Tuesday, January 3, 2012

- Making The Most Of The Carter Legacy

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a creation of Jimmy Carter. He catapulted to local prominence when he and his compatriots stormed the US embassy in Tehran taking a number of hostages. Carter then spent a few years flailing about ineptly, trying to micromanage some action to free them, but to no avail. Ahmadinejad used that fame as the first steps to the Iranian presidency, where he continues to Treat America as if Carter is in charge.

Now, the Iranian president seems to be reading the American political tea leaves and trying to take more ground while a devotee of the Carter School is still in the Whitehouse. Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. But being tougher with our enemies than Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama (otherwise referred to on this blog as 'our first woman president') is no great challenege.

Here's the thing. It's one thing to say "I will crush the American Navy" and another thing to actually do it. I imagine the admirals reading the latest Iranian press release, looking at each other, and then bursting out laughing at the idea. I don't think anyone (apart from Barack Obama) believes that the Iranians would have a chance.

But Obama is devoted to the idea of taking America down a peg, and if that means Iran gains a peg or two, that's OK with him. He'd see the virtue of a retreat in the interest of not 'antagonizing' the Iranians. But the Iranian Navy won't be shooting at Barak OBama, they'll be shooting at the US Navy. And just because their leader has all the toughness of a teenage girl, doesn't mean he's leading teenage girls.

They may be willing to get a political victory out of this from Obama, but I'm sure they know that an actual military victory is not within their grasp. I'm betting this whole thing blows over without a shot fired.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

The last time the Iranians took on the USN:

Went to college with a former navy officer that actively participated in that conflict. Our response was very restrained compared to what could have been done. From what I was told, certain naval brass wanted to take out the Silkworm sites, airbases, and the rest of the naval infrastructure of Iran. The assets were in place to do just that.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

okay... my attempt to embed a video failed:


Tom said...

Great video. Embedded above.