tape it. I've had to tape ties all my life, because ties are not cut for a length suitable for men of my height. Sure, I could tie a half windsor to extend the length a little, instead of a full windsor, which as a knot consumes more of the tie length. But I don't want to look like an adolescent prep school asshole.

Charlie Feeney, founder of duty free shoppers was a billionaire, and personally responsible for ending the millennium long, Norther Irish conflict. He was also my uncle Jack's oldest friend. He famously fixed his 'wardrobe malfunctions' with safety pins, scotch tape, or whatever else would work. Is that fashion? No. Does it work? I guess that depends on your priorities.

Hillary Clinton would no doubt have had her tie custom altered by a 12 woman team of seamstresses, their hand stitched ministrations guided by careful supervision of a millionaire italian fashion designer, recently elevated to the position of Director of Whitehouse Fashion (who the press would loving call the secretary of pantsuits) . But we all know where that attitude got her.

- Embargo The Mainstream Press

This is a pretty enlightening story on Vox about how everyone is mad at the media:

The anger is easily understood: Trump’s revolution was televised — and they weren’t. Trump won. They didn’t. And for two days, at a Harvard University conference debriefing the 2016 election — an event that brings together political operatives and the press that followed them around — it was clear that everyone was mad at the media. Explosively furious.

“Trump was the entire market. When we were asked to go on, we were asked to comment on what he said,” Jeb Bush’s strategist David Kochel said.

They weren’t given the opportunity to share their message, they said. There was no airtime to convince the nation they had solutions. The media stopped them from beating Trump. These were the people on the frontline of the media’s scramble to cover Trump — and they were apoplectic.

You shouldn't pay as much attention to the who said what to who etc. Some people look inward for solutions when confronted with failure, and some people blame others. (I prefer to look inward, but it's not exactly a recipe for future success because without someone to blame it's often hard to get another chance.) But there is some important information to glean from this none the less.

First, if you want to know who 'the establishment' is, most of them were there. Those that weren't had someone there taking notes for them, or some other arrangement to know what was discussed. Second, it's revealing with regard to what 'the establishment' was doing this past year, if it wasn't overtly obvious. They picked Donald Trump to win the Republican primary, and succeed (angering the Republicans), and the picked Hillary Clinton to win the general and they failed (angering the Democrats.)

The bias there is implicit. It's unstated, but totally obvious between the lines. And what they're doing up there at Harvard is trying to figure out how to manipulate the populace more effectively next time. They have no interest in repenting their sins and telling the truth in the future. They are only interested in telling a more effective lie.

But what does it say about the Republican establishment, who knew they would all have targets on their back and submitted to the great media lie machine anyway? Why is it that every Republican candidate didn't already sound like Trump? Either they are too stupid (or maybe passive) to understand that the game is designed for them to lose, or they really are too comfortable in their role as well compensated Judas Goat to care. In some respects, it sound like this group was put together in order to convince the Republican establishment to stick with them and lose by less next time.

Romney and Rubio staffers complaining that they couldn't get their message out? What fucking planet have they been living on? When was the last time the media gave a republican an honest and fair chance to frame the discussion? And for that matter why should they? They (the media) took control of the country, they owned it. It's really the responsibility of the Republicans to take it back. But the establishment(R) simply couldn't do it. Even our talking heads (with a very few rare exceptions) are far to cowed to stand up for themselves.

Then came Trump.

Trump see's the media for exactly what they are - an enemy of traditional "America" with a shared vision so focused that there is no need for a conspiracy. They are in thrall to the academic religion of equalism, and are utterly immune to explanations of it's hypocrisy. On their best day they're useless, mindless drones incapable of self reflection, and on their worst they're monsters who would rather see this country blown to bits that admit that their vision might be wrong.

The Trump revolution isn't over - not for us, or for the media. The Democrat party needs the support of at least some of the voters, so there is a constraint on them. Their steering wheel may only go to the left, but at least it's something. But the press has nothing to pull on it. They can do or say whatever they like, and do so only when it best suits their personal agenda. The Democrat party doesn't own the press. More likely, it's the other way around.

