Friday, September 25, 2009

- ACORN Video - Legal Defense Fund Link

ACORN, that paragon of virtue, is suing James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles for the video they've released on Youtube showing ACORN staffers aiding criminal activity. That a slimy organization like ACORN could consider suing two journalists is laughable, but they have the money, so the fight is on.

In the meantime, Hannah Giles emptied her bank account to fund the video project so she's set up a legal defense fund. The link can be found here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

- ACORN Files Suit Against Okeefe and Giles

Suit filed in Maryland court. Check back here for a link to their defense fund, which I'll post as soon as I can find it.

- Home Alone

A family issue has left me home alone with only my 9 year old daughter to care for my many irrational and whimsical demands. Even as I type this she's off somewhere hand polishing my bullets (to improve their accuracy), and waiting for me to choose this evenings menu so she can ride her bike to the 9 or 10 specialty markets she'll need to accumulate all the fresh ingredients it will require. I don't know how she's ever going to find the time to sweep all the leaves and twigs off our roof, but the young have a boundless energy, so I'm sure she'll find a way.

In the meantime my days are filled with an exhausting combination of napping, daydreaming and staring at the TV. And since there never seems to be quite enough hours in the day, I'm finding it difficult to get to the ugly business of typing up a blog post. So instead you'll all have to content yourself with this bit of news which intersects with some of my past writing.

It seems that the worlds largest maker of the AK47 is declaring bankruptcy; a tragic victim of it's own success. The AK47 never breaks you see, so there is no need to ever buy a new one. Speaking from my own experience, it's legendary durability may be the most understated fact I've ever heard. You can do things to an AK47 that would make most armorers cringe and it will take it without complaint.

An excellent example of that can be seen in this promotional video about the durability of the AK47 - shotgun,

It may not be as accurate as an AR15, but try something like that with it and your M4 will almost certainly blow up and kill you.

For more on my veneration of russia's most famous export, see this piece:

"And There Was Much Rejoicing."

Monday, September 21, 2009

- Subsidizing Hannah and James

Of all the things I've heard Obama say, none is more laughable than this:

"Journalistic integrity, you know, fact-based reporting, serious investigative reporting, how to retain those ethics in all these different new media and how to make sure that it's paid for, is really a challenge," Mr. Obama said. "But it's something that I think is absolutely critical to the health of our democracy."

I feel like one of those Chinese Economic students who laughed when Geithner said that the administration os concerned about all the debt being issued. He can't really believe that we're stupid enough to believe this can he?

- We're Doomed!

Behold the tragic wisdom of my sometime hunting and shooting buddy, John Derbyshire.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

- Is There Anything Illegal That ACORN Doesn't Do?!

If James and Hannah show up tomorrow with video of an ACORN staffer bludgeoning a senior citizen at a Townhall meeting, it wouldn't surprise me a bit. The next day it might be a video of ACORN wholesaling crack to schoolchildren, and the following day they can be bribing judges and local officials, and none of it would surprise me at all at this point.

It really never ends with these people.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

- I Agree With Obama

Jeez ... I can't say I ever expect to type that title.

- Remember "The Carter Rule"

If he says it's sunny outside...bring an umbrella.

Jimmy Carter wasn't just the worst president of the 20th century, he's the only man I've ever heard of who was universally wrong on every issue he's ever spoken about. Ted Kennedy might have been harmful to America, but at least he knew how to sail a boat and mix a martini. I'm quite certain Carter could manage to screw up even that. In Carter's world, higher taxes bring prosperity, appeasement brings capitulation, labor unions add economic efficiency, rabbits are deadly, and the Jews brought it on themselves.

The Oracle of Delphi he isn't.

Some of my zanier relatives still believe he was communist plant, put in place 'Manchurian candidate' style to destroy America. I don't personally believe that, but given his performance as president it's tough for me to come up with much supporting evidence for my view.

His domestic policy brought generalized hardship (along with a malaise), gasoline shortages, high unemployment, high inflation, and a multitude of other little little bureaucratic policy changes that greatly weakened America's economic might. His foreign policy was so bad that in the near east alone it's taken us 30 years and two wars (along with nearly 5,000 dead) to recover just a portion of our prior influence. During Carter's presidency, our enemies felt safer, our friends felt abandoned, and the liberty of all Americans was substantially diminished.

From these and countless other positions held by our worst living president, I long ago developed "The Carter Rule" which states:

"Find out what position Jimmy Carter holds, and the most truthful, most successful option will always be achieved by pursuing the opposite view."

