Monday, December 31, 2012

- The New American Normal

My new favorite quote of 2012:

"The Old Weird has become the New Normal, and the Old Normal has become the New Hateful. The New Tolerance is actually the New Intolerance, espoused exclusively by the New Assholes."

I couldn't agree more. When I was silo'd away with a bunch of over-achieving geniuses in a 20 Billion dollar hedge fund, the world seemed different. But now that I'm back out in the world again I can tell... Americans really are a bunch of effete passive aggressive a-holes.

-Control Freaks and Celebrities: The Little People Respond

CodePink is not a mainstream organization, unless of course you believe that most people are moonbats!
Demand a Plan... Can I Demand a Refund?
'nuff said?
At Least Cornel West sticks to his guns:
“We can’t just shed tears for those on the vanilla side of town,” West said, “they are precious, but they are no less or more precious than our poor brothers and sisters on Indian reservations (who are killing each other) or be they black or brown or what have you.”
“But it’s a good thing that we now have a discussion on gun control. We need one on drone control,” he continued, “not a peep, not a mumbling word when black folk get shot. But now, Newtown, Connecticut, vanilla side — low and behold we got a major conversation. That’s wonderful. Each life is precious but it just upsets me when we’re so deferential.”
My goodness, is he suggesting the Celebrities Demanding a Plan are <gasp!> Racists?!??!

Happy 2013. I predict that the campaign will continue and more Celebrities will urge the populace to disarm.
I did visit the range yesterday and there were people from all walks of life there celebrating the 2nd Amendment.
a Harvard grad and Occupy Wall Street activist — have been busted for allegedly having a cache of weapons and a bombmaking explosive in their Greenwich Village apartment.

... and they call NRA members "unhinged"...

- NJ "Pro-Gun" Republicans

I think I can see the end of the new initiative on the "gun debate". In effect, I think the Democrats will take my federalist advice.

The model for progressives is incrementalism. Ask for a mile, take an inch in the form of a "compromise", and then immediately ask for an additional mile. Eventually they get where they were going, one inch at at time. But the NRA is on to this schtick, and isn't going to compromise no matter how maliciously they are maligned in the media.

So there will be no new national database of the law abiding (to be used later in emergency confiscation). There will be no new totally ineffective national assault weapons ban and no "large magazine" ban that makes every full sized semi-auto pistol in the country illegal. There will be no new national time wasting effort to regulate the innocent gun owner in an effort to prevent crime. The house and the NRA will see to that.

And when it fails at the national level, we will see state leaders like Chris Christie step forward and say "Just because they can't implement [the insipid and ineffectual "feel good" gun policy du jour] nationally, doesn't mean we can't do it in NJ.

He'll grab a copy of that idiotic bill from what's her name in California, get some cash from Bloomberg to help rally the assembly and presto, there will be a new high water mark for anti-gun legislation. The NRA will have protected Texas, Florida and Tennessee, and thrown NJ, CT, CA, and NY to the totalitarian wolves.

Not that I blame them exactly. We are wildly outnumber here in liberty's hinterland. NJ is the east Germany of the US, and loves nothing quite as much as to infringe on the rights of it's citizens. Chris Christie is the same in that regard, and has never been a friend of the NRA. Frithguild, who is more dug in on local politics than I, has informed me that pro-gun Republicans in the NJ assembly are rare and exotic creatures. Sasquatch is sighted more often.

If it goes that way, it's a shame, and since all those costs will be imposed on me, obviously I'm not happy about it. Once again I will be treated like a criminal even though I've complied with the law to the letter, in an environment where 1/2 the lawyers and 2/3 the policemen can't tell what the law actually says anymore.

But I think that federalist solution looks like a working political model for those that would infringe upon citizens rights, every bit as much as it would be for those who would prefer a life of liberty. And I'm afraid that before it's over, all that will happen is that I'll have one more reason to vote with my feet.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

- Taking Lincoln's Name In Vain

Maybe my problem is that I have too much contempt for authority. I think that's why I can't help but have a view of Lincoln (the real Lincoln) that's more appropriate for a southerner. To me it's not about slavery, which I view as a moral wrong, and was sure to be abolished, civil war or no civil war. To me Lincoln's real legacy was about the central government forcing it's will upon its citizens whether they like it or not. To me, the civil war feels very much like 51% bullying 49%.

If you're black I can see how you might have different feelings about it. But the way Lincoln is unambiguously adored by progressives, in that bobby-soxer "dreamy eyed" way, I think distorts him. And that adoration alone is enough to make me suspicious of the story.

I saw the movie "Lincoln" the other day and I was underwhelmed. the only really great moment for me was when the character Lincoln told a joke about Ethan Allen and a portrait of George Washington. The rest portrayed him as a calculating lawyer-politician willing to bend every rule to the breaking point to get what he wants. No matter to me that what he wants may be admirable - I judge a man by what he's unwilling to do to achieve his goals. Lincoln, if the movie can be believed, was willing to do or say almost everything.

I think it's that craftiness that progressives love, and that bothers me. I don't admire "crafty". I myself am not crafty. I'm many things, some good some bad. But silly me - I view being straightforward and genuine as personal virtues. I guess that's why I went into business instead of politics. In business you tell people what to expect, and you deliver on that expectation or pay the price. In politics, you overpromise, under deliver, and blame it on someone else when it goes pear shaped. In effect, you act like Obama, or Lincoln.

Lincoln did good things, no doubt. But he exacted a cost too. More Americans killed than any other war. Families ripped apart, honestly gained fortunes lost on both sides. Many, many innocent men women and children whose lives were utterly destroyed. Maybe you think all that was worth it to achieve the goal of ending slavery a few years earlier than it would have. (although how progressives reconcile that with their "war is never the answer" ideology is beyond me) and maybe you don't, but it would be wrong to pretend the cost wasn't paid.

The only real difference between our time today and the time preceding the civil war, is that these days the moral shoe is on the other foot. Where Lincoln argued for banning slavery, Obama is arguing for its partial restoration. He wants to use the political power of his client-citizens to impose a partial slavery on the 'productive' classes of Americans. Instead of arguing for a release from bondage, he's claiming a moral right to use force to impose it.

Obviously he doesn't see it that way, or maybe he does who knows. That's the problem with crafty. You never know exactly what to make of it.

Friday, December 28, 2012

- Zerohedge On The New AWB

I dont' think we really have to worry about Diane Feinstein's bill becoming law. And this longish Zerohedge post is a pretty comprehensive and coherent explanation of why:

All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party - Mao Tse Tung

After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military - William Burroughs

Revolution? Yes, it all sounds rather “extreme”, but the cold hard reality of our era is not going to comfort us with diplomacies and niceties, so honestly, why should I have to sugar coat anything? We live in extreme times and there is no longer room for prancing around the ultimate consequences of that which is taking place in America today. This country is increasingly sliding towards the edge of internal conflict. The Liberty Movement and true Constitutionalists see it, subsections of Republicans and Democrats see it, and most of all, the federal government sees it. In fact, they may even be counting on it.

Over the past two years alone, multiple draconian policies have been enacted through executive order by the Obama Administration which build upon the civil liberty crushing actions of George W. Bush and press far beyond. The Patriot Acts, the FISA domestic spy bill, the bailouts of corrupt international banks, attempts at CISPA and SOPA, actions like the NDAA authorizing the treatment of U.S. citizens as “enemy combatants” without rights to due process; all paint a picture so clear only a one-celled amoeba (or your average suburban yuppie) would not see it. You and I, and everyone else for that matter, have been designated potential targets of the state. Our rights have been made forfeit.

