Friday, December 2, 2011

- The Wolf Is Always At The Door

The thing about incrementalism, which progressives rely on to slowly erode the rights of citizens and increase the power of those running the government, is that the wolf is always at the door. Taxes always go up, individual freedom is always diminished, and the rights of citizens are never expanded.

There is only one political organization on the right that seems to be fully aware of that , and it's the NRA. This makes liberals very angry. They don't like it when they sneak around to the back of the house looking for a window to slip in through, only to find an organization standing vigilant, ready to push back.

Timothy Egan (from the NYTimes) is hoping a little sneering will shame the NRA into not being quite so determined about things.

Not a chance. That's not how the NRA works. They always think the wolf is at the door, and they have been right too many times to unlearn that lesson, simply because the wolf would like them to.

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ikaika said...

Effeit Liberal Snob doesn't even bother to research basic firearm terminology.

for this he is an ass of the highest order - QUOTE:

"Of course, sensible laws might have kept people like Jared Lee Loughner, the clearly deranged accused shooter in the Tucson massacre, from owning — and legally concealing — his Glock 19 semiautomatic, with its multiple-clip magazine. But Obama would not use his executive power to make even that case."


Is he referring to an extended capacity magazine?

What an idiot.

Also - How the hell can he expect or insinuate an Executive Order to transcend Federal Law and State law on a particular componant?

here's another waft of idiocy:

"But there’s no serious case that President Obama is trying to take people’s guns. Guess what grade the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gave Obama after one year in office? He got an “F” for his gun stance, or lack of same. This after the N.R.A. predicted that he would be the most anti-gun president in history."

As if the Brady Campaign has any credibility.. Big Deal - Obama's own words and attitude during the 2008 campaign snt a message to Free Men and Women (CLINGERS)across the country that we neeed to wary of this snake in the grass.

Again RadioFreeNJ nails it over and over again.

I know lots of "hunters" and "Shooters" that claim the NRA is too hard-line or off track...

NRA - love them or hate them, if you don't join them, you are part of the problem.