So based on 'The Carter Rule"; a rule that's so far proven to be 100% reliable, I'd say that not only will Obama's Healthcare effort fail, but the efforts of his supporters to make all of this a racial issue and to paint conservatives in the role of snidely whiplash in a Klan hood, will all blow up in their face.

I just wish he'd say a little more about the stock market.

Monday, September 14, 2009

- No...It's NOT Really About Race

My ability to discriminate is something I’m very proud of. I discriminate every chance I get, and even sometimes when I don’t have the chance. I have a discriminating palate, I am a discriminating friend, and I carefully discriminate between all sorts of things. I can even be discriminating when it comes to politics and social policy.

But none of that makes me a racist... you shallow, petty, juvenile, illiterate fools. Had Hillary won the election, or for that matter had John McCain won, and subsequently tried to implement the policies that Obama is currently promoting, I’d be just as angry, just as upset, and just as anxious to see him fail. But since Obama is black, you are unwilling to accept that logic. That says far more about you than it ever will about me.

That you people endlessly reduce every bit of disagreement to ‘race’ is emblematic of your utter lack of depth. Because of your immaturity and insecurity, I frequently describe liberals as children; but I’m going to try not to do that in the future because it’s an insult to many children. At least many of them will eventually grow up while you are eternally frozen in the amber of the 60’s. I’m ashamed for you, even though I know that you’ll never manage to feel any shame at yourselves.

It doesn’t even matter to you that for months before Obama became president, hundreds of conservatives (myself included) wrote that as soon as you begin to have difficulty enacting your plans you’ll be accusing everyone of being a racist. Not only do you let us all down in exactly the way that we all predicted, but you claim that this time its somehow ‘different’. And it doesn’t matter to you that we said that too.

It’s tragic that this is what the Democrat party has come too. I’m convinced that being a modern liberal is a form of mental illness. No logic or reason can get past that block headed inability to learn from the past. When the man said “those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it” he was talking about a liberal.

I’m utterly disgusted with you all.

- Mainstream Media Embarrassment Continues

At this point I’m beginning to wonder if the Mainstream News media is actually on the take from ACORN in some way. The truth is that’s unlikely. I’ll always vote for incompetence before conspiracy. But it’s certainly enough to make you wonder. I mean, how many of these videos are going to be released before they start to admit that this story is out there?

We all know that CNN, ABC, CBS, the NYtimes and the Washington-Post, are deeply in the tank for Obama, and Obama’s close ties to ACORN gives them reason not to report it if they can avoid it. But there does come a point where their credibility is so damaged by their position that they HAVE to cover just to ensure their own survival.

NBC won’t cover it even then. If Obama were to start putting white, southern, Christians into concentration camps, NBC would be right there to tell us all that the gas chambers were really just a de-licing shower. They’ll be present in the bunker at the very end while he and Chris Mathews hold a grenade between them and pull the pin. In the words of one of my buddies from the DC Tea Party, “NBC has become the ‘ministry of truth’, and has no intention of reporting ‘facts’ if they get in the way of Democrat political ambitions.”

Still, the rest of the news media must be beside themselves. There are more of these videos coming, so their embarrassment is sure to continue. I hope they still have some lingering sense of shame and come around before it’s too late. America needs real journalists, not the sycophantic slobbering kings of distortion that we’ve had since last January.

(Attention Liberals: I don’t’ claim that Obama’s sending anyone anywhere or planning to…. that’s a comment about NBC’s devotion to Obama, not Obama’s plans for America… I know you people are so reading impaired that you need that sort of thing spelled out.)

- Pravda On The Hudson

Jonah Goldberg:

Here's the AP story in The New York Times (via the web briefing) on the Census Bureau's decision to drop its association with ACORN. The story doesn't mention the prostitution videos from last week (and more are coming). How does a reporter and/or editor do that? Read the whole thing, the silences are staggering. It's Pravdaesque.


Jonah Goldberg is a journalist, so part of him deep down is surprised by this lack of ethics on the part of the Times. I'm not a journalist, so I'm not as taken aback.

The New York Times has been a laughingstock as a news source for years. No one in the business takes Paul Krugman seriously, and last week Thomas Friedman was hoping for the day when we could have a nice efficient totalitarian dictator. They think they're mainstream but they're really sealed in a bubble...just like Pravda.