There is no ambiguous or muddled separation between the citizenry and the government anymore. The separation is absolute. It is undeniable. It is vast. It is only a matter of time and momentum, and eventually there will be unbridled oppression, dissent, and conflict. All that is required is a trigger, and I believe that trigger has arrived…

Like I said, I don't think we have to worry. but the media elite could learn a lot about the mindset of people like me by reading his piece. They called Wayne LaPierre's statement crazy. Well he may not be a great orator, but we called his positions "exactly what we pay him for".

Thursday, December 27, 2012

- St. Thomas Of The Armaments

The Westchester Journal News published a map with the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Putnam counties and there was much uproar about it. Our man Galvez was actually on the list - as would I have been had I not relocated to lower taxes in NJ.

Now a blogger has turned the tables on them publishing the names addresses and photos of the staff of the Journal News.

I think this is brilliant. But to be honest, I can't understand what the big deal is. I'd have a sign on my front lawn saying I own guns if it weren't for the fact that it would upset Mrs. Kravitz (and in my world good manners trumps politics). I already have an NRA sticker on every darker window that a criminal might consider using as a means of ingress. Mrs. RFNJ wanted the whole "We don't dial 911" theme added to our outdoor decorating.

Not only am I not ashamed that I own legally purchased guns, I keep talking the neighborhood into getting more. I bring non-gunowners to the range every chance I get. We had a dozen people out for pheasant a few weeks back, and may very well end up with 50 for our spring sporting clays shoot.

I'm the firearms missionary, preaching the gospel of self reliance, safety and responsible self defense to the gun illiterate heathens in the wilds of Bloomberg land. Call me St. Thomas of the Armaments - patron saint of the wingshooter.

OK, I've never been much of a saint, but you get the idea. I don't care if they take a full page ad out telling people I'm a gun owner. But it is a bit of an intrusion, I get that. The paper was out of line and trying to embarrass. Of course, they're too dim to see how we see it.

When Galvez mentioned it via an email to me, he said "I can't believe how many we are - we are legion!" that's frankly the impression I got too. If I still lived in Westchester I'd use that map to invite people to a picnic. I'd use it for political organizing. Hell', they're doing us an unintentional service by publishing that data, and when will another of those houses get robbed again?

- Giving Up On "Rise Above"

As we speed toward the fiscal cliff, Rick Santelli has decided to retire his rise above pin, and all but refused to put it back on again. I think that means the laughable "give up on your principles and move to the left" campaign is finally over.

Now that it is, is there any chance we can give my idea concerning Mandy Drury and Courtney Reagan another pass?

(Courtney looks like she might be into it.)

-Silly Season! Are You Sure Criminals Will Obey a New Law?

 Because Guns are like viruses that turn law-abiding citizens into maniacal zombies!
Below is a doozie of do-nothing legislation. I urge you to go to the link since Diane FrankenFeinstein cites "studies" where the original AWB reduced crime. (Yes, all you quants out there will have beverages spouting through your nostrils when you read this...)

Following is a summary of the 2013 legislation:
  • Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:
120 specifically-named firearms
    • Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military characteristic
    • Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds
  • Strengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by:
    • Moving from a 2-characteristic test to a 1-characteristic test
    • Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test
    • Banning firearms with “thumbhole stocks” and “bullet buttons” to address attempts to “work around” prior bans
  • Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds. 
  • Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
    • Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment
    • Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes and
    • Exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons
  • Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:
    • Background check of owner and any transferee;
    • Type and serial number of the firearm;
    • Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
    • Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
    • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration
When confronted with the momentum to "ban" an inanimate object, I often refer to The English Folk Tale of the Three Sillies: Particularly where the fear of a Mallet stuck in the ceiling causes terror among the sillies.

ONCE upon a time there was a farmer and his wife who had one daughter, and she was courted by a gentleman. Every evening he used to come and see her, and stop to supper at the farmhouse, and the daughter used to be sent down into the cellar to draw the beer for supper. So one evening she had gone down to draw the beer, and she happened to look up at the ceiling while she was drawing, and she saw a mallet stuck in one of the beams. It must have been there a long, long time, but somehow or other she had never noticed it before, and she began a-thinking. And she thought it was very dangerous to have that mallet there, for she said to herself: 'Suppose him and me was to be married, and we was to have a son, and he was to grow up to be a man, and come down into the cellar to draw the beer, like as I'm doing now, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him, what a dreadful thing it would be!' And she put down the candle and the jug, and sat herself down and began a-crying.
Well, they began to wonder upstairs how it was that she was so long drawing the beer, and her mother went down to see after her, and she found her sitting on the settle crying, and the beer running over the floor. 'Why, whatever is the matter?' said her mother. 'Oh, mother!' says she, 'look at that horrid mallet! Suppose we was to be married, and was to have a son, and he was to grow up, and was to come down to the cellar to draw the beer, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him, what a dreadful thing it would be!' 'Dear, dear! what a dreadful thing it would be!' said the mother, and she sat down aside of the daughter and started a-crying too. Then after a bit the father began to wonder that they didn't come back, and he went down into the cellar to look after them himself, and there they two sat a-crying, and the beer running all over the floor. 'Whatever is the matter?' says he. 'Why,' says the mother, 'look at that horrid mallet. Just suppose, if our daughter and her sweetheart was to be married, and was to have a son, and he was to grow up, and was to come down into the cellar to draw the beer, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him, what a dreadful thing it would be!' 'Dear, dear, dear! so it would!' said the father, and he sat himself down aside of the other two, and started a-crying.
Now the gentleman got tired of stopping up in the kitchen by himself, and at last he went down into the cellar, too, to see what they were after; and there they three sat a-crying side by side, and the beer running all over the floor. And he ran straight and turned the tap. Then he said: 'Whatever are you three doing, sitting there crying, and letting the beer run all over the floor?' 'Oh!' says the father, 'look at that horrid mallet! Suppose you and our daughter was to be married, and was to have a son, and he was to grow up, and was to come down into the cellar to draw the beer, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him!' And then they all started a-crying worse than before. But the gentleman burst out a-laughing, and reached up and pulled out the mallet, and then he said: 'I've travelled many miles, and I never met three such big sillies as you three before; and now I shall start out on my travels again, and when I can find three bigger sillies than you three, then I'll come back and marry your daughter.' So he wished them good-bye, and started off on his travels, and left them all crying because the girl had lost her sweetheart.
Start Dialing your Congressmen.

%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE%%%%%%%%%%LA PD Buys-Back crappy .22 rifles, worthless snubby-revolvers and cheap shotguns for $100 each. They even got something that looks like an AR-15.

- Not Guilty By Reason Of Celebrity...

Remember, it's not just David Gregory. There is the person who acquired the magazine, the person who transported it into the district (admittedly maybe the same person.) Then there is the person they gave it to, who then handed it to Gregory, and the person who took possession of it from Gregory, after he went off the air. There is an entire NBC magazine trafficking conspiracy going on here. Some of it might have even been done out of the trunk of a car.

And the real test of course is, if this were a law abiding black man or even worse, if it were Rush Limbaugh, does anyone anywhere believe that there wouldn't be road blocks set up to catch him, and demands for the maximum penalty from Brady, Bloomberg and the other gun banners?

- The "Stupid Ideas" File

Where the heck did this new bit of idiocy come from? Every couple of days some sophomoric dunce from one of the less well lit corners of the internet has a new online petition to get the Whitehouse to do something that no Whitehouse would ever do. It's embarrassing. It's juvenile and stupid. It's the kind of flailing about that you'd expect from a high school kid in the student government.

Deport Piers Morgan? I think the guy's an empty headed blowhard and I'd love to see him find a new career. But deport him? How is it that you petition signers think this country works? And that's not even taking into account that you'd be very hard pressed to find a Whitehouse since the founding of the Republic who cared less what ordinary people wanted. Arrogance defines team Obama, not their responsiveness to the vox populi.

