Friday, December 9, 2011

- Simply Brilliant!

I've been a fan of Mike Ramirez for years. He has the unique talent to reduce complex ideas to simple images that incorporate his clear view of the world with his biting sense of humor. That visual reductionist tendency literally puts truth to the phrase 'worth a thousand words'.

I've been thinking about trying to write something about how Obama's view of the world (what he 'thinks is happening') seems to be very different from what's actually happening. It's not just a product of his political isolation. Liberals much more than conservatives tend to ignore evidence that they don't like or cherry pick only the evidence they do. But even among leftists Obama seems to be truly unique in his detachment. 'Delusional' and 'Clueless' are the most commonly heard adjectives when discussing his policies in my world.

And now that the election cycle has begun, Obama seems to looking back on the decisions that have so greatly contributed to this shipwreck, and touting them with pride. I know several people who see that from him and wonder out loud if he isn't intentionally trying to destroy America. He's not of course. He's just exceptionally clueless and detached.

Mike Ramirez said all that with three words, and a drawing of what happens when a transmission blows itself apart. The man is simply brilliant. He's clearly one of the America's sharpest and most insightful political voices - but most people have never heard of him.

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