Wednesday, February 29, 2012

- Markets Anticipating Obama Victory ...??!!!

In a piece written by a nobody CNBC producer, we learn that unnamed 'market experts' have now begun to anticipate an Obama victory and (because of that) the market is rallying aggressively.

I'm a market expert. I'm not anticipating an Obama win yet, but those market expects that I talk to who are, are all dreading it. They're seeing an Obama win as 4 more years of regulatory and tax hell. They're all selling everything and pondering moving themselves and their businesses to Singapore. If you are a 'market expert' and you anticipate an Obama victory, the last thing in the world you would ever do is buy stocks because it's no secret how much Obama hates 'investment'.

Obama is head of the most economically illiterate administration in living memory. His ideas about how to steer the ship of state are designed by big labor (who own him outright) and his policies will lead to nothing except misery and hardship for Americans and their corporate interests. So ... believe me when I say this... if the markets were anticipating an Obama victory, they would be selling off hard.

This article is just some nobody at CNBC presenting his wishful thinking as if it were fact. At best it's correlation being presented as causality. But in reality I think it's nothing more than wildly slanted journalism from CNBC. You can expect this sort of nonsense from the left during an election year.

The real question will be ... how many leftist bloggers point to this (shamelessly BS) article as proof that Obama is great for the economy?


Bzod said...

It is especially rich that one of the reasons given for the shift is that the GOP has taken its eye off the ball by debating social issues, at debates run by the leftist media, at which the questions on the economy, taxes, regulation, etc, are rarely asked, and Obama's record is never questioned. Instead, we get George Snuffalotofgas and a wasted Diane Sawyer talking about banning condoms, building fences, and gay marriage.

The next 8 months (+4 years?) are going to be torture.

chess said...

bzod..well said.......i beleive it was steve grasso yesterday on cnbc spewing this crap.he said odumass was a "known" and market was moving higher. wtf??? idiot... my portfolio will be 100% gold if we lose the house and dems get all 3 again.. and a huge short bond trade.