Thursday, December 29, 2011

- A Real Intelectual

The other day John Derbyshire sent me an email in which among other things, he asked me if I read a particular right leaning science blogger he knows. I responded that apart from him (the Derb) and a few of the other NRO'nicks, I don't read anyone regularly but I was familiar with the work of the blogger he mentioned - and was generally impressed with his work.

There are a lot of bright people out there who aren't consistent enough in their brightness to hold my devoted attention, but come up with a stellar piece now and then. I suppose for many of you, I'm probably one of those people too. It's OK... even my own brother has said as much. As an excuse I tell myself that it's only because I do this part time for free - but I digress.

One person however who I am always impressed with is Charles Murray. Virtually everything he writes strikes me as brilliant. Not only is it insightful, but to stay on topic for the day (see my last post), the man has a talent for purging his personal biases from his research and drawing conclusions from the data that are most strongly supported by it.

We all see people who analyze data in order to produce results which match their pre-conceived political conclusions. Liberals are famous for this kind of distortion, but they are not alone in it. But Mr. Murray's conclusions are so persuasive specifically because it's clear he doesn't do that. Whenever I read his stuff, I find myself thinking, "This is what a real intellectual sounds like."

If you're interested in societal trends, his every written word should be worth your attention IMHO.

Charles Murray: Keep Locking Em Up.

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