For a long time now I've been critical of allowing anonymity on the internet because it removes accountability. It gives license to the most extreme, and makes them the loudest voices even though they're the most rare. But this isn't anonymous, and I still don't where to go with it. Hopefully it will go the way of the pet rock, naturally on it's own. It's a totally useless exercise in pointing out hypocrisy, to a group of people who take pride in their hypocrisy. It's like sending pacifist lesbians to argue with the Muslim brotherhood.

- In A Gun Free America

The WSJ talks about the world that Mike Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Frank Lautenberg, and Andrew Cuomo would have us all live in:

The results have not been what proponents of the act wanted. Within a decade of the handgun ban and the confiscation of handguns from registered owners, crime with handguns had doubled according to British government crime reports. Gun crime, not a serious problem in the past, now is. Armed street gangs have some British police carrying guns for the first time. Moreover, another massacre occurred in June 2010. Derrick Bird, a taxi driver in Cumbria, shot his brother and a colleague then drove off through rural villages killing 12 people and injuring 11 more before killing himself.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens who have come into the possession of a firearm, even accidentally, have been harshly treated. In 2009 a former soldier, Paul Clarke, found a bag in his garden containing a shotgun. He brought it to the police station and was immediately handcuffed and charged with possession of the gun. At his trial the judge noted: "In law there is no dispute that Mr. Clarke has no defence to this charge. The intention of anybody possessing a firearm is irrelevant." Mr. Clarke was sentenced to five years in prison. A public outcry eventually won his release.

That sounds perfectly reasonable doesn't it? We can call it the "David Gregory" rule after he's perp walked into Federal prison for his televised disregard of America's "Common Sense Gun Restrictions". My constitutional history is a little vague, but I'm pretty sure the whole "due process" thing was only intended for use by the militias anyway wasn't it? Who can tell anymore.

The image above is from Oleg Volk. Oleg's been a part of the pro-2A crowd for some time now, and even pokes his head in here occasionally. He and his work can be found here:

Volkstudio: photos by Oleg Volk

I get tired making the same old obvious arguments about gun rights, over, and over, and over, and over, again. But since Oleg uses a different medium, he makes the point once, and it remains relevant. It's worth perusing his site now and again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

- David Gregory: "Ruh Roh!"

The plot thickens:

“NBC contacted [the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department] inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment,” Gwendolyn Crump, a police spokeswoman, said in an email. “NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied. This matter is currently being investigated.”

It seems Mr. Gregory might be in a bit of irrevocable trouble after all.

- Wall Street's Favorite Movies

We don't have any polling on RFNJ, (I should look into that). But it's a slow holiday workday in a shortened holiday work week. So rather than be productive, I thought I'd toss this out there for consumption and comment.

Here is my assessment of the top 5 Wall Street movies. These are not movies about Wall Street exactly, but are movies that the staff of Wall Street's banks and hedge funds have come to call their own. They are the movies we identify with, and that ring a bell in the minds of the people who work here. It's the movies that tell you the most about who you're dealing with when you deal with us.

These are the movies that we quote to each other.

5. Back To School

Rodney Dangerfield was adopted by Wall street at the height of his career. His "no respect" schtick spoke to the "deez, dem and doze" guys that came up off the exchange floors. And when it was released in the late 80's this movie was the perfect clash between the Wall street old guard, and the younger, much more technology oriented up and comers.

Rodney plays the uneducated but very prosperous father of a college age kid, who decides to join his son at College to finally get his degree. As a businessman, he knows more about how the real economy works than his economy professor, and uses his wealth to have the kind of college experience that we all wished for. It's a stupid film with a horrible ending, but it had a few great moments that you'll still hear quoted from time to time.

Most of all though it had 20th Century American History, as taught by the legendary Sam Kinison.

4. Wall Street

It's horribly dated now, and since the credit blowup, people are embarrassed to admit loving it. But in the late 80's and early 90's, Wall street embraced this film in a way that's tough to describe. It was a work of fiction based loosely upon the allegations and accusations that were tossed around about Wall Street, but were never about anything or anyone in particular.

But as a freshman Wall Streeter, when I stood outside the offices of Drexel Burnham watching the newly fired investment bankers wheel their office furniture out to the cab, quotes from Wall Street were all you heard in the jeers and taunts being tossed their way.

Even with falling out of favor, and a HORRIBLE and utterly laughable sequel, you can still hear the occasional mention of "Blue Horseshoe" and what it loves and doesn't on Wall Street's trading floors. Anything that can endure after a sequel like that is surely a classic.

3. Animal House

Fat Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, but it's still a way for some trust funders, Kennedy relatives, and second sons of the House of Lords to endure on Wall Street. And if you think a Wall Street trading floor resembles Delta house from the outside, you should see it from the inside. Peruse the website "Dealbreaker" for a few weeks and you can practically picture the faces of the Delta house members.

But best though is if you imagine this speech being delivered by the heads of the big banks as they were called before congress to defend their actions during the mortgage blowup. It may not be accurate, but it's a lot more fun. It's even better if you imagine Dean Wormer as a particularly angry Democrat.

2. The Godfather

The Godfather (I) is very possibly the best film ever made. And since Wall street is in New York, and has its share of Italian-Americans, Wall Street has come to call this film its own. "Oh Paullie - won't see him no more." is a constant quote, as is the "take the cannolli's" line.

The darker quotes are usually restricted to the Italian Americans on the trading floors, but they are still common enough to make it a constant theme. Wall Street loved Godfather I and II, but hated version III. All that means is they it has good taste.

And although the quote below isn't one that anyone would say of themselves, it's certainly been said of plenty of others. I can think of at least one recent circumstance off the top of my head, where it applied. .

1. Caddyshack

This is number 1 for a reason - by far the most quotable movie ever on Wall Street.

I worked with a guy on the swaps desk at Deustchebank who could recite the entire movie. In fact, he would do so constantly, in virtually every conversation. He was like some evangelical preachers with the bible, always finding reasons to quote a verse or two.

And there are hundreds of guys out there who can quote huge sections of the film for well timed comedic effect. You don't even have to be a golfer to love it. (BTW, some people still tell me that I vaguely resemble Bill Murray, ... so I got that going for me.)

- Charles Durning: 1923 - 2012

Charles Durning came from a time when men could dance without everyone assuming they were gay. He was not. And before you think this portly man is effeminate anyway, you should know that during WWII he was awarded a silver star,a bronze star, three purple hearts, and fought in Normandy on D-Day. He died Christmas eve at his apartment in Manhattan age 89.

- Prosecuting David Gregory

Never interrupt your opponent in the process of making a mistake, even if the mistake ends up costing him a year in jail.

Oh, I don't think the DC police will actually prosecute David Gregory. Although, if I were as big a fan of gun control as he obviously is, I think I'd probably want them to. But as myself, a guy who is so often frustrated by the "objective" media's leftist tilt, this is one of the most sublime moments in living memory. It's right up there with Dan Rather's forgery scandal. I think it's flawlessly divine justice when the press's fast and loose treatment of the facts finally costs them some of their own credibility. And this event will do that at least.

The position of the NRA and America's gun owners is that we have so many gun laws already, that otherwise honest people are made into criminals while actual criminals and crazy people simply have one more law to break. And as recently headlines indicate, the crazy and criminal are more than perfectly happy to do so.

But since the Newtown shooting, the big leftist media machine has decided that we need to bring back the national assault weapons ban (easily the stupidest, most ineffective law ever written) and with it, a ban on large capacity magazines, anyway. They maintain this position in spite of the fact that the law prevented no crime in the past, and would not have done anything to prevent the Newtown shooting.

But logic is secondary for the media when making a point. And in order to underline that point, David Gregory got his hands on a 30 round AR15 magazine and waved it in the face of Wayne LaPierre on nationwide TV. In the process, he broke Washington DC's already farcically strict Gun laws.

