Wednesday, December 7, 2011

- Corzine and MF Global

I'm told via email that there are several readers out there who are wondering why I haven't had much to say on Jon Corzine and the MFGlobal bankruptcy.

Well there is an obvious reason for that - it's cost me some money. Not a ton. There won't be any lifestyle changes or anything. But there is enough of my money missing (at the moment anyway) to buy a very nice car. And since that's so, we've decided it's best for me to just shut up about the whole thing until we know exactly how it will all fall out.

I have plenty to say... oh... believe me... I have LOTS to say about it. But for once in my life I'm going to shut up when it's in my interest to - at least until the final numbers come in.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

It might be a while. I read that Corzine just took the 5th. Somehow I doubt the Justice Department under the current regime, will want to aggressively prosecute the case.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Edit: Reread the link.. he is expected to plead the 5th... He hasn't done it yet.

Tom said...

To be totally clear, I don't need his entire civil and criminal liability to play out, I just need to get back as much money as I can. Once that's been fully determined, I'll speak up. But so long as the SIPC or the CME or another organization is considering back filling a portion of the losses, I have nothing further to say.

frithguild said...

If they want to find it, they should hire Al “Count Every Vote” Gore, who can become Al “Count Every Dollar.”