Tuesday, January 17, 2012

- You Too Can Be A Condescending D***Head!

Here's a new social science metric that some guy at Slate thinks is brilliance. And although I think I'd be a slow adopter of it, in Manhattan, where everyone is always looking for a way to look down on everyone else, I think it might really take off.

I came to the Slate piece via Mike Potemra whose ramblings on Catholicism I find particularly poetic. It's made me pay attention to some of the other (arguably less worthy) things he says.

The Slate piece he linked has an interesting anti-pretense pretension about it. As if finding people annoying has it's own social hierarchy. It makes me wonder how much of an ACI the wine fans in the bar would call the author and his friend. There is probably some equally high CDH (condescending D***Head) metric that they are quietly mentioning between Pinot Noir references.

I don't care for cigars myself. I know enough about wine to tell the difference between what I like and what I don't (but the pricetag will probably tell me all I need to know), and my favorite single malt is actually Connemara Peated Irish whiskey. So I don't think I'm terribly on the ACI scale.

But what I may lack in pretension I more than make up for in unapologetic snobbery. I have no patience whatsoever for people who pretend to know things they actually don't. Ignorance is no sin in my book so long as you admit it, but shoot your mouth off half cocked and you'll get to see just how stupid I can make someone feel. There are people still holding grudges against me since the 80's for making them look stupid in public.

I guess that may make CDH metric fairly high if you ask the right people - but I probably could have told you that. I've always known that I was an easy guy to dislike if that's what you were in the market for.

In the immortal words of hedonism bot, "I apologize... for nothing".

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