Thursday, January 12, 2012

- A Growing Share Of A Shrinking Market

This clip is from the movie "Other People's Money". This was back before Gordon Gecko got out of prison and politically favored companies got taxpayer funded bailouts. It was from when America still believed in a free market. Back before hatred of the finance industry became America's only truly bi-partisan issue.

It's worth your time to watch the whole thing.


Vishnu said...

This is the movie my finance prof recommended we watch in 95. Larry's speech is among the best movie speeches even better than Alec Baldwin's from Glen Garry Glen Ross.

Tom said...

I loved the flick. The only reason I enjoyed Margin Call a little more is because I work in Trading not M&A, so it's more personal for me. I know all the guys in Margin Call (and so do you Vishnu). But they are both great movies.

If CNBC this AM is any indication, Obama will be running against Gordon Gecko. I don't think it will be so hard for Romney to duck that characterization.