Monday, January 9, 2012

- The FINAL Final Word On OWS

Some of you may remember Charles CW Cooke's brilliantly documented adventures among the (literally) unwashed of the OWS movement. Now he provides what I think will be the FINAL final words on the future of the movement.

I said a few words about OWS in my end of year message, and how the Democrats in power view them as somehow more virtuous than the bourgeois masses. Their only product is political activity. Well with an election coming up, that particular product is one whose value is falling doe to excess supply. So no one is going to want what they're selling - at least until he election is over.

If the Republicans win the Whitehouse, the question is will the mainstream media at least wait until a transition team is put in place before turning on the Washington establishment like a pack of wild dogs. OWS clearly won't wait. As far as they're concerned, they're doing all their waiting now.

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