Thursday, December 15, 2011

- A Squawk Box Note

This is one quick note for all of you guys watching Squawk Box right now. If they have a 'professional investor' on who starts talking about the things that government does right, then as sure as the night follows the day, he's got at least one deal that depends on government funding. It's shameful, but regrettably true.

If you remember who their names are (instead of blocking them out like I do) then in the future you'll know who is 'talking up their book' and who isn't.

PS I have a good friend who has been working on the 'control systems' theory to be applied to smart grids. It's fairly complicated stuff for the average Joe, and to be completely honest about it, he's only given my the 50K foot view. But the upshot of it all is that making it work involves allowing the government to have complete discretionary control of your energy usage.
No thanks.

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