Tuesday, February 28, 2012

- Dharun Ravi & Middlesex County Justice

Remember Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers Freshman who jumped off the George Washington Bridge after a video of him having sex with a man was posted online? Well shock of shocks, it didn’t actually happen that way. In reality the press reports of the circumstances have been a case of gay lobbyist ‘telephone’ where the story was repeated and re-repeated and amplified and distorted every time. By the time it was comon knowledge, the story as told bore little resemblance to the truth.

In reality, Clementi’s roommate was only guilty of being an unsympathetic jerk – which if my memory serves, is a tag that can hang on roughly 30% of the Rutgers freshmen. Had he been inducted into a frat he’d have been celebrated for this tendency instead of being in court for it. But that’s not the way it went. Instead the roommate – Dharun Ravi is learning the worst possible lessons about how NJ works.

Last week I was in the Midwest and I was having a conversation with a man who lives in Michelle Bachman’s mostly rural Minnesota district. He’s a smart guy, but not overly so. And his conservative tendencies are more a product of habit than of cognitive reflection. He’s more of a Glenn Beck than a William F. Buckley. And he was wondering how much things have improved in NJ.

“So are things all better in NJ now that you have Christy?” he asked me? At first I didn’t know how to respond. “Well he’s better than Corzine of course, but the problems of NJ can’t really be fixed by one guy.” I said.

“Well he’s taking on the unions.” He said.

“That’s true, but the fact that they don’t own the state outright anymore doesn’t mean they don’t still control it. Liberal political machines have infested every aspect of life in NJ. They are involved when you get a parking ticket, or take your kids to school, or flush your toilet. Everything that happens in NJ only happens because someone in politics can make a buck off you when you do it. But for that, none of it would be allowed.”

We went on like that for a while, but I don’t think I was able to impress upon him how political life is here – how it dominates everything. I probably should have mentioned this case.

This kid is all but certainly going to jail. He’s in Middlesex County. Middlesex County has grown up as the baby boomer middle and upper middle class children of Union county blue collar workers fled the Newark riots and urban blight. These liberal boomers are the locusts of NJ fleeing the land that they themselves destroyed. Even the ones that aren't liberal in all aspects of their life are fully prepared to "go along to get along" in a liberal dominated world. They would never run the risk of incurring Leviathan's wrath by standing up to it.

These are people who have been trained since birth to keep their mouths shut and hand over their vig. Their parents paid the union bosses for their jobs on the line at GM, the docks, and Thomas & Betts. They were raised as serfs and they know no other life. They are comfortable with a government and political machine that serves it’s own interests rather than theirs, and have never really known anything else. Many of them have even convinced themselves that it’s how things should be.

In the meantime, this trial of Dharun Ravi too neatly fits the liberal fantasy of how the world works. There is a victim, so the liberal political machine must find a villain and then proclaim themselves the hero by utterly smashing him. It doesn’t matter to them that this kid is only guilty of being a jerk. (When do the facts EVER matter to liberals when they have their fantasy to cling to instead?) He’s caught up in the talons of the leviathan that controls all life in NJ. And if the liberals of Middlesex County are going to continue to think of themselves as virtuous, they’ve got to destroy this kid, and declare their fantasy about the facts as the truth.

It’s a tragic tale. But it’s not alone. When the gay lobby wants blood they’re going to have it. They will in NJ at any rate. The political machine is going to make sure of that – and justice or truth be damned.

And when they’re done with him, and they’ve written new laws that make it all but certain that 50% of the public school kids will accuse the other 50% of bullying; and law enforcement is spending hundreds of billions a year looking for 8 year old's who derisively called their classmate a “fag” on the school bus, they’ll call it a great triumph whose only problems can be solved by a little more intrusion into our lives. And the people of Middlesex county will nod, and hand over the vig. That’s how it’s done there. No justice - just law.

Government in Middlesex country doesn’t belong to the people there. It hasn’t for a long time – maybe ever. It belongs to the unions, and the lobbyists and the power players in Trenton and the County committee. The people are cowed and won’t argue. So the prosecutors and Judges and pols will continue to ride rough shod over them without a second thought. And woe unto the poor, dumb, obnoxious kids who get in the way.


chess said...

tom well said but...........it doesnt matter. they control the airwaves. they control the legqal system.....and as roger altman jus said....the only reason odumass will get re elected is demographics.. sad but true. more of them than us. and headin in wrong direction everyday.

Tom said...

There are reasons to argue both sides of the issue. It isn't "all lost" yet. And even if it is, there won't be any cataclysm - only the slow calcification and rust of an all controlling soviet style state.

In NJ, so much of liberty is gone already that we might hardly notice.

chess said...

people ckeep saying that we cold head for apathy.. could?? > 90% of the shiyts in office get reelected even tho approval rating <15%.. i call that apathy. and i agree that we will just erode.and for nj..if a guy like christy cant get you cak on track then who can?? does it take a couple of decades? we are heading for the cliff with debt. if it doesnt stop in nother 2-3 tril we are toast... the end will come when 10 yr treasury starts pushinf north of 3. then 4%

Tom said...

I've really struggled with explaining this idea. In NJ, it's not a question of the ship of state going in a wrong direction. If so, then a new captain could grab the wheel and right things - but he can't.

The problem is that everything about the ship is wrong. It doesn't float well, the rudder doesn't take the boat where it says it will, the crew lounges on deck while the rats run the equipment, even the compass is screwed up. You can't right it, because it's so broken that it won't respond to your commands. It may tell you that its responding, but let things roll a while and you realize you're no closer to where you wanted to go.

And every time you try to change something it responds with a vengeance. Just wait until Christy tries to get re-elected. That's when people will REALLY learn how NJ works.

It's gonna make team Obama look like the college of cardinals.

chess said...

unfortunately i agree.but people wont allow the whole ship to change cause they get their "goodies" from he captain and that ship..then what happens is that people with a brain and the wil to help jus say screw it and hunker down. thats what ive done. ive got nuf to live on and be "ok". and i hate the atitude of "ive got mine and dont care". but thats what im becoming.sad

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

It's like a game of telephone. There is so many sides to every story, this one boils down to a childish action that grew into something totally unimaginable.