Friday, December 23, 2011

- Arguing For More Waste, Fraud And Abuse

The primary rule of bureaucrats is that the more of them you get, the more of them you get. Self justification is the absolute first priority of the bureaucracy, and the law enforcement arms of the government are no different. Triple the budget for the DEA as an example, and the very first thing those new DEA agents will do is go forth and find reasons to triple the budget again. Leave it to their discretion and they will be investigating every band aid, aspirin and ice pack in the continental US. It’s simply how the bureaucracy works.

The result of that bureaucratic bloating has another name come election time. When pols go out on the campaign trail they refer to it (or at least the results of it) as ‘waste, fraud and abuse” which everyone is always against, but no one ever seems able to eliminate. The reason is that it’s contrary to the nature of the bureaucracy. Nothing ever gets eliminated, no matter how wasteful, fraudulent or abusive.

Take the recent example of the ATF. This is the department who was responsible for buying thousands of guns illegally and allowing those guns to be sold into the drug war that’s being raged just across our southern border in Mexico. It was money wasted, involving a fraudulent practice, and an abuse of federal authority. What’s even worse in this case was that both Americans and American law enforcement officials have been killed by the very guns that the ATF knowingly sold to criminals, and before their fraud was discovered, ATF officials tried to use those sales as a political foil to justify even greater regulation of firearms.

In my world we were refer to that as a massive cluster-***k, but in the bureaucracy it’s just another day as usual.

Seizing this moment as an opportunity to stay firmly on the wrong side of history and to cheer the further erosion of American liberty, disco era ex-Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau (the crypt keeper) has decided that this is the moment he needs to come out in the WSJ and insist that very same people that brought you the ‘Fast And Furious’ gunwalker scandal need even greater funding. Even when the tendency of liberals to be 180 degrees wrong is considered, this has to strike any reasonable person as flawlessly poor timing.

Morgenthau is 91 years old, so calling him ‘stuck in the past’ with regard to gun control gives insult to people like our own disco era politician, Frank Lautenberg, who himself is still as firmly committed as ever to the policy prescriptions of 1977. It's Lautenbergs assertion that so long as we keep throwing gobs of taxpayer money at the problem, we're bound to start making progress on it eventually. Give it another 40 years and things should start going our way.

But Morgenthau was a middle aged man when he was appointed to be a US federal attorney by John F. Kennedy, so when Lautenberg came on the political scene Morganthau was already and old man whose ideas were 20 years behind the times. Now he makes even "throw more money at it" Lautenberg seem like a forward thinker.

At this point, he’s simply beyond parody.


I think it's worth remembering that there is no such thing as an 'illegal gun' any more than there is such a thing as an 'illegal hammer', or an 'illegal chainsaw'. It's not the gun which is illegal but the means by which it was bought or sold. And although the reasons for this literary sloppiness by the media is transparent, we should make a point of calling them on it so they quit it.

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