Sunday, February 12, 2012

- Obama And Genuine Racism

"I Voted for Obama because he's black."
Says Samuel L. Jackson.

Not only do I not have a problem with that, I can frankly understand it. It's probably what I'd do if I were black.

We all vote for people who (for whatever reason - not just their color) remind us of ourselves. This is the reason I like Paul Ryan. Tall, thin, 40's, Irish, geeky numbers guy who comes across as more smart than charming. If that doesn't remind others of me, it does remind me of me.

There's really nothing wrong with voting for someone who reminds you of you. But it would be nice if when the person you voted for turned out to be incompetent, that maybe you admit to yourself that you might not be great at running the country either. But I know that's not very likely.

There's a photoshopped sign wandering around out there that says "I voted for Obama to prove I'm not a racist, and I'll be voting for someone else next to prove I'm to retarded."

I hope Samuel L. Jackson see's it before the election.

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