And now it's probably only going to get worse. The publishers are going to figure out that they would be better off catering to just the upper west side than trying to compete for the whole market. And when they do, every story will have the same 'lack of content' and clear political direction this one.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

- 9/12 DC Tea Party Crowd Estimates

The numbers are being wildly mis-reported along partisan lines. The Washington Post is calling it a laughable 'tens of thousands' while the cool aid drinkers on the web say that conservatives should "be glad you got 60,000 and quit trying to turn it into some big event." No agenda there I'm sure.

The thing to remember about liberals is that in the end they believe the truth is whatever they can convince the most people it is. It has nothing to do with empiricism. As far as they're concerned the actual number of people doesn't really matter as much as what they say the actual number of people is. It all depends on your definition of the word "is".

But for conservatives whose reality is based not on subjective redefinition but on observable and repeatable facts, the actual numbers do matter. So lets start with the photo above, as well as some others which have clearly shown the crowds occupying Pennsylvania Avenue end to end, and spilling out a little further past the Washington monument. If you apply to that the following schematic which was used by the Post and liberals to assess the size of the cheering throngs of 'people who matter' at the inauguration: my eyes it works out to be about 1.6 million people... close to the 'reliable' estimates we've been seeing from the foreign media.

The threat to the MSM that comes from their trying to 'low ball' the attendance numbers for the benefit of the Whitehouse is that if I'm right and that crowd is roughly 1.6 million people, then that means that one American in every 200 attended the rally. So virtually everyone in America will have known someone who was there. The MSM has to try to convince people that they are somehow more reliable than people with whom America is personally acquainted. That's suicidal if you ask me.

Don't pay any attention to CNN and the Washington Post. Those are actual voters out there and if they all want to call it tens of thousands, let them. We just have to make sure we're there watching the ballots be counted.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

- Just Back From The DC Tea Party

It's late and I''m going to write something more comprehensive tomorrow but I wanted to say something quickly about the march in DC today. It is utterly obscene and insulting that the NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN and various other liberal media outlets are so distorting the numbers at this event.

The tag line is that 'thousands are protesting', but there were more than 1,000 people waiting in line to use the bathrooms.

I want to be conservative so I'll say that this was over 1 million people. I was 50 yards from the capital building and the crowd stretched in every direction for as far as any of us could see. We were carrying a banner 15 feet high by 15 feet wide with 15 inch high block letters and it was TOTALLY overwhelmed in a sea of placards. I lost count of the total number of people who took photos of it, but it had to be over 1,000. It was one person snapping a picture every 10 or 15 seconds, for the better part of 2 hours. All were pumped up over the message.

Congressmen ignore this at your peril.

I was there with a really great bunch of guys. All of us at or approaching middle age, and all of is up really early. The talk was that this was the first protest in history where all the participants needed to get permission from their wives first. Instead of the million man march it was more like the million man waddle.

The guys took a bunch of pictures and I took some video which I'll put up eventually. My personal favorite among the signs was one (hand made of course) that showed Nancy Pelosi on top, and below it read "Time to put Nana in a home". Anyway... more tomorrow, but just this one last thought:

Somewhere in Chappaqua NY right now, there is a white haired man named Bill laughing his A$$ off at the pickle that Obama has gotten himself into.

Here is some fun video of the people at the protest treating CNN the way they deserve:

Friday, September 11, 2009

- Telling CNN to F*** Off

This kid is my new hero. James O'Keefe, the guy involved along with Hannah Giles in the ACORN corruption scandal, has been asked by CNN for an interview and told them what so many of us would like to:

So far CNN has only reported on the breaking story on blatant ACORN CORRUPTION from angles that attempt to extricate the government funded “community organizing” enterprise from the extreme crime we caught on videotape.

First CNN pushed the false ACORN line that “[t]his film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed.”

To set that record straight please check the Washington D.C. tape we dropped today at, which is also being aired on your cable news competitor with curiously higher ratings.

Now that ACORN lied to you, Jonathan Klein, what are you going to do?

Here’s what I have noticed from your coverage: You brought in the damage control crowd to FRAME the story. Before even airing our damning Baltimore video. You know your audience would turn on ACORN if you showed them the evidence. So instead you put your competitors in journalism in the crosshairs instead of airing a blockbuster report making massive waves elsewhere.

You even trotted out shameless Clinton era apologist Joe Conason to challenge the ETHICS of our expose. Unreal.

