Saturday, December 3, 2011

- Greed 2.0

I don't have any advertising on this blog, but to be honest, that's really for my sake and not yours. If I had advertising then I'd feel compelled to produce more content and promote it etc. It would at that point become a business. And if it's going to be a business, you can be damned sure I'd make it a successful one.

But instead it's a hobby or a pass-time. It's a sort literary temper tantrum by a guy who's always had far more courage than sense, and has often lacked the judgment to keep his yap shut when it's been in his interest to. So instead, what my employers, and clients, and elected representatives (not to mention local policemen, building inspectors, civil court judges etc.) are all spared, you must endure.

That means I only put new content up when I feel like it (which is often - as it turns out). But I've rationalized this by convincing myself that it helps to keep the writing more personal. And while I wouldn't go so far as to say that makes it 'good', I do think it makes it slightly 'better', so we're all a little better off for it. (Or maybe not... I don't know... but I do KNOW that I'm definitely better off for it, and since this isn't a business... that's enough for me.)

Anyway, I clearly don't write for a living, but some of my friends do. And since they do, I thought I'd drop a one time plug to promote a specific story.

The cover story for the edition of NationalReview pictured above, is a story by Kevin Williamson about how Washington and Wall Street working together, can sometimes be bent and twisted to make 'the right' people rich. I've gotten just a little advanced knowledge on the piece and it's well worth reading. Honestly, everything Kevin writes is worth reading, but this piece is particularly so. And I say that from the perspective of a guy who does know a bit about how Wall Street works.

So if you aren't already a NRDT (NationalReview Dead Tree) reader, you should run right to their website and subscribe. And... since that probably won't be fast enough to get you this issue, you should also stop at the newsstand in your commuter station of choice and buy yourself a copy.

I don't mention stuff like this often so please take my word for it, this one is worth going to the trouble. It will be worth your while.

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James Bond said...

Good point, Tom. Kevin is great.

Please point out that folks can also subscribe to National Review Digital: