Wednesday, January 11, 2012

- Why US Manufacturing Loses

This is video of a 30 story Hotel being constructed in China. From start to finish it took 15 days. In the same amount of time the useless union hacks we hired were only able to redo the drywall my basement by being so sloppy that they did several thousand in damage.

We're now replacing one of our furnaces and doing some other light plumbing etc., and at this point you can make your reservations on the skating rink in hell before a union laborer will get dollar one from me.


Rick Bomstein said...

There was a piece in the Steve Jobs bio where Jobs--a big Obama booster--said the two biggest problems he faced were lack of qualified engineers (due to the teachers unions screwing up education) and the fact that he couldn't build factories in the US thanks to over-regulation. Assume the irony was lost on him...

Hien said...

This video shows that production is not the issue. We have the technology, we have the know-how. In WWII, we turned out 1 war ship per week and by the end of the war, we had produced close to 100,000 war planes.

In every society, there are producers and parasites, the health of the economy depends on the ratio of producers/parasites. It seems to me that in the US, this ratio is deceasing. The parasites population is not only increasing but more politically powerful, actively choking the producers with regulations, law suits, wealth redistribution tax policies and crony-capitalism.

Tom said...

The 'makers vs takers' debate is one that's not uncommon on this blog. I think the forward outlook for takers is actually falling from the hopey-changy immediate past.

I do get your point. Butto me it's not a direct "producer vs parasite" debate, but a "only produce a little" vs. "will produce a lot".

Union labor is a producer of wealth, the question is, what does that wealth cost you? If the union has it's way, it will cost you more than the wealth they create is worth in the open market. they aren't parasites, they are just vastly over-priced.

frithguild said...

Nice building - does live in it right now?

Hien said...

In reply to Tom:
Nothing wrong with unions, provided that they can compete in the free market. But when they are protected by special laws then their existence is partially subsidized by taxpayers and/or consumers. Maybe they can be classified as semi-parasites?

At any rate, the worst offenders are those who make a lot of money not for producing anything but to tie up the hands of the producers. They are not concerned about reduced output because they are at or near the top of the food chain.