Thursday, December 22, 2011

- Someone Please Ping Karl With This...

My buddy Karl used to think it was hysterical to see me flipping out over Jimmy Carter's legacy. My disgust with the man was what he thought was funny. In fact Karl has always been a clear eyed sort, especially for a New Englander.

Even Obama has had a hard time matching Carter in his determination to work against American interest. In fact, it's usually only when Obama has been at his worst that the comparison has been made at all (what with Obama's media sainthood and all).

Well Karl, here's another one for your growing file of Carter embarrassments which has to rank right up there with ex Carter Era "embassy hostage taker" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being elevated to local fame and eventually becoming President of Iran.:

Ex-President Carter sends condolences to Kim Jong-un

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ikaika said...

Repubs just got a brow beating over not passing the pork bill ($40and no pizza) from a guy that's ready to embark on a $4 million tax-payer funded vacation.

As Much as people trash W, he spent Every Christmas at the White House to give the Secret Service and Staff time to spend the holiday with their families.