Tuesday, December 13, 2011

- If You're a Fan Of Newt...

Look, I get the Newt thing, I really do. I've said something like it myself. "If we're all F***'ed anyway why not have some fun?" And what would be more fun that letting Newt show Obama for the empty suit full of warmed over Carter Era socialism that he is?

But this story tells the tale where Newt is concerned.

He has gained ground by bashing the media; a group of people well known for their vindictiveness and willingness to misrepresent the truth to achieve THEIR political goals. And their goals are universally leftist.

Remember Clarence Thomas, and Robert Bork. The problem with Newt is that unlike Justice Thomas or Robert Bork, much of what they say will actually be true. But don't imagine for a minute that they will stop there. By the time they're done there will be photo-shopped photos of Newt cleaning his teeth with the sun bleached thigh bone of an African orphan, above the fold on the front page of the New York times.

There will be hundreds of 11 year old boys (and their deeply leftist parents) claiming that Newt sold them into sexual slavery. Numerous people will claim to have just escaped from his basement where he forced them to eat nothing but high fructose corn syrup deep fried in poly unsaturated fats, while reading the minutes of John Birch society meetings. Dozens of Klan hoods with his name stitched into them will magically materialize like blue dresses.

He will be charges with every moral, social, and political turpitude that the left can conceive of - far more than I can. Some will be simple and obvious slander, and some will be creative, subtle and effective. Like most devout leftists, they don't care about their credibility, and they don't have any shame. And they will use that shamelessness to pound Newt into political mush. They hate him unlike any congressional politician of the last two decades - maybe even more than George Bush.

If Newt is the Republican candidate, it will be another election where the interest of the American people will be pitted against the American media. I think the media will win that bout because they will be more unified, more persistent, and utterly shameless. They will let no lie go untold to prevent him from being elected. And although hey may well do the same thing to Romney or another candidate, they won't do it with the same vigor.


Bzod said...

The post was moving along nicely until - "And although they may well do the same thing to Romney or another candidate, they won't do it with the same vigor."

I think they will do exactly that. To whoever faces BO. Guaranteed. An "R" next to the name is all that is needed to unleash the hate. Nominating a squishy moderate with the hope of preempting a unified assault from the shameless leftist media is a fool's game. See: McCain, John.

There are a ton of reasons to NOT nominate Newt. His relative ranking on the MSM hatred-meter should not be one.

Tom said...

Fair enough. then think of it this way: Romney's big sin of his youth involved smoking a cigarette. The press can claim what they like about the man and no one will believe it. But after months of carefully degrading Newt's image with a mix of fact and fiction, they'll be able to say anything and the public will believe it.

My point is, I think it's time to start thinking about letting Obama lose this one. It's his to lose unless we screw up, and I think Newt would be a screw up.

But if you can still talk Paul Ryan into running, I'll happily vote for him instead. In fact - there is a pretty long list of people I'd vote for before Romney. Newt just isn't one of them.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

But if you can still talk Paul Ryan into running, I'll happily vote for him instead.

I am starting to wonder that the primary will get so screwed up, we could have something that hasn't happened in decades: A brokered convention. One that in the end, brings forth a dark horse candidate.

Bzod said...