Sunday, December 4, 2011

- The Newt, and The Chameleon

Ugh... Really?! This is the best we could do? Mitt Romney, who for all his personally admirable qualities can't manage to answer any policy question the same way twice in a row, and Newt Gingrich who tows behind him a wagon train of personal wreckage wider and longer than the muddy Mississippi?

Well one thing is absolutely certain... no one will ever say that these guys don't want it enough. They want it. They want nothing else. It's all they want. The idea consumes them. They would sacrifice anything that they absolutely have to, in order to get this job. That's the real reason these guys probably shouldn't get it. No one who craves power like that should ever be allowed to have it. God knows what they might do with it. For god's sake, that how Obama see's the job.

Remember that WF Buckley quote about preferring to be ruled by the first 500 names in the Boston phonebook than the staff at Harvard University? Well you could walk into the Heritage foundation, Cato Institute, or even the NRA and grab the first guy you see - an intern - whoever, and his character is probably better suited to the job of president than either of these guys.

They are so hungry for this office, they are almost as bad as Democrats.

I say 'almost' of course because either of them and virtually anyone else for that matter, would be better than Obama. Anything would be better that 4 more years of coping with Democrat experiments from the teacher's lounge and more 'change', be it for better or for worse. And to be honest they'd both be better than John McCain.

But good god, are we this stupid? Is this really all we can put up? These walking examples of political rapaciousness? How tragic that a great nation is reduced to a choice between Obama, and one of these two.

Tell me the truth - is it really, REALLY too late to draft Paul Ryan?

Make me choose today and I would lean toward Newt, simply because it would be so much fun watching him bitch slap Obama in a debate. Obama is such a girl, that Newt may make him cry. And that's something I would be willing to pay money to see. Thanks to gerrymandering, our political system is broken enough so that we probably can't pull back from the brink at this point anyway - so I guess it's six, twice three; so we might as well enjoy ourselves.

But god - I'm really horrified that anyone worth a damn seems to have fled from this contest and left only these two reptiles... the Chameleon, and the Newt. How tragic and deeply disappointing it all is.


Michael said...

It seems like Newt Gingrich has flip flopped on issues just as much as Mitt Romney and any improper things that Herman Cain has done with women seem tame in comparison to what Newt Gingrich has done with his infidelities and yet so many people are supporting Gingrich instead of Romney it doesn't make sense. Everything I've read about people that have worked closely with Newt Gingrich say they either don't like him or they don't think he has leadership abilities. That matters as a President. All the great presidents that I have read about had personalities that inspired loyalty and excellence from people around them. I don't hear that about Newt Gingrich. I would be much more comfortable with Mitt Romney as president and its really disappointing to me to see so many commentators that I normally agree with dismiss Mitt Romney. He has conservative roots, he's an effective leader (e.g. CEO Bain and Salt Lake Olympics) and many more qualifications. As far as wanting to be president... nobody can campaign to be the president and not appear to want the job. If Paul Ryan or Chris Christie was actually campaigning for the presidency they could also be accused of "wanting the job too much."

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...



It's one thing to be a Governor of a blue state and have to compromise on your agenda (if you are a conservative).

It is quite another to aggressively push a policy of the hard left. In this case, what amounted to a government take over of healthcare through mandates and subsidies.

This is the man I must entrust to push entitlement reform? If entitlements aren't radically redone, this country will go broke. Romney won't even address the failure of his own scheme in Massachusetts.

Tom said...

They both have pushed 'liberal' positions. Neither has their hands clean. And on balance, I personally gives the advantage to Newt.

One other thing, people tend to vote for someone who reminds them of themselves, or at least who they aspire to be.

There were a bunch of people out there in the last election who said to themselves, "Hey, I'm over-educated. I've never accomplished anything." I'm tall, or handsome or black." All those people voted for Obama.

Newt's squeaky clean personal life actually hurts him there. So too does the 'Mormon' thing. Everyone likes Mormons personally, but thinks' they're all a little nuts in general.

Odds are, we're going broke either way - so 'fiscal responsibility' is less of a criteria for me personally.