Thursday, December 15, 2011

- Yahoo Mail's Last Straw

Yahoo's contempt for their customer base is well known. But you know how it is with email accounts - you'd rather not change it if you can avoid the hassle, so the threshold for the amount of crap you'll take is set pretty high. All the same, I think Yahoo Mail has finally reached that last straw with many of it's customers.

Over the last few days, Yahoo has begun forcing it's customers to upgrade to it's latest version of web based mail. This gives them better tracking, or more control or more something - honestly I have no idea. But it must give them something they want or they wouldn't have forced me along with the rest of their customers to upgrade.

Now it turns out that the upgrade has also caused all Blackberry devices to no longer be able to access yahoo mail. I've been on the phone with a combination of AT&T, Rim and Rim Server support all day. In the interim, I've found a hack that let me downgrade my version of web mail back to the old version (which is a relief) but it hasn't changed the fact that my blackberry access no longer works.

So if you need to reach me over the next few days, send me a text. In the meantime, it looks like I'm going to begin the long hard slog to change over from yahoo to gmail for my personal mail. I don't want to do it, but the way I see it, yahoo has given me no choice.

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Anonymous said...

According to this blog post from last month you can request to have you account returned to 'Yahoo Classic'.