Saturday, February 18, 2012

- Can't Liberals Tell Truth From Happy Fiction?

When you watch this video, isn't it clear who is actually talking about solutions and who is blowing smoke?

I get that the Democrat party likes to depict him as throwing Grandma off a cliff for political reasons. But isn't it obvious that Geithner is just shucking and jiving while Paul Ryan is speaking the truth?

I just don't get it.

At the end of the day the real fiscal problem of the United states is that the government has promised to pay all the medical bills of people who can't afford it. But the government can't afford it either. But liberals still seem to think that there will be some magic spell that some Democrat Pol with good enough intentions will be able to cast that divides the medical loaves and fishes and manages to feed the multitudes.

Even for a guy who believes in the occasional miracle, this is simply nuts.


Vishnu said...

Their tax policy is based on one word - FAIR

They know lower rates yield higher revenue. They know that higher revenue is needed to fund their dreams. But they just want to control where they take that revenue from. That new millionaire AMT proposal is an example. Luckily, it won't go through, but it gives a glimpse of the childish thinking- "Do you want me to buy the same toy for you? Nope, I want the same toy my brother is playing with. Take it from him and give it to me"

chess. said...

it doesnt matter. we are toast. im sorry but we are way past keeping it together when we are storming past 100%gdp. W set us up for this with his bs and now barry is gonna put the nail in the coffin.the bond sharks will finish feasting on the eu over the next several yrs and then they will turn to us.. wont be pretty but needs to happen . by then i hope to be in new zealand.glta