Tuesday, January 3, 2012

- A Caucus Note

I didn't know anyone who was going to vote for John McCain in the primary. His squishiness was well known and he didn't inspire anyone. After he had won, I was at the gun club milling around with the other shotgunnners, almost all of whom were a minimum of 20 years older than me, and I started asking around.

"Who did you vote for?" I asked one guy I knew.

"John McCain" he said. "Me too's" sprang up all around the room.

I was blown away. McCain inspired no one. But these guys had all been in the military back when there was still a draft, and his military record meant something to them. So they lined up and voted for McCain, even though I don't the he ever had a real chance of winning anything. I didn't realize this because the only elderly people I talked to regularly were my in-laws, and they grew up in post WW2 Transylvania, which might have been the 15th century for all it had in common with Americans of a similar age.

It occurred to me that the elderly have a very different perspective on America than the rest of us. They don't see the decay of the culture or the apocalyptic fiscal mismanagement in Washington. Their idea of the future, is next winter. And they voted for McCain for the same reason they voted for Eisenhower.

Pollsters say they account for those differences, but I'm unconvinced. this year (I hear) the elderly like Romney. I hear there will be a big turnout. I'm awful at predicting these things, (like Freddie Prinz used to say... its not my job) but I think that will help Romney.

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