He didn't represent a danger to anyone. He wasn't a threat. He wasn't even in possession of an actual firearm - at least not on camera. But he DID break the law, the law that he was claiming, needed to be even more strict. And DC's history with that law has been zero tolerance.

So David Gregory, in the full view of the TV cameras, has just become America's most recent gun criminal. He's the otherwise law abiding citizen who wasn't actually threatening anyone, just like the other 100 million firearm owners in America. All he did was accidentally break an arguably stupid, arbitrary, and otherwise ineffective law - just like the NRA said that other honest people would.

In the process of arguing that the NRA was wrong, instead he demonstrated that the NRA was absolutely right.

He's become EXACTLY the kind of guy that he was berating the NRA boss for representing the interests of. He is now according to the media, one of the evil, violent, dangerous people the NRA is always shilling for. And when the DC police come up with an excuse not to prosecute him (and they will, let's not kid ourselves here), they'll be taking the legs out from the entire argument of large magazine restriction, and making David Gregory's original point moot.

What's even worse for him is that as a public figure, his image can be used in advertising without his permission, so long as no one claims his endorsement. And that means that David Gregory has just unintentionally become a national spokesman for the NRA. The image above (or one very similar to it, copyright laws are almost as byzantine as gun laws) can be used in Ads which explain that not everyone with a large magazine, is a danger to society. And when they do, David Gregory, spokesman for the elite, left leaning DC insider, king of the cocktail party circuit, friend to the powerful and persuasive, has to shut his yap.

The DC police will come up with an excuse of course. They're probably conferring with an NBC lawyer right now to determine how they can all get out of this without making one of the most recognizable faces in Washington into a class C felon. To get there, some public official will have to look the other way, and some lies will have to be told. But that too is a little cosmic justice. Because the press will be doing the lying, and we'll ALL know it.

So go ahead David, let your tail snap off and wriggle away or whatever it is your species does when caught by a predator. We're expecting it. We know the law only applies to we "little people" and a big important guy like you can break any damned law he wants to. It's the way this narrative always plays out. Your felony will be put in that big DC file along with Barney Frank's prostitution scandal, and Tim Geithner's tax returns.

But we'll all know what you did. And guys like me are never going to let you forget it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

China Syndrome - Final Stupidity

July 17, 2012

Commercializing Small Modular Reactors for Domestic and International Markets 2012, Washington, D.C.

Question: I’ve got a question on the international cooperation. There is still probably some R&D to develop other projects to move them to commercialization. Do you see any benefits to international cooperation in the field of R&D, like generation 4, and things like this, and working with companies in China, Russia, Europe …?

Answer from John Kutsch, Thorium Energy Alliance, discussing the CEUSP.

David LeBlanc on MSR Design

Dr. LeBlanc gives us a little window into the creation of intellectual property beginning at 6:41.  I can only wonder who provides his research funding, and therefore a share of profit from his ideas.

I put up this video so that you can hear a summary of MSR design from somebody who truly understands it. As for me, I'm just a guy from Jersey.

- Following The NRA plan

Mayor of Marlboro NJ Jon Hornik has decided that Wayne LaPierre may not be quite as crazy as the leftist press would have you believe:

The mayor of Marlboro Township in New Jersey said Friday there would be armed security guards at the district's nine schools starting in January.

"This is not such a major change-- we're not putting in SWAT teams," said Mayor Jon Hornik.

Hornik, who has three school-aged children, told NBC 4 New York he was still shaken from the Newtown shooting, and he "hasn't stopped hugging" his five-year-old.

He statements about safety and protecting children echoed those made by the NRA earlier in the day.

"Just like what happened on 9/11-- air travel changed," he said. "In my opinion last Friday, school security changed, and you can sit by and hope that it doesn't happen at your school or you can take action."

Mr. Hornik and my next door neighbor are good friends from childhood - not so shocking given that he lives in the next town over. My neighbor is a HUGE liberal, and I understand that Mr. Hornik is as well. It's nice to know that his hopey-chaginess ends at the door of the school, and from that point on he really does care about the safety of the children.

Of course, this will violate the "Gun Free School Zone" restriction, but you can't be a liberal without thinking that the law should only have to apply to other people, and at least this time it's a net benefit to the public.

- David Gregory: Firearms Criminal

I love this story, because it's symptomatic of the very problem that guys like David Gregory are trying to cause. I say cause because they are championing it, and if they get their way we'll have more of a problem not less.

The liberal media like David Gregory are absolutely desperate to pass a new law (one which is the same as the old law that didn't actually work) that will punish the law abiding in order to try to prevent criminals from breaking the law with guns. But if we're going to be prosecuting people because of a new rash of vague and arbitrary gun laws which are added on to the old ones, then David Gregory will have to be first in line.

It was against the law for him to be in possession of a 30 round magazine which he waved for effect at NRA president Wayne LaPierre. The photo above demonstrates his law breaking on nationwide TV. According to the fans of gun bans, what he did is legally the same as if he were waving around a loaded gun.

The press will say, "No no no... that's different, David Gregory obviously wasn't threatening to anyone!" And to that, me and my law abiding brethren in the firearms community say "EXACTLY! Neither are we! If it's good enough for David Gregory, then why isn't it good enough for us?!"

I don't honestly think David Gregory should go to prison, I think the law should be rewritten to punish criminals and people who are an actual danger to the public, not free citizens exercising their rights. But if you're coming for my legally purchased perfectly safe personal property, then I want to see Gregory in the holding cell with me. (And with him, I want to see the producer who got the thing for him, and whoever it was who bought it and transported it into DC in the first place.) They shouldn't be allowed to slip the noose just because of being members of the press.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

- Then We'll Fight In The Shade...

Here is Wayne LaPierre refusing to give David Gregory even a single inch in his anti-gun rant. (That would be Gregory's anti-gun rant.)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The title is the second most memorable quote from the Battle of Thermopylae:

"Our arrows will blot out the sun!", "Then we will fight you in the shade."

The most memorable of course, you already know:

Molon Labe.

Rare Earth China Syndrome, Pt. 3

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory ran a Molten Salt Reactor for over 22,000 hours in the late 60's and early 70's.  It used molten thorium fluoride salts as fuel, which in its liquid state is a clear liquid. Thorium is fertile, not fissile, so the Oak Ridge reactor achieved criticality with the introduction of U-239 and later U-233 as a source of neutron radiation. A Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) operates at atmospheric pressure, maintaining a peak temperature of 1,300 degrees F.

A LFTR will not go kerpow like Fukushima Daiichi because you do not need power to cool fuel rods kept under multiples of atmospheric pressure. Barbarella's China Syndrome is not possible. With a loss of power in the Oak Ridge MSR, the liquid fuel in the hot tub melts a freeze plug. The fuel drains into a cooling tank where the nuclear reaction comes to a stop and the fuel becomes solid, containing radioactive materials. You can then put the frozen fuel back into the hot tub, starting the nuclear reaction anew.  If the reaction becomes too hot, the liquid expands and boils, taking away the geometry you need to sustain fission.  The reaction will stop if you do noting, because of spent fuel in the liquid. A LFTR is walk away safe.

A LFTR burns nearly all of the dissolved thorium rocks you put into it, rather than the best case scenario 5% of the solid fuel in a light water reactor like the mPower modular that helped win Pennsylvania for Obama.  Misshapen ceramic pellets with 95% of the fuel still remaining do not need to be trucked to Yucca Mountain with a LFTR, because the liquid fuel just keeps bubbling and burning burning until it is more than 90% consumed.  What can you do with a hot tub that maintains a 1,300 degree F temperature all by itself? Jiang Mianheng has a few ideas about that.

