Tuesday, January 31, 2012

- More Liberal Mythology In Real Time

The image above shows the 'Occupy Wall Street' crowd showing their patriotism in the traditional liberal manner by burning an American flag, which they had just stolen from the Oakland California City Hall. This, as we know from countless articles and news pieces on the subject, is the most important movement of 2011, and a movement which epitomizes the liberal belief in a better America for everyone. (well... everyone except the top 1%)

But if the people who represent the bottom 99% are busy stealing and subsequently burning flags, doesn't it stand to reason that at least some of the 99% must be stealing them from other parts of the 99%? Or is it the position of the leftist media that the only people who are actually buying and displaying American flags are the evil 1%?

The fact is, the very best of these OWS kids are deluded but harmless. But the vast majority of them are nothing but stupid and destructive. And although the official Democrat party positions are less openly contemptuous of America and American values, they are no less driven by the same envy, and hatred of the success of others.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But a great many people have opinions which are stupid. And once they demonstrate that fact, we should all stop pretending that they represent a valid position. The OWS movement is a farce of blatant anti-Americanism. So too is the largest part of the Democrat party - no matter how they may insist otherwise.

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