Wednesday, November 24, 2010

- Good Enough For Government Work

I've had this sort of thing happen to me too. In a turn of events too complicate to explain, I once accidentally boarded a plane with 12 inch meat cleaver in my carry on bag. It went through the x-ray scanner at Laguardia and no one even blinked.

In fact I didn't realize I had it with me until I reached my destination and was randomly picked for a detailed search by Mexican customs. The soldier at the gate took it out of my bag, held it up, and looked at me like "What the F%$! is this?!" Rather than giving him a long, complicated, arguably difficult to believe story I just lied and said: "Soy cocerino."

He nodded knowingly (as if that explained it) and gave me back my bag, with the cleaver neatly tucked inside. Figuring I'd never be that lucky twice, I ended up leaving it in Mexico.

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