Wednesday, December 7, 2011

- Obama's Shared Sacrifice

This is the image that pops into my mind every time Obama starts talking about 'shared sacrifice'. The Aztecs thought of this as a shared sacrifice too. The crowd absolutely loved it. It made great political sense to do it and made their leaders very popular with the mob. But tell all that to the guy who is lying on the table.

Now imagine that the guy who is being held down on the table used to run a business that employed 200 people, is being held in place by union negotiators, and the guy holding the knife is actually Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA. Obama, of course, is wearing the crown. That's the full image in my mind.

It looks to me like Obama will never learn that we cannot sacrifice ourselves into a new prosperity. Government is an anchor, not an engine. It cannot lead us to a new future, only to a dark past. And all this 'sacrifice' business has been tried before. Obama is nothing more than Jimmy Carter without the charm.

Thank god we have an election coming.


Hans said...

Actually people volunteered to be sacrificed. Picture instead the idiots lining up behind "Global Warming" theory and saying that We! Must! Do! Something! in spite of what it will do to their living standard or suicide bombers. 'course once you're on the table, "No second thoughts, now!"

ikaika said...