Wednesday, December 14, 2011

- Time's Person Of The Year

In order to lend legitimacy to their praise of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Time has chosen "The Protester" as the 2011 person of the year. I guess if you pretend the Arab spring will be a good thing for the region, then it offers enough support of the principle of public protest that pretending that it's still 1968 won't cost you any more of your waning credibility.

The Occupy Wall Street movement wasn't important. Children have been calling their parents unfair since time immemorial, and that's all that was. The only important aspect of it was when the liberal media lifted their kimono to show us that they don't give a $hit about telling the truth if there is a chance to advance the liberal mythology.

This is why I think we'll be well rid of the boomers. They're too sad and predictable to be funny.

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