Wednesday, February 22, 2012

- Liberals Are All Cowards Part: 3,844,736

I find this story completely consistent with my general “liberals are all cowards” meme. A 14 year old girl makes a public statement supporting a defense of marriage bill and in response, the liberal blogosphere goes wild with death threats and demands that the liberal bureaucracy remove the child from her parent’s home.

A 14 year old girl. How brave of them.

I continue to notice that no liberals are threatening me. I’ve gotten online death threats before because of my job, but they were all from conservatives. Liberal don’t have the courage. So if you’re a fit and healthy mid 40’s man who is a crack shot, no one on the liberal side will say boo to you. But if you’re a 14 year old girl … well then watch out.

I don’t care so much that they want to force me to pretend that they’re married just because they’re having sex. I continue to maintain that they’re sex life could not be of less concern to me, but I have no intention of pretending they’re married. I’d support a defense of marriage act in NJ if I get the chance, and I’ll urge as many others to do so as I can as well.

So all you heroic liberals who have been anonymously threatening the little girls on the web… here I am. Come get me.

You people really and truly are despicable human beings – as is anyone who threatens a child over something so stupid.


chess said...

with you all the way.just plain sad...thank God i dropped out of society at age 50....gave up a good career in medicine cause i was gonna end up exploding... yet this will be all that msnbc covers tonite. . maybe that great ex gov of michigan will pick up this ball and run with stilll trying to figure out how she now is held up as a beacon for dems when she didnt do shit except get odumass to bailout the only business in the state.jesus.

Hans said...

So what about infertile women? Would your defense of marriage bill bar them as well?

Tom said...

No it wouldn't because I don't believe in trying to use social policy to implement my vision of a perfect world. I believe in preserving those institutions which have grown up naturally as a product of fundamental human truths, and which offer a net benefit to society. Laws, like other aspects of government, should do as little as possible.

I don't think there is anyone who believes that homosexuality is a new thing, but no one has ever pretended that it constitutes a 'marriage' in the past. There is a reason for that. It simply does not match the description. It's not the same. And we shouldn't be forced to codify into law all the things that marriage is, just because we want to make it clear what it is not.

None of this means that I think homosexuals shouldn't have equality under the law. If single people can adopt then there is no reason a willing homosexual couple shouldn't be able to. They should be allowed to share entitlements (although I'd rather get rid of the entitlement than give it to everyone). All that seems fine to me.

But no law is going to get me to pretend something is, what it isn't.

ikaika said...


Hans said...

"Laws, like other aspects of government, should do as little as possible."

This is precisely the issue at hand. When the government gets involved in a social issue inevitably it makes things worse. An education system making most American children stupider. Unfair laws to promote equality. The only thing worse than letting liberals destroy the institution of marriage through the law, would be doing it ourselves.