This year, Xu Hongjie spoke at the International Thorium Energy Organization in Shanghai. He described that his Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) presently employs over 300 scientists and engineers with a five year budget consisting of $500 million. 

The CAS research involves the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR) – a high temperature, low pressure, clear liquid salt reactor, as Xu describes. Their research includes the development of reactor core design, neutron physics and thermal hydraulics. The disciplines include engineering design and the deployment of key technologies and construction techniques.

The CAS will additionally develop Molten Salt loop technology, for use in solid fuel pebble bed designs. Their work will include design and construction of molten salt loops, development of key components of molten salt loops and techniques for purification of fluoride salt such chemical separation of actinides from fuel.

The CAS has developed and tested their own formulations for Hasteloy-N, a high performance Nickel based alloy that the Oak Ridge National Laboratories very successfully employed to contain molten fluoride salts. The CAS will also develop and study the use of carbon fiber based materials for use in molten salt reactors.

It might seem puzzling why the Chinese published so much information about their work with thorium based fuel. We are used other governments acting in secret regarding nookyulur energy and only crowing about great achievements. The presentation of Xu Hongjie at the International Thorium Energy Organization meeting seemed positively mundane.

The heart of the establishment of intellectual property is a legal determination that and idea is patentable. An inventor gains the right to profit from an idea by establishing it is unique or novel. Once you have protection, you publish the idea. Once the idea is published, it is no longer unique enough to be patentable. If you have patented a good idea, people, business organizations and governments may want to use it. Then comes negotiation or litigation over whether or how much royalty the licensee must pay.

The words of Xu Hongjie is the sound of the decline of the United States.  When, and I do not believe if, the time comes to build a LFTR on American soil, we will ask Jiang Mianheng how much of a royalty we will need to pay. Because right now here in America, Thorium is bad.

Rare Earth China Syndrome, Pt. 2

All you need to know as an American politician or bureaucrat is that Thorium is bad, because it is radioactive.

Thorium was discovered in 1828 by the Norwegians who named it after the God of Thunder. At one time, annual U.S production of brightly glowing thorium mantles in gas lamps stood at 40 million units. But as we in the U.S. matured from a manufacturing powerhouse, we learned that nearly all naturally occurring thorium exists as thorium-232, which undergoes alpha decay with a half-life of about 14.05 billion years. 

Alpha decay consists of two neutrons and two protons, basically a helium nucleus, ejected from a Thorium atom at such a high velocity that a few centimeters of air stops its forward motion. It is really bad stuff, says Jean McSorley, senior consultant for Greenpeace's nuclear campaign. For any American politician, that’s all you need to know.

The abandonment of thorium in the United States is so complete that Tim Worstall tells us over at Forbes that he gave a 15 pound bar to a client about 10 years ago.  This was the only recorded transfer of thorium in the U.S. for that entire year. That is good, right?

Suzanne McGee, also over at Forbes, showed us a particularly nasty chart for Molycorp. (MCP), which holds the only rare earth mining facility at Mountain Pass Summit in California. “Molycorp's $1 billion rare-earth gamble,” announced a little more than a year ago, aimed at extracting neodymium and other rare earths from stockpiled waste, while assuring everybody that it will safely dispose of that dangerous, dangerous thorium

The MCP chart tells me that somebody else is winning the rare earths mining battle. That somebody appears to be Lynas Corp. Ltd., which reported on December 11, 2012 that its Malasyian rare earth separation plant license remained issued and valid. This news, along with a gap down for MCP, caused Mr. Worstall to declare that, “The Rare Earth Crisis Is Over.“

Mr. Worstall also called attention to a little noticed portion of a statement from Lynas’ Executive Chairman Nick Curtis.  Lynas received “significant commercial interest” from potential buyers of thorium containing by-product.

Who could possibly want something that is so bad?  Is there anybody out there that has a history of stockpiling raw materials?  

Our Rare Earth China Syndrome

We have a lot of stupid people the United States governments. It’s not their fault. The creators of our Constitution designed a system that should rarely entangle itself in highly profitable transactions that involve innovative products or strategies. As a result, our economy historically bids the most driven and intelligent away from government jobs. Government, then, finds a governing formula that works, and sticks to it, often no matter what.

China, as every American senses, differs. There, the government bears no shame in announcing that it is the sole source of all beneficial economic activity. In this way, the government bids for the most driven and intelligent, because it provides a path to the most highly profitable transactions.

Barak Obama provided a study in contrasts on March 13, 2012, when he talked about a formal WTO request for consultations with China about rare earth metals. Our Washington Troglodytes stumbled into lanthanide policy because of neodymium boron iron magnets. The President packaged the issue as, “China restrict access to rare earth metal bad - stops American green jobs.”

Chinese mining operations have exported cheap rare earths for some time, beginning soon after the American regulatory state saw Barbarella star in a 1979 movie whose title is now a cultural icon.  Much later, the Chinese implemented a raw lanthanide export tax, after they achieved international market dominance. Manufacturers of products containing rare earths have now located in China, to avoid the export tax and blockages in their supply chain. 

The Chinese, I bet, know well that manufacturing operations come and go. I will further bet they will bow to international pressure on raw rare earth export taxes, but only after they have collected the low lying fruit. This fruit is intellectual property associated with things like neodymium boron iron magnet production.  Intellectual property ownership quietly produces returns long into the future.

The stupidity in Washington goes deeper yet. American rare earth deposits are plentiful. A single American rare earth mine throws away all of the neodymium the United States can use. It harvests only lighter lanthanides because neodymium is always found with thorium.

Why do we throw away the neodymium we can use to manufacture high tech magnets? In Washington, “Radiation bad. Will poison air, earth and water - make China Syndrome.” That political formula has worked since the 1980's.

I will give the devil his due. What could go wrong with a plutonium manufacturing facility that must operate at high pressure? Now back to the stupidity. Democrat campaign strategists helped ensure a 2012 Presidential victory by doubling down with massive federal spending in a state that has critical electoral votes. The American bet on the dinosaur Bacock & Wilcox mPower modular light water reactor bears extraordinarily little relation to its market value.

I now introduce you to 江綿恆, son of Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and President of the People's Republic of China. On October 29, 2012, Jiang Mianheng explained at the International Thorium Energy Organization 2012 meeting sponsored by the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear and Applied Physics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences why China has decided to be the first one, in a rough translation of a Chinese idiom,“To Eat the Crap.”

Our Rare Earth China Syndrome does not involve a stupid use of super-heated plutonium breaking containment that sinks to China. Instead, stupidity in Hollywood super-heats our our intellectual capital, which sinks to China where it forms invaluable intellectual property.  As you read this post, the exclusive right to use disruptive technology is falling to very smart people in China.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Now Serving 15 Minutes of Fame

The Portland police used pepper spray when occupy protesters did not follow their suggestions. This image of Liz Nichols made the rounds on the internets. A judge has now fined Nichols $260 for not listening to police and following their orders that day. Sadly for her, this will not help her civil rights excessive force lawsuit.

Well, at least she got her 15 minutes for fame as the Scary Spice Girl. I must say, Liz captured the expression on the face just right.

- Meanwhile In An Alternate Universe...

It's hard to top this for irony:

[Rahm] Emanuel Blasts NRA School Safety Plan As ‘Outrageous And Unsettling’

His city is being ripped apart by gang on gang violence in spite of it's complete gun ban, and this shameless opportunist has the nerve to criticize the NRA's proposal as outrageous. The only reasonable conclusion that one can come to is that the Mayor of Chicago is more interested in disarming (and controlling) otherwise law abiding gun owners, than he is in preventing violence and keeping kids from being killed.

I guess the man who coined the term "never let a crisis go to waste" doesn't see hundreds of black kids getting killed in Chicago as being as much of a crisis, while 20 white kids being killed in Connecticut to him certainly is. On the plus side, at least now he's being indirectly honest about his overt racism.

