Friday, June 17, 2011

- NJ Is Nazi Germany?

I don't think there is anything funnier than listening to a union hack trying to make a serious point. It makes me wonder how they could have reached adulthood with their heads all turned around backwards on every issue. But then it occurs to me that the vast majority of them never reached adulthood at all... not mentally anyway.

In fact, that's the whole point of their world view. They want to be frozen in adolescent amber, spending their live pretending that the reason they aren't all millionaires is because someone was taking unfair advantage of them in some way. In reality, they're the ones that have been getting something for nothing - or nearly nothing. While the rest of us have to work hard and be productive, they simply show up, attach themselves daily to government teat, and retire at 44 with 100% of their salary and free medical care for life.

The only thing they have is numbers, but in a place ruled by political party machines, that's enough. They are the most stupid, economically illiterate, lazy, and deeply entitled portion of the general population. And in the end, they are the very reason the system is unsustainable, and will eventually fall apart. These are the same people running things in Greece, Spain and Ireland. They are doing their best to steer the boat toward the waterfall.

And when it goes over the edge, they'll all insist that it was someone else's that did it to them, instead of the other way around.

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Anonymous said...

They make me laugh they do. The more they shout and scream, the more right they think they are. Like a spoil child throwing a hissy fit.