Friday, March 12, 2010

- As New Jersey Regrettably Goes...

You may recall that just a short while back, we had a radical leftists State Assemblyman who wanted to ban all hunting in NJ. He was one of those stereotypical hyperventilating animal rights folks who think that we should burn our suburbs to the ground to create a more amenable habitat for moles, and that fish should get the vote or should be allowed to sue people at the very least. He proposed a change that would have staffed the fish and Game department (the people who decide hunting season dates) with staffers from animal rights groups. It didn't work out, and he was voted out of office for his trouble.

Personally I think it’s exactly what he deserved.

We also had a run in with some of the most foolhardy environmental policies in human history under the Corzine administration. The jewel in that particular crown was when NJ State DEP chief Lisa Jackson, over the direct objection of her own biologists, eliminated the annual Bear hunt. This allowed the Bear population to spiral totally out of control. The States own biologists viewed a mauling in crowded northern NJ as inevitable unless the Bear population was properly managed and they viewed hunting as a perfect win – win scenario. But she wasn’t hearing any of that, and instead, she stood firm on her 'perfect worlder' politics, in spite of the science.

the State's animal rights groups called it a triumph, right up until the time that kitchens began being ransacked and small dogs started mysteriously disappearing. Now that we have a more rational governor in Trenton, that particular suicidal policy is being rescinded.

But Lisa Jackson has moved up to the federal level as director of the EPA under Obama. And regrettably, it’s another one of those ‘as New Jersey goes” moments. The president’s soviet sounding “Interagency Ocean Policy Task force” has come up with a plan for managing American waterways that may very well include a complete nationwide ban on all recreational fishing.

There are 60 million fisherman in America, a million in NJ alone. So I suspect that these dim witted animal right nuts are going to learn the same lessons that Mike Panter, (NJ dim witted animal rights nut/Ex State Assemblyman) learned once Anthony Mauro and the NJOA got done with him. They may look mild mannered, but when it comes to politics, you don’t mess with fisherman.

Maybe if we’re all lucky, this will all end up with us figuring out a way to finally be rid of that hopeless political hack Lisa Jackson as well.

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