Monday, December 19, 2011

- My Kind Of Crazy

This is an attribution heavy post. Jonah Goldberg made the original comment that Newt might be a good candidate to rise to the call if you think these are crazy times. I read the original piece but found it unpersuasive. The way that Mark Steyn put it this AM made it somewhat more convincing. But it seems to me that if you really do think these are extraordinary times, then there is really only one guy you should consider voting for.

Personally I am not a Paul supporter. I think he's VERY helpful to the debate, but like most extreme libertarians, I don't think he's thought through the consequences of his policies very well. You can have too much of a good thing, and in his case that may very well be what we get. He'll overturn so many apple carts that he'll probably get himself impeached, or be target of a military coup or something.

But if you really do believe that anything less that a radical take on politics won't be enough given our peculiar times, then it seems to me that only he can deliver it. Newt will try to build monuments to Newt. Ron Paul would rather let his monument be the way he tears down all the others.

And I would vote for Dr. Paul in a minute before seeing Obama re-elected.

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