Friday, January 20, 2012

- A Few Little Items

17 debates so far... 17. I'm about 11 debates past caring. None of them has anything new to say on anything. Mitt will be wooden, Newt will be clever (in spite of his narcissism) and if Ron Paul gets any time in front of a camera, he will act like a nut. Newt's ex-wife is still mad at him? I'm shocked. Wake me when the polls open in New Jersey.

Clemens, Churchill, and William F. Buckley (last I checked) were all still dead. And since that's so, there is no one who can reduce the world to 128 characters or less that I would care to listen to. On twitter everyone has the substance and profound insight of Snookie. (Take note... even this insight is far too long for twitter.)

The people I know who are most into Facebook, are people who use it instead of actual interaction with people. It doesn't bring people together, it lets people who want to be apart do so without completed cutting themselves off from the world. I'm sure Ted Kaczynski would have loved Facebook so much, that his shack in the woods would have been wired with wifi, in spite of his ambivalence about technology.

In a sense, the technology battles of the 21st century seems to be about willingness. If a company can make you willing (or even anxious) to share your personal details, they can use that for marketing purposes. That targeting and efficiency is what advertisers are paying for. That's why Facebook is easting Google's lunch this quarter. But if it makes all these autodialer calls go away, it will all be worth it to me.

By far the best political quite I've heard this election cycle is that the way the media feels about republicans is "A consensus not a conspiracy". Think about it.

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Sir Real said...

This blog is so on. The things you consistently hit on, from Bloomberg to guns to the Republicans to Jon Stewart... even the pretentious upper West side libs... completely consistent with the folly that is modern political liberalism.