They have no intention of giving up, and neither should we. I'm hoping Trump never gives an interview, disbands the Whitehouse Press corps, and provides all his information through online sources. I'm hoping the Republican party lauches an immediate 'news embargo' for all the mainstream sources. No CNN, no MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NYTimes, etc. Starve the beast. The next time someone in government says "...but we need the media!" he should be beaten bloody by those in attendance. That won't be enough, but maybe it will be a start.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

- Better than Much If You Ask Me

Most of the visual arts ... let me be generous... escape me. Maybe because I'm so bad at it. I love a movie because it tells a story, and I can tell a story, but a still image whatever it's content usually escapes me. I think most modern art is sarcasm, and I'm told by experts that much of it is. But that seems overdone to me.

This does not. I think this woman's approach to art is sincere and genuine, and that's enough to get me interested. And having a sense of humor about things forgives many sins in my book.

Ripped off from FR member VAviper, the same woman that does NR's 'weird links'.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

- The Alt-Right's "Final Solution"

America’s Jewish conservatives are all a flutter about the evil Nazi, white supremacist alt-right, and are doing all they can to prevent it’s ‘normalization’. So whenever and wherever they can, they’re mixing up the alt-right with the klan, the Nazis, and any other group that the American public finds reprehensible.

Since this is so, as someone who thinks of himself as alt-right, I thought it might be a good idea to come clean about our loosely knit organization’s 21st century ‘final solution. Right here I’m going to tell you exactly what the alt-right’s plans are for the tribe of Abraham, and how we plan to see it through. You ready? Here it is.

No one cares about the Jews. No one is out to get them, to see them persecuted, or rounded up, or put in boxcars, or sent to camps, and into ovens. Your paranoia really is getting a bit excessive Jewish America, you should really dial it back a bit.

We are not the klan. But even if we were, the klan claims it has 5000 members in the world. Common speculation is that 3000 of them are FBI agents, but for the sake of discussion, lets say they’re all card carrying “I wish Hitler were still alive” full blown anti-Semites. If they all got together and tried to round up west 91st street from Columbus Avenue to the river, they’d get their hooded asses handed to them. Come on… who are we really kidding here?

The anti-Semitic fringes of the alt-right will never be anything but the fringe. They have no power or credibility. They will never have any. They believe in an idea, which is morally wrong, (an idea that millions of Americans gave their lives in order to defeat) and it will never gain any traction in the American heart and mind. They will never be anything but a bunch of harmless, albeit slightly more disagreeable than average, kooks. Let’s all please stop treating them like they’re the newest big player in the game of identity politics.

But identity politics does have a new player. The left calls them ‘the people responsible for ruining everything’, but the right usually calls them ‘the people responsible for building everything’. They are of course, white people. Or to be just a hair more specific, people of European descent - subscribers to the proto-European civil tradition.

This was bound to happen. You spend a couple of decades telling people that they qualify as awful human beings just by being white, and sure enough, the Irish, Norwegian, Polish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Belgian (and yes even) German people look around and say “Hey … you know what? They’re right! We are all white! Maybe we’re all in this together after all?”

The next thing they say of course is, “Wait…that one’s a Jew… Get him!” No, just kidding. That’s not what they say. When they look around and see black people and brown people who behave very differently with regard to law and order than they do, and a billion Muslims who tell them every day that they want to murder them, and who are all unified in telling the white people that everything bad is all their fault, a peaceful, industrious, intelligent, Jewish population is not seen as the big problem.

Right now you’re probably saying “Well first they came for the black people!” But that’s a mistake too. They aren’t coming for the black people. They are coming for the black people who don’t want to start acting like white people, and asking them to stop it. They aren’t coming for Barak Obama who acts very white… well, in his specific case maybe they are coming for him. But they aren’t coming for the educated, intelligent, peaceful black and brown people. They aren’t coming for the poor, uneducated, black and brown people either. They are coming for the guy who stole the DVD player out of your mother’s car. That he happens to more likely be black or brown than white is relevant only in statistical terms.

