Monday, March 22, 2010

- Healthcare Opinion In NJ

Now that the bill has passed, some of you might be curious as to how it's playing with the common folk. I thought you might enjoy this field report from NJ.

Regular readers may remember the time my "HONK IF I'M PAYING YOUR MORTGAGE" bumper sticker got me out of a traffic ticket.

Well my wife has one identical to it on her car. She was in the supermarket today, and when she came out she found the following note under her windshield wiper:

In case it's unclear it reads:

"Now you can add a sign that says 'Honk if I am Paying your health insurance.' what is going on in this country?"

This happened in a supermarket parking lot, deep in the deepest blue part of New Jersey. This must be going over just swimmingly in Texas and Utah.


Anonymous said...

Better yet:

Anonymous said...

Here's your bumper sticker

Tom said...

Most of the people I interact with in my daily life are geniuses. That’s not a mistake… over time I’ve been lucky enough to have arranged my life that way. I know a few exceptions; the guy who helps me load up the truck whenever I go to Agway for supplies is no Nobel laureate. But he’s a jovial guy who doesn’t pretend to know things that he doesn’t, and that’s good enough for me. On the whole though, if you called me an elitist about intelligence, I’d probably have to admit my guilt. I just don’t generally enjoy the company of people who aren’t bright. But I don’t feel that way because they don’t know things; I feel that way because they so often believe that they do.

Liberals are particularly guilty of this. You try to engage them in any sort of debate and all you hear from them is straw men and unsubstantiated assumptions about your motives. They don’t typically know anything about history, are particularly imprecise about their language, and won’t stay on a single topic long enough to be pinned down about their contradictions. In short it’s like arguing with a 13 year old girl. Everything is “doody heads” and other personal invectives. And when you refuse to lower yourself to their level and engage in their childishness they think it’s the height of cleverness. They can’t see that you’re simply discouraged at the thought of all the things you’ll have to teach them before the conversation could be meaningful.

The thing that makes most liberals so tiresome is that they don’t really understand anything; even the things that they say. And no one understands this better than the Democrat leadership. When I hear Nancy Pelosi’s condescension, or Barak Obama’s banal generalities, I feel insulted. Invariably I think to myself, “they can’t believe that I’m stupid enough to believe that!”. But the fact is they do. And what’s more, when it comes to their constituency, they’re right. Democrats are really that stupid. That’s why they tend to cluster in those professions where there are little or no consequences to being wrong. Finding a successful hedge fund portfolio manager who is also a liberal is a really tough trick because we must be right more than we are wrong or we’re unemployed. But if you’re a teacher or a journalist and you’re wrong… who cares? Being right is not how you advance in those careers.

I always thought it was funny that if you asked someone how smart they are, the lowest estimate you’ll ever hear is ‘about average’. But in technical terms at least half of the people out there must be below average right? (There is probably some liberal out there who thinks that a discussion about mean vs. median will effectively shoot down that point.) But the problem with liberals isn’t that they are dumber than conservatives. There are plenty of doctrinaire conservatives out there who aren’t very smart either. The problem with liberals is that they haven’t learned to know when they are wrong about something. They simply can’t tell the difference between genius and idiocy. They believe that if they thought of it, it must be a brilliant idea…even if it’s the same stupid notion that has failed countless times in the past.

Compared to liberals, less intelligent conservatives are usually more humble before a universe that they find mystifying. They may not know much, but at least they know that they don’t know it. In my book that makes them tolerable enough, and sometimes even good company… like the guy who drives the forklift at my local Agway. But your idiot liberal will always believe he’s the smartest man in the room. They never figure out that the rest of us aren’t ignoring them because we’re intimidated by their infantile wit; we’re ignoring them because we find them dim. We have no time to waste on a fool, and the fact that he believes he’s the king doesn’t change that.