Monday, February 27, 2012

- Congresswoman Boo'ed Over HHS Mandate

My feeling on this HHS mandate "accommodation" is that it's going to be very costly for Obama because it shows American voters what he and his people are really like.

"You don't want to pay for it?" They say "Fine... you can just pay the insurance company, and they'll pay for it." Then without asking how Catholics feel about it, they pronounce the issue settled, and try to move on.

But Catholics don't think it's settled - not at all. And the more often the Democrats go out there and tell us that we're all OK with it when we obviously are not, the more they will alienate us.

I say 'us' only in the strictest sense. I'm hardly a model Catholic - not even close. But I think I've defended the church enough both in my private life and on this blog, that I can call myself a member, even if the idea of membership in anything makes me uncomfortable.

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chess said...

tom.this has caused a stink but the bottom line is that >50% of the people out there are on the "take". so even if they get pissed off most still just want "theirs" and to be left alone. there are more of them than us and numbers count..most of the population is hooked on the handouts and that gets them re elected...the only way we eke out a win is if their turnout is horrible and ours is great. maybe a romny/christy tx would help..sorry i dont see a chance of gettin rid of odumass.