OK, I’ll grant you that Richard Spencer and the NPI took things a little too far last week when they started throwing around Nazi salutes and screaming “Hail Trump” into the cameras at their annual Washington meeting. But to paraphrase a quote from one of the drones at National Review, there were only about 200 people there (and one of them was Tila Tequila) so the “my little pony for president” fan club probably has more overall influence on American culture. You really don’t need to worry about them. It’s a shame too because there were reasonable people there with thoughtful and reasonable ideas. The whole thing made me say to myself “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

But look, the political left is the one that said that what people look like is much more important than what they think. If that’s true, and all races really are as equal as you say, then surely it’s fair that white people get to be part of ‘equal’ too. You made the game, you made the rules. Don’t be so shocked that the people you blame for everything also want to play by them. White people didn’t even think of themselves as “white people” until you brought it up.

What the alt-right really wants is for America to start noticing that they don’t commit crimes nearly as often as some of the other groups you advocate for. They aren’t the lawless savage, disseminators of hate that the left makes them out to be. In fact, John Derbyshire, one of the intellectual leader of the Alt-Right, has been complaining for a long time that Midwestern white folk are simply too nice to survive in this kind of political climate.

This last election puts a bump in that theory since they’re the very people who elected Trump, but that’s not the point. The point is that there should be a single standard of behavior, and we would all do very nicely if the standard we adopted is the one that this country was built on and is still very much relied on, by those nice Midwestern white people.

I’ve heard it said by leftists that white people don’t commit crimes as often as people in other groups because they don’t have to, but white people feel differently about it. Civilized people can politely disagree. And regardless of motives, the government statistics clearly show that white people do behave very differently when it comes to peaceful law and order than some of the other groups of people. Those differences are the “multi” in multi-culturalism. So surely we can have a civilized conversation about it which involves real data, real statistics and real thinking, and not just more of the same hyper emotional name-calling we’ve heard for the last decade or so?

By the way, you know what other group tends to feel very similar to ‘white people’ when it comes to civil society and obeying the law? Jews. You don’t see Jews rioting. You don’t see them torching cars, throwing rocks at policemen, or getting worked up when people say that ‘all lives matter’ instead of just Jewish lives. In fact, until the left made ‘white people’ into a thing I always thought Jews WERE white people. They seem pretty white to me. They had lived in Europe very peacefully since the Roman era until Marxism and “National Socialism” came along looking for a villain.

All my life I thought that was more than enough to get them in the club, and I’m an Alt-right guy. As I said, I only recently learned that Jews may not be white after all, and I learned it from watching CNN. We can disagree about CNN’s broader reliability as a news source, but I think we can agree that it’s certainly not a bullhorn of white supremacist ideology.

As for the rest of what the Alt-right is really after, there is an excellent example out there in the real world, that most of the Alt-right would agree is doing things the right way in the nation state department. The feeling is that it should be looked to as an example of how a unique, civilized, and homogenous people can rule themselves peacefully and without boxcars or ovens. It isn’t Cambodia with it’s psychotic anti-urban-dweller purges, or or South Africa with it’s apartheid. It’s Israel.

So lighten up Francis, you really do sound silly. There is no mustached monster under your bed with a can of Zyklon-B. It’s just a bunch of kids acting out. Just like the ones screaming at each other right now outside Trump tower.

- It's Raining In NYC

Rain in NYC will reliably drive the local Manhattan population into the subways for their commute. So in the Trumptastic new post feminist world, this is provides an opportunity to update one to one of the most recently invented acts of micro-sexism.

Manspreading: When a man spreads his knees so wide that he takes up more than a single seat on mass transit.

Womanspreading: When a woman let's her ass get so big that she no longer fits into a single seat on mass transit.

Take a wild guess which one I saw more of this morning on the uptown 6 train.

My bet is that you'll have better luck asking a guy to move his knee than you will asking a woman to lose some weight, but I'd strongly recommend you try both and videotape the reactions. I promise to post the results here for the next time some Feminist goes off on a rant about the rudeness of men.