Wednesday, January 25, 2012

- Obama's Blue Pill

I hate to rip off a user comment so blatantly (because I can’t credibly take personal credit for it so soon) but this really is a Red Pill – Blue Pill election.

The Blue Pill, is Obama’s vision for America where scarcity is a non issue, politicians can make decisions with the even more success and efficiency than people who know better, and the rich will happily be chained to the chariot of state, pulling whoever he says to pull and however fast he says to pull them. His worldview is based on so many falsehoods, errors in judgment, and contradictions of logic that one barely knows where to begin criticism. It’s as much a fantasy and has as little in common with the ‘real world’ as the Matrix ever did.

Meanwhile there is a Red Pill. In the world of the Red Pill, the costs of life are soaring out of control, and the world is rusty and decrepit. The lives of the people are hard, and only made harder by the proponents of the Matrix. They’re fighting a losing battle as the massive machine of the Matrix encroaches on them and their liberty a little more every day. The Red Pill paints a picture of hardship and of scarcity. The only advantage the Red Pill has over the Blue Pill is that it’s the truth.

The people who believe in the great machine of the Matrix are slaves. But they’re happy in their slavery. They prefer a live of delusion to one where they are forced to take personal responsibility for their hardships. And they would be perfectly happy to have the rest of humanity enslaved in the same way. If the Matrix told them they could no longer have their fantasy without the rest of humanity joining them, they would lobby for it and do all they could to make it happen.

In my last post a reader made the comment that “The Corner” at National Review was the “Red Pill.” I think it’s better to say that they are crew of the Nebuchadnezzar – passing out the Red Pills every chance they can. They don’t get everyone of course. But hopefully they get enough to preserve the liberty of the few who still value it. That’s where this election comes in. If Obama and the big machine win this one, there may be so few people left that the ‘Real world’ can’t maintain a critical mass. This election won’t be the end for the big machine, but it may very well be the end for those who prefer the Red Pill.

For the Red Pill to work on us, we each need to take it ourselves. We need to believe that a harsh world where we are in control of our own lives is a better one than a world full of soft fluffy promises, where we are little more than slaves to a big machine. Nothing could describe the Obama vision for America better. But unless you’ve already taken the Red Pill, it probably doesn’t look that way to you.


I'd love to see this re-shot with some generic looking 'Neo' and Jonah Goldberg (as arguably the most recognizable face of NRO) in the role of Morpheus. I wonder what that would cost to do?

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