Friday, December 21, 2012

- An Adult Debate On Guns

Megan McArdle makes many of the points that reasonable liberals should be making (and in fact do according to her citations) in a gun debate engaged in by grownups. Among the many reasonable things she says, she claims that an outright gun ban would likely reduce the murder rate but it doesn't matter because in America we simply cannot ban all guns.

She's right of course. And although I disagree with he comfort level with things like a ban on large capacity magazines (at least she correctly names them) for the most part I think she's making sense. I find that ingratiating.

More important than any of this though is actually recognizing the nature of the way that guns are most often used to harm others. It's not the lone psycho. The real numeric harm comes from criminals using guns to shoot people in the act of another crime. The people they most often shoot are other criminals, but criminals don't generally practice much and they hit bystanders too.

If the left proposed a law to make a crime with a gun punishable by life in prison, the NRA would support it. If they proposed any law at all that punished criminals instead of innocent and law abiding civilians, the NRA would be happy to engage. But they don't. The left ignores the real problems and goes for the big emotional impact, even though it's statistically irrelevant. And that's the real shame of the direction this discussion has gone.

-The Other Side of the Coin?

Meet Jon Hammar.
Hammar was arrested Aug. 13 when he and a fellow Marine veteran tried to cross into Mexico from Texas. Hammar had been told by U.S. Customs and Border Control that he need only declare the six-decades-old shotgun at the border.The .410 bore Sears & Roebuck shotgun once belonged to his great-grandfather. The firearm, suitable for shooting birds and rabbits, had been handed down through the generations, and it had become almost a part of Hammar.But Mexican prosecutors who looked at the disassembled relic in the 1972 Winnebago motor home dismissed the U.S. registration papers Hammar had filled out. They charged him with a serious crime: possession of a weapon restricted for use to Mexico’s armed forces.Hammar was sent to a Matamoros prison, where he spent much of his time chained to a bed and facing death threats from gangsters.
He's coming home now. It speaks volumes of the administration's inability to address problems with "our friends" let alone our enemies.
Still, we'll be reminded of what a great job Hillary has done or How wonderful BHO's foreign policy has been.
The other side of the coin: this is how Mexico treats minor trafficking even with legitimate paperwork.
We on the other hand allow all sorts of "things" to flow into our soft-underbelly without so much as a traffic ticket, because that would be insensitive...
Take a look at Hammar in the photo. Think of why he is "cuffed" to a bed. Then say to yourself: "It can't happen here... can it?"
Worth mentioning:
What a backwards administration we really have.
Here's your new Sec. of State - the same guy that fabricated testimony to Congress in order to villify the people he served with. At least he has experience negotiating with enemies of the State.
2013 : the Mayans were Right!

- Speaking Of Detached From Reality...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recommends confiscation or forced buybacks of Assault Weapons.

Words fail me. The only thing I could suggest is to ask him how that plan worked out for King George III when he tried that very thing.

- I'm (Still) The NRA

I was going to write a quick piece on how detached from reality Toure is, but then I realized that most of you won't know who he is. And it turns out I don't have to wander quite so far from the American political mainstream to find an example of the same sort of nonsense.

For example, the NYTimes has now shifted from a full court propaganda press for more gun control, to outright lies. They think this is the moment to roll the big lie out because today is the day the NRA comes out to end it's silence, which it has kept up to now out of respect for the victims of the Newtown shooting.

So what's the big lie of the left this time? It's that the NRA is not a grassroots movement at all, but a bought and paid for lobbyist for the megalomaniacal and bloodthirsty gun manufacturers. And their source for this wisdom? Mike Bloomberg's legal hired guns at the mistakenly named "Mayor's against illegal guns". I call it mistakenly named because the principle Mayor involved is the billionaire whose funding the whole show, and they are actually against all firearm ownership, and only plan to achieve that goal by making guns "illegal".

Anyway, in a stacked poll typical of the left, they claim the NRA does not represent the wishes of the NRA membership and are actually on the extreme end of the firearms debate. As a fish who swims eternally in that pond I can assure you, this is absolutely not the case. If anything, the NRA's history as a reasonable and moderate single issue lobby who supports Democrat and Republican alike if they are pro gun, makes them generally viewed as a little weak kneed.

In reality, the harder a line the NRA takes, the more the NRA membership supports them. We in the NRA see ourselves as citizens in an environment where the intelligentsia, the media, and virtually all of the government wants to strip of us our rights. To us, the NRA is our ACLU. It's our "southern poverty law center" (I say that for those of you on the left who still think of that organization as pursuing a worthy goal).

We see ourselves as being on the last patch of ground, with nowhere left to retreat to. We know the history of governments who strip their citizens of their right of self defense. We know that top down society's have been known to round up unpopular citizens in the past, and we imagine the next batch of unpopular people to be us. And we see the NRA as our last defenders.

Everyone else with a megaphone despises us, calls us murderers, and blames us by proxy for the actions of the deranged and evil. And if the few leftist twitter feeds I've seen can be believed, they all want us in reeducation camps. So at times like this, the NRA tends to benefit, not from the shootings like Newtown, but from the predictable leftist response to those shootings from people like Toure and the NYTimes. Honest, decent, law abiding citizens see Hollywood personalities, Newspaper editors, and "Journalists" like Toure demanding their heads on a plate. And only the NRA is willing to stand between the hyperbolic outrage of the left, and us.

By far the most frustrating thing for me about the gun rights debate, is the fact that the people who most want to implement gun bans are the same people who understand what guns are and what they do the least. They have cute soundbites... "I know there are dead children and that's all I need to know!" But that isn't an adult conversation, it's a talk radio ratings booster.

I will engage in an adult and meaningful debate on this issue because I believe that anyone who looks at the facts and the data without passion or bias will agree with me. And the left thinks that too, which is why they're trying to prevent it. That's why they've rolled out the big lie.

The NRA will not have it's feelings hurt. It will not be swayed by lies, or distortions, or propaganda, or even the big lie. I know this because I'm the NRA and the NRA is me. So have at me kids. Today is the day the grownups in the debate speak up.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

-“I don’t know anyone in the sporting or hunting arena that goes out with an assault rifle,”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.), Said those Words... That's him shooting the AR-15.

We already know that 2A is not about hunting, but I needed to investigate the application of the AR platform or the Saiga (Kalashnikov) Platform as an effective hunting tool.

In my experience (NJ, NY, FL, TX, RSA) I never used anything smaller than a .270 on medium sized game.In South Africa, I took most plains game with a .308 and on one occasion a .30-06. Those are (or were) dominant military small arms calibers on a Mauser action or a Remington 700 action.

(Both of those Bolt Action Rifles evolved from a military platform!)
The following videos were found at random. I have no connection with the actors or producers, but I do appreciate their need to share.

Seems the .223 did an admiral job taking a deer!
Some ill-informed person (formerly of the W. Bush Administration) made the statement (I paraphrase) that a bullet designed for hunting is quite different than a bullet constructed for police or military purposes.
I guess he didn't want to feel "left-out" of the circus of idiocy, so the statement was forthcoming.
There is a new myth that a bullet constructed for hunting is somehow less-than-lethal in the theater of war or crime fighting.
We'll be hearing all sorts of bad things that guns do all by themselves in the weeks to come.
I am planning on a hog hunt in Florida, hopefully in the next few months.
I have an AR-15 as well as a Saiga 7.62x39.
I lean towards the Saiga for Feral Hogs because I believe in hitting a feral pig with a heavy bullet and a lot of energy. I've taken enough boar and feral hogs to know that they don't take kindly to being wounded.