What about the ethics of those at ACORN caught on tape trying to help create a brothel featuring illegal immigrant age range 13-15 from El Salvador?

What about the countless laws broken on tape from a group that stands to get billions from President Obama’s “stimulus” package?

Why don’t we wait to have the Columbia Journalism School debate on “journalistic ethics” between us after you do actual journalism.

When you air the raw ACORN footage that is now viral on the Internet, and being played on FOX NEWS and countless talk radio shows, then and only then — when America can see, hear and smell the stench we have exposed — will I subject myself to a CNN hit job.

I'm about as impressed by that as I could be. Good for you James. when you get a show or a column or whatever, you can count on me to pay to see it.

- Best Right Wing Sulks

I track my links, hits and referrals with a tool called sitemeter. And one of the pages I get quite a few hits from is this blog that some German lefty put together called "Best right Wing Sulks".

On it, he linked my post election piece "Hail Ants" where I lament the change in power and explain that I might be useful to the newly elected authority by helping to round up people to work in their 'fairness' camps. that's a joke of course. But I reread the piece as well as the comments and the thing that struck me was how un-inflammatory it was. Honestly, I think I was being quite conciliatory but the comments I got from liberals were just totally off the wall.

I suppose that's because to them, all truth is a matter of consensus. In the liberal mindset, if most people agree in a vote that the key to economic recovery is to make everyone wear a hat, then that becomes the truth for them. They'll all write hostile and angry pieces about how bare headed people are unpatriotic and Thomas Friedman will long for the day when everyone is forced to wear a hat.

The reason for that is that liberals lack the ability to discriminate between good ideas and bad. The popular opinion isn't just the latest fashion... to them the it's a universal truth. So for liberals, the fact that Obama won the election is proof in and of itself that all ideas of the right have been disproved. For them it stands as evidence that everything we've learned about how the world works, from Milton Friedman on, is basically bunk.

I don't know why but it seems funnier than it normally does in the comments section of that piece.

Now that the things I predicted are beginning to come true it's big fun to go back and re-read the piece. It makes the liberal euphoria seem even more vapid and self congratulatory. And that can usually be taken for a sign that you're seeing things more clearly than you used to.

you can reread the piece "Here".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

- The Sunset Of 20th Century Journalism

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the ACORN staffers advising a supposed hooker and her pimp on how to set up a brothel full of under-age Salvadoran prostitutes. It’s quite a story. The wagons have already been circled at ACORN and the two participants in the video fired. But that’s no surprise. And it’s not a surprise that the left wing media has apparently no intention of repeating this big story. It’s tragic, but it’s not shocking.

The global birth of the modern conservative movement is said to be traced back to when Margaret Thatcher faced off against the (largely Marxist) British Coal Board and the union that controlled it hand in glove. Like Reagan would later do with the air traffic controllers, she backed the union off and set Britain on a course to great prosperity. In the UK, that Coal Board was seen as the last gasp of the 60’s radical movement in Britain.

Why do I bring this up? Because the only person I know who still takes the NYTimes seriously as a source of news is my step-father, and he was a member of that coal board. He’s an old lefty who has abandoned any idea of original thought, and prefers repeat what he’s told by others. He likes his news filtered by someone with an agenda and if that agenda happens to change so too does his opinion on the subject. He sees no contradiction or hypocrisy in that. It’s his process for understanding things. At this point in his life he’s content to be a follower, and if the lemmings are leading him off a cliff he can still content himself with that. He’s had a long full life, and is simply not interested in changing now.

Before you make too many assumptions about our relationship, you should know that for the most part we get along exceedingly well. He married my mother when I was in my 30’s so it’s not like I brought a lot of adolescent resentment into the relationship. He’s a former engineer, is very well read, and was a designer of some of the first ever modern computers. Logic and empiricism aren’t outside his capabilities; he just chooses not to apply those disciplines to politics. Most of all he treats my mother as if she was a queen, and that’s all I really need from him. He’s just trying his best to peacefully enjoy the sunset of his life, and I have no point to make that’s so pressing that it involves disturbing that peace.

The thing though is that I can’t read the NYTimes without thinking of him. Every once in a while when one of their editorial pieces is particularly silly, someone might send me a link. And when that happens I can’t help thinking of this nice, pleasantly deluded old man. He’s wrong about how the world works. But he’s unwilling to abandon yesterday’s incorrect ideas because he’s too tired to learn new ones. He no longer has the energy to lead so he’s contented himself with following. He embraces the worldview of the Times not because he thinks it more insightful, or closer to the truth, but because it’s the one that’s most familiar to him. The world is still changing, but he’s decided that he has already changed enough.

