Wednesday, December 7, 2011

- A European Commerce Clause

You remember a few weeks back I accused the Euro-crats of trying to find a way to snatch power from the voting public, and looking for a commerce clause that would empower them to change things as they saw fit without having to ask permission of the plebs? Well here it is. From the EUObserver care of Andrew Stuttaford at NRO under the title "The Voters Are the Enemy":

BRUSSELS – The European Union may be able to winkle out of the fraught process of a full treaty change via a clever legal trick, EU Council President Herman van Rompuy has suggested.

According to a two-page report from the Belgian EU chief submitted to national capitals on Tuesday (6 December), by amending a protocol attached to the Lisbon Treaty rather than changing the treaty itself, the lengthy and politically uncertain path of referendums and ratification by national parliaments can be avoided entirely.

Instead, so long as EU leaders unanimously back a redrafting of a single protocol, the changes can be achieved almost instantly, following consultations with the European Central Bank and the European Parliament, both of which would be formalities.

That's it. That's what they were after. A way to change things without asking the plebs. If this goes through, buy Silver.

(I wonder what Dan Hannan will have to say about this.)

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ikaika said...

If the ECB or any of the other non-elected organs of the Eurozone openly and obviously act to maneuver around the public, the backlash and charge will not come from average joe, but from the Unions.

When Merkel & Sarkozy demand a Treaty change and Von Rompuy says fast, the reaction was a "run" on Greek banks and now a potential labor revolt in Portugal.

Merkel is playing this brilliantly. She is the Bismark of the 21st century and Sarkozy will be fed to the dogs.