Monday, February 20, 2012

- The Consequences Of Embracing Feminism

I haven't read Charles Murray's new book, but it's creating quite an uproar. I've heard him speak about it of course, and even linked the video of a few of his speeches on the topic here. I'm excited to get to it.

The basic premise of the book is that while the values of the lower income portion of America have rapidly degraded since the 60's, the values of upper income America really haven't. And it's had the effect of isolating us - each in our respective "classes". While single parenthood, abortion and divorce are all increasingly common in the lower income groups, it's much more rare and unusual in the upper income groups - more closely in line in fact with America prior to it's last "radical transformation".

And I think this post from the corner might play a part in that too, but it's tough to imagine Murray, data driven empiricist that he is, raises the issue in his book. Many of my friends have wives who do not work - mostly because we can afford to. When we went looking for wives we chose girls who had a 'traditional' view of the role of women in society. Being a full time mom was always their first choice.

None of us married hard hitting feminists like Maureen Dowd (or her much younger equivalent) because we didn't want that kind of a woman. Who would? We wanted women who were willing to be our partners, not eternally fight us us for dominance in the home. We would be willing to step up and take on all the responsibilities as sole bread winner, but in return we wanted a woman who would step up and take on the not inconsiderable burdens of being a full time mom. We didn't want that task ceded to some housekeeper or nanny that we couldn't trust. We wanted her to do it.

I think more men in the lower income brackets would probably do that too but to be frank, they can't afford to. Our tax system is structured to punish single income families, and the higher rates make it tougher than it used to be. And for some reason this argument used to be kicked around a lot, but you don't hear it much anymore. I guess it's just assumed that government should take roughly half of everything someone earns in order in order to fund all the "at work daycare programs and free federally funded abortions. Those things have done wonders for family cohesion and the standard of living in the black community, so why not apply it to the rest of American society too?

And people wonder why so many Wall Street guys are married to asian girls from more traditional family structures, or why I (and so many of my peers) are married to immigrant girls who never saw "Maude" when they were kids. They skipped (or ignored) the feminist brainwashing about the 'new role' for women, and the prize for at least some of them, was a man who would 'step up' too.


Heather Mac Donald and others noticing the same thing I have, from a slightly different perspective.

From frequent commenter Hell_is_like_Newark:


Skanky said...

Feminism led to women having to work AND take care of the kids. It led to higher house prices and keeping up with the next door neighbors. Short end of the story, feminism led to women become slaves to their jobs, their homes and taking care of their husbands. I know. I went though it.

Bzod said...

Thought you'd appreciate this interview with Thiel:

Tom said...

I'll get into this again when I have my time but just one quick comment on that interview.... I find the arguments about scarcity of energy and 'stewardship' of resources totally unpersuasive. Just because things will be different doesn't automatically mean it will be worse.

frithguild said...

China has an oversuppy of men. Let's get them together with American women and see what happens.

Tom said...

The Mandarin word for "wife" is "tai tai" which loosely means "supreme of supreme". It would be interesting to see what happens when Maureen Dowd figures that out - but base don what I've seen, most Chinese girls would rather marry rich white guys too.

I leave it to you to insert your own humor in that statement as you see fit.

chess said...

jesus.skank.....if people in general had lived within their means like most of the "greatest generation" no one would be a slave to anything.its ok for siblings to have to share a bedroom. its ok to not buy a car for your kid when they hit 16. its ok to not enroll your kid in everuy sport known to mankind.its ok to drive the same car more than 3 yrs.its ok to actually cook at home and not just carryout.i could go on and on.. somewhere along the line this country got hooked on the home piggy bank and now its time to pay.

frithguild said...

Little doubt Maureen Dowd thinks a supreme of supreme is a fruit coctail to be hungrily devoured.

chess said...

excellent follow up find.. its called a ghetto. nuf said.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

In my 20's living with two women (roommates... not GF's) I found out they were feminists until:
A big scary bug flew in via an open window
Something went bump or crash in the night.
A big rat got into the apartment.
Girl messed up her taxes and got fined by the IRS.

chess said...

newark you made my day at its only 530 am....