The young may read the times because they don’t know any better. But the young will all grow up one day, and these days that happens sooner rather than later. The NYTimes only has to miss the mark with a few stories the web doesn’t’ miss, and the Times has forever lost another reader. As they continue to ignore stories like this ACORN business their role will diminish. Already their credibility with the young may be beyond saving, and to keep any sort of market share they’ll have to descend further and further into the fever swamp of the left.

It’s already happened to NBC, who seems to be content to let the two dimensional cartoon like caricatures of Keith Olberman be the public face of their journalism effort. Eventually, the only people who will read the NYTimes are journalists, and CBS, ABC, CNN and the rest of the left side of TV journalism will seem more and more comical to mainstream Americans. There was once a time when I got upset at the portrayals of the evening news… but these days I just laugh at them. Now that the web has arrived, they simply cant’ get away with that nonsense. But regrettably, they don’t know that yet.

The army of the left is already elderly, and is tiring fast. They aren’t replacing their number; not even close. So we’re looking at the sunset of 20th century journalism. Thomas Friedman’s love letter to a new fascist era for America wasn’t a threat, it was a cry for help. In his heart he knows that the consolidation of power under someone who favors him will be the only thing to save his position in society. And the tragic thing is that because he writes for the Times, he probably lacks the ability to discern his own motives, let alone the motives of others.


Holy Crap! It turns out that Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, and were baiting the Mainstream media. They held back another set of tapes from the DC ACORN office and let them publish the ACORN rebuttal in the Times first. The ACORN sponsored piece, written by the AP, included the ACORN claim that the Hooker and her pimp had tried this at other offices... as if those attempts failed. They didn't.

Here is the tape from the DC office. On Beck's radio show he says that they also have tape from LA, Philly and other cities as well.

Personally I think Glenn Beck is the most important voice in America right now.

- Calling Him a Liar

I wrote that the floor of the congress during a presidential address is the wrong format for calling the president a liar. Well this is the right format and he's a liar. Here is Yuval Levin with one of the clearest anaysis of the substance of the speech I've seen:

Permanent perfection, in this kind of technocratic vision, would surely require getting every fine detail just right. Yet Obama did not seem to be advancing a very detailed plan, but rather championing some vague generalities. And when you line these generalities up, they form a very peculiar and implausible picture. It will cost $900 billion, involve no tax increases for the middle class and no Medicare benefit cuts for the elderly, but not add a dime to the deficit. The basic prerequisites for risk-based insurance will be rendered illegal, but the public is assured that insurance arrangements need not change-or rather that they will only improve.

To try to sneak these glaring contradictions past his listeners, the president engaged in some familiar misdirection. He said the government would not force people to lose their existing insurance. But the question of displacement is not about force: employers currently provide insurance not because they are forced to do so (they are not) but because a combination of policy and labor market pressures lead them to choose to do so. Change those pressures and coverage arrangements will change for millions.

He insisted that "no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions," but those dollars would be used to fund insurance that would pay for abortion, and new rules would require more insurers to pay for it. He insisted the public plan would not be subsidized by the public (though he then compared it to public universities, which are subsidized by the public). But the problem with that plan is that it would have regulatory advantages and negotiating power that would allow it to price private insurers out of the market, not that it would be directly subsidized in ways its competitors were not.

The rest is here: NRO.

- Party Like It's 1773

I'm going down to DC for the Tea Party on Saturday September 12th. My buddy Tim, instigating rabble rouser that he is, has put together a few guys and we're driving down.

I don't know where we'll be exactly; I expect it will be somewhere near the biggest crowd. But if you're there and you'd like to say hi, look for the sign pictured above. It's much larger than it looks in this photo and will be held up high at the end of a few long poles, so you should have no trouble seeing it. If I'm not directly underneath it, the guys who will be holding it will know where to find me.

- Shut Up Joe Wilson

An outburst like Joe Wilson’s was bound to happen if you ask me. And to be completely fair, the Whitehouse did ask us all to report any disinformation about healthcare. What the president was saying clearly qualifies, but I don't think this was exactly what they had in mind. I think it was a mistake for him to say so in that format, but still, I understand Wilson's frustration.

