Wednesday, January 25, 2012

- Hollywood Making Hunting Look Cool

My daughter is the perfect age for the ‘young adult’ range of literature, and one book she’s taken an interest in is original of the soon to be released movie “The Hunger Games”. Since I’ve started running again, I’ve taken to listening to audio-books and half out of genuine interest and half out of trying to stay in touch with what my daughter is reading, I put a copy of the audio version on my phone.

There is much to admire about the heroine of the book Katniss Everdeen, who is raised in Appalachian ‘Coal country” at a time not too far into the future. But for me the thing that was most impressive about her was her profound affinity for bow hunting. Not only does she use it to keep her family alive after her father’s untimely death in a mining accident, but her impressive skill inevitably saves her life and that of her friend as well.

I’ve tried to imagine how Hollywood could possibly make this movie without making Katniss’s hunting skills seem cool. I know they’d certainly like to … I mean if there is a single reliable villain in the left’s retinue of bogeymen it’s “the hunter”. It may be even more prominent than the rich banker, businessman or CEO, since you don’t see too many of those in animated films.

But Katniss’s skill can’t be extracted from the character without shattering the storyline of the book. To try will make a much worse movie, so it seems an awfully big price to pay to prove a political point. Leave it in and you get a 16 year old girl who is brave, assertive, talented and unique. Take it out and you have… what? I can’t imagine.

For this reason, I think it’s entirely possible that archery in general and bow hunting in particular might just get a boost from Hollywood when the film is released. My daughter, who has some modest experience with archery but none with hunting, is over the moon waiting for the movie. After listening to the first of the three book set (which was absolutely first rate in my opinion), I feel the same way.

Speaks for itself I think:


Vishnu said...

I read this series as my kid is also into it. Looking forward to the movie. Based on the trailer, the bow-based story line seems to have been kept intact.

Tom said...

Yeah, it has a few 'dreamy teenage girl' moments, but not enough to ruin the story. But for that I think it's probably as good as "Ender's Game", series.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I am just happy to finally see a movie that does not involve stupid teenage girls and vampires..

ikaika said...

Ya think Hollyweird will go rambo with this and have the heroine sling an out-dated under-powered compound bow with improperly spined and cut arrows, or will they 'supe' up the character to sling a bowtech or matthews,team realtree clothes - scent bloc, corn piles and trail cams?

just joking - Howard Hill was once a permanent fixture in Hollywood - you couldn't make an epic film without his advice.

I suggest you read Ishi - In Two Worlds as an aside.