The .223 (or 5.56) did a fine job providing pork-chops!
Wild boar are tough and I'm beginning to see the efficacy of the entire platform!
Boar sometimes will require a second or third follow-up shot. They are quick and full of adrenaline.
While having a magazine limited to five-rounds would be traditional, since there are no limits on "varmints" it would not hurt to bring enough gun with you afield. I have 20 and 40 round mags for my two aforementioned rifles.
I don't have a post-fore-grip on either rifle (I could add one) but I have used the extended mags for purchase.
Very sturdy and I believe it to be an ergonomic function of the magazine's construction.
But what about the AK platform with feral hogs? We know from experience that after a few rounds in succession, the AK tends to become inaccurate as the barrel heats up.

Ok - we know the 7.62x39 does the trick!
I'm leaning towards bringing the Saiga with iron-sights on my boar hunting foray. It seems like a good choice.
So, Senator Manchin, there are plenty of examples out there beyond your hamlet in Dogpatch where "these rifles" are not only used for hunting, they are very effective and quickly replacing that ol' 30/30 Lever Action...

Wait a second...
Imagine that! A Lever Action deer rifle in a configuration that would violate NJ and CT's AW laws because of the adjustable stock!

- Assault ... Magazines?!

Ok, Nana is getting some noise for screwing up the language again, but does anyone out there really think Nancy Pelosi knows anything about guns? She knows they're scary. She knows they're mean, and that they are cruel to children, and puppies. She knows that she doesn't trust any of the illiterate rednecks who cling to them. But that's all she knows about most things she doesn't like.

And I could even see how a know nothing like her could get to "Assault Magazine". As everyone on the left knows, it's the magazine that you reach for when you're going to "Assault" a crowd of people. Just ask them.

As mentioned in the comment thread on the last post, Barry has assigned that font of wisdom Joe Biden to run a 'special task force' on gun control. I think the logic is that when he get's the names of things wrong, we won't know whether to blame him personally or the entire anti-gun left.

I think this is the same thing as flushing the issue down the toilet. It will fade from memory and when they ask Obama what's happened with it, he'll just blame the Bush Administration. Obama knows enough to be afraid of the NRA. He should be. Everyone in Washington should be. And if they are, then things are working as the founders intended in that one tiny way at least.

- Who In The $^%#! Needs Body Armor?!

I read a leftist in the comment section at NRO say that the other day.

This is who:

- Gun Culture

You may have noticed that Ikaika is a little uncomfortable with HTML coding. He's no techie that's for sure.

I like to think that he's emailing links to me in the morning instead of posting them here because of editorial concerns rather than fear of coding. The stuff he sends me is usually always the same guy, so evidence points that way. But you never really know. (I kid because I love)

The one he sent me today though is as worthy a link through as anything he's ever sent. Here's Sultan Knish with a really brilliant piece on "Gun Culture":

When liberals talk about "gun culture", they mean the same thing that Barack Obama did when he told his San Francisco fundraiser friends about the people out there who still cling to their bibles and their guns. It isn't about the guns really, though gun control culture is worried about having that much personal autonomy in the hands of people who don't share their values and like their independence, it's about rural America. And rural America, like guns, is another symbol that stands in for traditional America.

The left cannot talk about how much it hates this country. Gun culture is one of its dog whistles. A way to talk about how much it hates America without actually saying it out loud where everyone can hear. Talking about gun culture not only allows the left to publicly vent its hatred for America, gun control, like racism, is another way that the left teaches Americans to hate America.

But the truth about gun culture is that the left has a great deal more in common with Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Adam Lanza and Jared Loughner. Far more than those shooters had with any phantom conservative gun culture.

The American left, like any high school shooter, is bitter, angry and filled with contempt for the rest of the country. Stuck in a country made of flyover country that thinks of leftists the way Columbine students thought of Klebold and Harris, the left treats Americans to their own Columbine Massacre every time it defends criminals and terrorists, every time it wrecks American manufacturing and laughs all the way to the bank as it bankrupts Americans.

He's absolutely right. The real "gun Culture" is guys like me, and Ikaika, and Frithguild as well. It's people who are eminently responsible. It's people who are so concerned with the safety of their family and friends that they're willing to put themselves in harms way to protect them.

As a small example, one of my more liberal friends was coming out to the gun club with me one day and called me on the way over to ask what kind of beer he should bring. He still makes fun of the way I over-reacted. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at my gun club. But if you listen to the left, you would expect the place to be awash in alcohol. (In fact, we caught anti-gun activists trying to sneak empty beer bottles into our dumpster one day in an effort to paint us badly.)

The members of gun culture are the grown ups in the gun debate. The opposition talks about 'common sense' regulation, but they then propose things that are anything but common sense. And now that the din of leftist hyperbole is dying down a little, maybe the grownups will have a chance to enter the 'discussion' too.

The piece is on the longish side, but definitely worth your time.


I found these images when looking for the one above and thought they were too good not to include. That Remington ad maybe be my new all time favorite bit of gun art.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

- Banning High Capacity Magazines

The language of the gun ban crowd foreshadows their ignorance. They call them 'clips', which is what your cartridges would be stripped out of as you pushed them into your Moisin Nagant rifle, designed (and maybe built) in 1891. What they really mean when they talk about banning things today is "Magazines". They want to ban high capacity "Magazines". And while they may not know for certain what they're called, they're absolutely certain they want to ban some of them.

Of course, wanting to ban something because you think it's generally a bad idea, and being able to actually eliminate them is entirely different matter. I'll give you an example. The vast majority of modern handguns (with the exception of those in larger calibers) have a standard removable magazine which will hold upward of 20 cartridges. To ban magazines with a capacity lower than 20 would make illegal tens of millions of firearms in common use for self defense, and disarm virtually every police department in the united states.

If you are going to exclude police, then you should really grandfather in every existing firearm with that kind of capacity - and that's the way the politics of it will play out when it comes down to it. Which means that ban or no ban, the law will be completely unenforceable in any reasonable, constitutionally permissible way.

Well OK say the gun banners, "What can we get away with banning? How high should the number be?" Well if you set the limit above 20 rounds, say 22 rounds, then you are allowing virtually every AK47, AR15, and "military style" rifle that liberals are trying to get rid of in the first place.

"Well what about if we just ban the really powerful guns?" they ask. That's fine, but a Deer rifle is more powerful than any AR15 or AK47. And a shotgun with a slug is more powerful still. I don't own an elephant gun, but if an elephant were breaking into my house and I had to grab one gun with a chance of stopping him, I'd reach for my Benelli shotgun with a 3 inch slug. So are you seriously going to consider banning every shotgun in the country? Two hours after the bill was passed the capital would be in flames.

The point is, the thing that gun banners are afraid of and would most like to prohibit are not things which in any practical way, can be made illegal. And even if they were, it wouldn't make anyone even a little bit safer. All it would do is make the writers of the law feel like they've done something (however ineffective) and be a monumental annoyance to 100 million firearm owners, all of whom vote.

You can have your "Assault Weapons Ban" if you're willing to pay the steep political price for it. But I've been living with an Assault Weapons ban in NJ for 10 years and it hasn't slowed me down. There is an Assault Weapons ban in Connecticut and it didn't slow that guy down either. Even the silliest little cosmetic modifications to any gun will let it slip through the cracks of that idiotic farce. And if they change the ban, then it's back to square one. The things they hate can't be banned, and the things that can be banned don't make a difference.

Gun bans will not make people any safer. And the Democrat hacks who vote for the law will have kicked an otherwise sleeping bear.

So swing for the fences boys (and girls). I'll hold your hat for you. In fact, I think you should try to pass an outright ban of all privately held firearms, and the constitution be damned. That ought to be good for some laughs.

- A Missionary For The 2A Crowd

As you know, I consider myself a kind of missionary for the firearms community.

