Wednesday, February 15, 2012

- Be Careful What You Wish for...

Say the NRO-nicks to the fans of Obamacare:

Santorumcare could involve — say — a federally mandated, five-day waiting period before women could have abortions. This parallels the original five-day interlude that potential firearms buyers faced under the Brady Law. How could the Left object to that?

How about a requirement that every American who receives free condoms from any federally subsidized health center first must receive 30 minutes of mandatory abstinence counseling?

And why not a rule that those who visit Gay Men’s Health Crisis cannot accept any services until after completing a two-day course on gay conversion, so that they can be “cured” of their homosexuality?

They aren't serious about any of things of course, they're only trying to prove a point about how government run health care means the government is in charge 'WHOEVER' runs the government. It's really just highlighting the downside of surrendering your liberty to politics.

But it seems to me that even liberals are smart enough to see that sort of thing coming. And in the meantime by reminding them of it in this way, it will now become a Democrat election talking point. If Santorum gets the nod (which I doubt ... but is still possible) then there will be Democrat PAC ads and attack dog party spokespeople accusing him of proposing these very items. and they'll repeat it so often that by November, it will be the generally accepted Liberal mythology.

No thinking person would be stupid enough to believe it, but the know-nothing left will definitely take a break from watching "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" to run down to the polls on election day and vote against him because of it. And the attack dogs all know that.

So I personally don't know if it's a net positive thing to remind them that an all powerful government will make them slaves as well as us. I think it would be better to leave them disheartened by Obama's "betrayal of progressive principles" or whatever, and stay home on election day.

But what do I know.


chess said...

tom.."no thinking person" give the libtards way too much credit for thinking on their own.. they become like the borg on star trek... the collective.

ikaika said...

I believe there was a White House Robot on TV the other day promoting the Obama-care and particularly playing down the Birth Control mandate.

The Liberal Lexicon has spawned another:

Birth Control should now be referred to as Preventative Medicine...

Used in a sentence: "It is long overdue that women are finally allowed free and unlimited access to preventative medicine."

Never in my 45 years on earth have I heard anyone describe pregnancy in the same terms as disease.

We are so screwed...

frithguild said...

Republicans would ban birth control and bring us back to the dark ages of health care.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Wow? The first half of the 20th century, before the pill, was a 'dark age' for the United States?

chess said...

frithguild....i was a practicing md for 25 yrs. got full of it n retired.. your dark ages are ahead of you...rationing is the only answer to a 40 trillion dollar hole in medicare.pure n simple....just wait ..

frithguild said...

"Republicans would have us go back to the medical dark ages" = 3,840,000 results on Google - just sayin' what they're saying, with a little twist.

I came of age in the '70's - those who went just before me got free love. My generation got AIDS.

So yes, if you look at it that way, the Democrat party target demographic looks at me as being from the dark ages.

ikaika said...

"So yes, if you look at it that way, the Democrat party target demographic looks at me as being from the dark ages."

Hail, Theodoric of Yoric!

chess said...

frith........the only reason the frances and uk's of the world only spend 12% of gdp instead of 17% like us is they ration and they dont keep 90 yo alive on vents like we do. the only way to get to 12% is ration . if yo think we can then you ahave a cold fusion model in the basement... on an 83 yo man we spend 70% of his healthcare dollar in the first 82 yrs. we spend 30% in the last 1 yr of life...a little strange dont you think?