This is by far the most Orwellian Administration in history. It’s like they’ve taken Bill Clinton’s new definition of the word “is” and thrown it open to include the entire English language. “Transparency” now refers to a gaggle of appointees placed in office absent any review, many of whom with astoundingly radical backgrounds, and all placed in high positions in government without so much as a phone call to congress. “Competition” now means a government subsidized market participant who will keep prices so far below cost as to bankrupt an entire industry. “No Earmarks” means some earmarks. “No lobbyists” mean some lobbyists. “No Tax Increase” means no tax increase they’ll admit to. And “A balanced budget” means an unprecedented level of spending and borrowing so gi-normous, that even the margin of error is measured in trillions.

It’s hard to listen to the president talk about his goals, knowing full well that the law he’s proposing will produce results which are basically the opposite of them. But I thought it was just me. Like many experts, I lose track of what other people understand and don’t understand about my personal area of expertise. Things that are fundamental in my world, I assume everyone understands. But in fact they turn out to be quite beyond the comprehension of many people.

I think it’s clear that this is the case with Barak Obama. He’s under the mistaken impression that if he could find a way to eliminate “the profit” of the healthcare industry, then that money will show up as a cost savings for consumers. This is stupidity on stilts. And anyone who knows even the first thing about business knows that this simply isn't so. But that doesn't describe Barak Obama; apparently he doesn't know the first thing about business. He’s never been in a position where he’s had to worry about producing a profit, so he’s never had a chance to learn even that simple unavoidable fact.

To someone with his worldview, profit is the problem in the equation. And if you eliminate the profit, all things will improve. In reality, profit is what’s left over for you after you solve all the other problems. I think he's spent his entire life in an insulated cocoon, a mix of govenrment and academia. And in it he's been protected from the pressures of making one’s way in the modern world. He’s a full grown man who is very literate, exceptionally well spoken, and of at least average intelligence. But he understands no more about how the private sector economy or business really works, than my nine year old daughter.

And since that's so, the decisions he's making are all based on falsehoods, and are pointing toward disaster. The record of history is absolutely clear that when it comes to improving the lot of ordinary people, there is no system that can compare with the free enterprise system. But Barak Obama is still childishly doing all he can to destroy it.

And he’s not the only pseudo-child on the left. There are all manner of permanent adolescents with irresponsible plans on that side of the aisle. If he's a 10 year old with a loaded pistol, Nancy Pelosi is a toddler with a machine gun and Maxine Waters is an angry adolescent with a neutron bomb. And that’s why I think Joe Wilson’s outburst was a terrible mistake.

Even if today’s Republicans are no better or wiser than today’s Democrats, at least they’ve always managed to act like adults. With an opposition like theirs, this is not a line they want to cross, or no Republican will ever be able to get through another speech again. Of course Obama was misrepresenting the truth… he’s a politician… that’s the job. Joe Wilson should have kept his trap shut and behaved like an adult. Not out of respect for the man (I certainly don't respect him ) or even out of respect for the office. He should have kept quiet out of common courtesy alone.

He may have been right in what he said, but he was absolutely wrong to say so. There is an appropriate format for calling a politician a liar, and that wasn't it. And I sincerely hope that this pinhole in the dike of good manners doesn’t bring on a later rush of childishness and misbehavior from the Democrats.


I've been having a little trouble with insomnia lately (an old problem for me) so I was asleep last night and didn't see the speech until this morning. And now that I have, I must confess... to see that look of abject horror on Nancy Pelosi's face it was almost worth it... almost.

I still think it was a big mistake to breach protocol in that way, but given the meteoric distortions and outlandish manner in Obama's 'we'll call you out' statement, I'm more sympathetic to Wilson's loss of control. He apologized, as it should be. Hopefully we can just move on now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

- Public Option Compassion

When you let the government pay the bills, the government gets to decide what they will do and what they won't. In this story from across the pond, the British National Healthcare system let a premature child die, much to the horror of the mother, because it had been born 2 days before the cutoff point:

A midwife said he was breathing and had a strong heartbeat, and described him as a "little fighter".

I kept asking for the doctors but the midwife said, "They won't come and help, sweetie. Make the best of the time you have with him".' ...

She told how she begged one pediatrician, 'You have got to help', only for the man to respond: 'No we don't.'

Oh by all means let's adopt that system ASAP.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

- US Banks Rated Lower Than Tanzania's

With Gold trading at 1007 per oz. and the Chinese expressing concerns about the dollar, can Zimbabwean solvency be far behind?