Go forth among the illiterate heathens. Invite them in. Let them look around and see that there is nothing scary going on. Every once in a while maybe get a genuine convert.

This will sound crazy to people in other parts of the country, but in this area there are lots of people who have never handled a firearm in their whole lives. So I've taken literally dozens of people out for their first experience in handling a firearm, and since the shooting, I figured it would be coming up a lot.

So I drafted a quick note to some friends around Wall street and a few other places, basically explaining that if people raise any anti-gun sentiments around the water cooler they should immediately invite them out to try a little shooting with us. I basically just offered myself, my firearms collection and my range membership to my buddies in the hope of making the best of a bad situation toward my missionary goals.

I got the following in response from a friend which was too good to not post (he gave his permission). He is what I will be calling in the future an example of the opposite of a Snooki-American, a "Lucid-American". He's not fooled by the media or politicians. He already knows how the world works and feels annoyed that his time is being wasted. I haven't had a chance to discuss politics with him recently, but I'm sure he sees it very much like I do. Anyway here's his unedited response to my note:

Thanks Tom.

I tell you, I've had to tune out because it's just too frustrating listening to all this nonsense. Excuse the rant, but I could take my Grandpa's shotgun, saw a foot off the barrel, fill a fanny-pack with buck shot and head into an elementary school and easily kill 10-30 kids. No one is actually talking about solutions. Everyone is the same, every time there's a crisis, they just look to use it to fulfill their long-held policy ambitions. Assault weapons ban, reducing magazine capacity, concealed carry bans, gun-show purchases, blah blah blah. It's all completely irrelevant. So is any discussion of mental health. Are you going to confine every teenage kid who doesn't make friends or make eye contact? It's impossible to predict who will snap or when they'll snap. The entire discussion is just a giant waste of time. It's only purpose it to allow people to feel good about themselves for being so smart and knowing how to fix the world. If only they were in charge, everything would be roses.

If you're serious about protecting your kids -- like the Israelis are for example -- it's not at all complicated because there is only one way to do it. You protect them with a gun. How do armored car drivers protect bags of cash? With a gun. How do the secret service protect the president? With a gun. How do you protect anything? With a gun. That's the starting point, everyone else can work out the details, who's got the gun, training, etc, but one thing is just plain obvious: if you're serious about protecting anyone from harm, having a gun is step number one.

And yet we have the idiotic clamor from the democratic politicians that gun control legislation is the way to protect our kids. By the way, how are these politicians protected? Whether it's the Capital Security, Secret Service, or state trooper security detail, they're all protected by guns. Of course they are, because they're actually serious about their own protection. But what's good enough for the rest of us? Let's just make it harder for bad guys to get guns and hope for the best.

I'm still waiting for one of these democrat governors to announce they're foregoing the state trooper security detail because their state has strong gun laws, so nothing to worry about.

Here's the question the democrats are more scared of than anything: "If you could go back in time and place an AR-15 in the Sandy Hook principal's office, would you?" The gun control nuts will speculate about a million other "what-ifs", but never, ever, that one.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Hope everything is going great.

Maybe he should be the one writing the blog.

- Psychotic Rampage Defined

Mona Charen raises an interesting question I think. How has the direction of our society influenced the frequency of mass killing by the mentally ill?

Our political leaders have made a career on dividing America into "US" and "THEM" - where possible, writing "THEM" in an evil looking blood red font. But "THEY" are always very loosely defined. This sounds to me at a respectably high altitude, exactly like every psychotic I've ever heard wailing at the crowd from a traffic island.

Our intelligencia informs us that humans are the problem and that THEY are poisoning the planet one gram of CO2 at a time. The Democrats describe their opponents as murdering hate filled monsters, who lack compassion and are therefore barely human. And our tragedy addicted media turn our mass murderers into instant celebrities. None of these inputs can be the kind of thing that gets a genuine psychotic down off the ledge. Rather, it's more likely to teach him that he'd better stock up on ammunition well in advance.

Meanwhile, all the past constraints that society used to place on the mentally ill have been weakened since the 60's. Family? a single parent is less able to cope with mental health issues than a married pair. The progressive dedication to the destruction of the traditional family is well documented every day in the NY Times.

The institutions that we used to use as means of protecting civil society from the mentally ill have all been demolished. Even the concept of "mentally ill" has been energetically weakened by the left. Aren't we all mentally ill according to them? Shouldn't we all be in therapy? Shouldn't we all have a prescription for anti-depressants? Isn't that life in modern America according to the left?

Even further, isn't everyone who owns a gun (or even wants to) a little "insane" according to the NY Times? Aren't hunters bloodthirsty "murderers" according to the left? Isn't anyone who disagrees with them politically? (We all know I could produce hundreds of links if I had the time.)

So what we've done is put people who pose a genuine risk of being dangerous to others out on the streets on a purely self supervised basis, filled their heads with wild talk of shadowy groups who are poisoning their water and attacking their rights. Abstracted public discussion through the anonymity of the internet to the point where no one feels any accountability for the hyperbolic things they say, and set up a dialog where even rational people begin to believe conspiracy theories. And in the face of all this, we intentionally imposed small enclaves of legally enforced defenselessness where it's well known that no one has the capacity for self defense. And then we wonder why psychotics are going on rampages?


Based on the leftist view of America, I'm more surprised we don't have three of these events per week.

Monday, December 17, 2012

- Assault Rifles For $165 A Piece....

This is an assault rifle. Well actually it isn't, but neither is anything else that Bloomberg or the press, or Democrats say is one. What this actually is a "Lower Reciever" for an AR15. Which makes it the "firearm" part of a Semi-automatic rifle. You attach things to it to build a rifle, and the way you combine those parts will dictate whether you have an "Assault Weapon" or not.

To keep it from being an assault rifle, you must avoid adding any of these options:

An Adjustable Stock
A Bayonet Lug
A Flash Suppressor
A Grenade Launcher
A Threaded Barrel

With the pistol grip and removable magazine which are both standard on all AR rifles, you have no more room for any "evil Features". But avoid them, and your rifle will not be an assault weapon by any means. This is how NJ citizens (and those in NY CT, and CA) are able to own "AR15" rifles.

I am not really worried about additional gun control. But if you are, you can buy the "rifle" above on for about $165. Buy 5 today and you'll have them when you need them. And whatever whacky nonsense Bloomberg and the gang come up with, you can customize your rifles later to avoid any issues. There are instructions for building an AR15 all over youtube.

You'll have to follow local laws of course. If like NJ your state requires a firearms Id to own a rifle, get one first. But once you do, here it is. The very thing that makes Mike Bloomberg and the gun ban crowd pee pee in their underoos.

The dreaded 5.56 Assault rifle, for $165 a piece.


To my knowledge, the above pictured "Assault Weapon" hasn't actually killed anyone yet, but based on the newspapers this morning, it looks like you can never be too sure.

%%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE II%%%%%%%%%%%%

I don't care for Bill O'Reilly. He reminds me of my dad and I don't like my dad very much, so I don't watch his show. But I'm working late tonight and the TV is on Fox News so I'm absentmindedly leaving it to play. And lo and behold after roughly 16 hours of news broadcasts I finally found someone who mentioned that Connecticut already had an Assault weapons ban in place before this crime occurred, and that it did nothing to prevent it. The broadcaster who mentioned it also followed up with the obvious point that if the last law didn't do anything, then making it national won't do much to prevent the next one either.

Who was it? The stunningly attractive woman of the right, Mary Katherine Ham. I'm putting a picture up for Frithguild in the hope that he'll see what a real woman of substance looks like and quit his silly obsession with 'bad girls' like Lindsay Lohan.

Anyway thanks Mary. It only took all you media folks 16 hours to get to a salient fact. It surprises me not at all that you were the one to come up with it.