Monday, February 13, 2012

- Gaming The Legal System

From the WSJ:
To sum up: St. Paul has spent taxpayer money for almost a decade fighting a case to force slumlords to provide the poor—including minorities—with better housing. But just as it was on the cusp of what it claims would have been a victory at the Supreme Court, the city withdrew its appeal under pressure from the Obama Administration and liberals who feared they might lose a weapon of dubious legality that they want to use to tell banks how and to whom to lend.

The fundamental unfairness of America's 'racial grievance' industry is well known. It presents a bill for all sorts of special benefits to the wealthy, while reducing America's poor minorities to utter dependency, all to help people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson maintain their strangle hold on the black community.

They and the Feds make the claim that it's really to 'help' minorities, but this is one of those examples where it's obviously hurting them. It's a shame they'll never really be help to account for any of it.

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