WEF says Switzerland now more competitive than the US.

Can't say I didn't see that one coming.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

- Glenn Beck Isn't Crazy After All

There is no one on the political right who has more credibility than Andy McCarthy. Here he lays out, with the help of Hot-Air's Ed Morrisey, some of the details behind the Obama administration's machinations with the erstwhile 'green jobs czar' Van Jones.

Here is an excerpt in case the NRO folks haven't fixed the link yet:

The point, of course, is that Obama vetted Jones just fine. President Obama is not Mr. Magoo — haplessly gravitating to Truther Van and Ayers and Dohrn and Klonsky and Davis and Wright and the Chicago New Party and ACORN, etc. Jones is a kindred spirit. Obama knows exactly who he is. Jones was given a non-confirmation job precisely because that circumvented the vetting process. This isn't one of those things that just happen. This is Barack "Transparency" Obama gaming the system.

As former Reagan staffer Jeffrey Lord explains at the Spectator, the Secret Service carefully scrutinizes the background of everyone who works at the White House. With his background, Van Jones couldn't possibly have gotten into the White House, much less had physical access to the president, unless the top echelon of the administration (I'd wager, the very top) overrode any objections.

The issue here isn't process. It's that Obama picked Van Jones because Obama adheres to Jones's Alinskyite views and tactics, and is entirely comfortable with what most of the public would see as the horrifying specter of Jones managing how billions of public dollars are spent. Note the Times's account of Jones's time at STORM:

Mr. Jones’s involvement in the 1990s with a group called Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement prompted recent accusations by conservative critics that he associated with Communists. The group, according to a post-mortem written by some of its founders, was an anti-capitalist, antiwar organization committed to achieving “solidarity among all oppressed peoples” with “direct militant action.”

Hold on there. Direct-action? The use of intimidation and extortion tactics, including law-breaking, to achieve political results? Where have we heard that before? Well, there was ACORN, which happens to be both a stalwart Obama ally and "an anti-capitalist, antiwar organization committed to achieving solidarity among all oppressed peoples with direct militant action.”

All of these details either confirm or support all the worst things that Glenn Beck has ever said on his show about the Obama administration.

When it comes to Beck, some of my friends watch him with a jaundiced eye and say "I like Beck, but sometimes he goes too far." Well if what Mr McCarthy writes is true, and it always is, then maybe Glenn Beck hasn't gone far enough.

Glenn Beck is taking a huge chance by facing off against team Obama. I'm sure he knows that and he's still out there, saving the country he loves, one American hating Communist radical at a time. And I admire him greatly for having the courage to keep at it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

- When You Think The Bias Can't Get Any Worse

That the mainstream media is being negligent in their pre-spun coverage of the Obama administration is no secret, but this bit from Byron York is astounding even by today's disgusting standards:

Posted 09/04/2009: 11:30 AM

From a Nexis search a few moments ago:
Total words about the Van Jones controversy:

- in the New York Times: 0.
- in the Washington Post: 0.
- on NBC Nightly News: 0.
- on ABC World News: 0.
- on CBS Evening News: 0.

His comments here.

When this country wakes up from this little trip down the socialist rabbit hole it will be the media that gets blamed for it and rightly so. They have been misrepresenting everything about this administration to make it more palatable to the average American. But now that the truth is coming about about Obama and his team, they're sure to take a big hit to their credibility.

And they wonder why they are losing readers.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

- Keep Your Kids Home September 8th

- ASS-tounding

Now there's a public servant for you.....

"You get the F*** out of here or I'll throw you out the window."

- We're The Government ...

Here's your 'Shared Responsibilty':

- Reminds Me Of My Wife

My wife is smaller and a brunette, and speaks with a slight Hungarian accent when she's angry, but you get the idea.

When our local school board was deciding to get rid of it's unionized janitors in favor an outside contractor at a fraction of the price, they had public hearings on the issue. It was filled with all the usual suspects; NEA members, union hacks from other districts, SIEU and CWU crowds from Trenton in support of more money for less work; and they all took their turn at the microphone. The only person who spoke up in favor of the board acting responsibly and getting rid of the union, was my wife.

The police escorted her to her car but she didn't care. Two weeks later, out the union went.

Some times the good guys win.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

- The Return Of Evan Sayet

How Liberals Think - Part 2:

"How many times do you have to march through the Arc De Triomphe with your hands in the air, before you change the name of the thing?"