Saturday, February 25, 2012

- Obama Plays The Battered Wife

"They only hit us when we deserve it!"
says our commandier (that's command-ee-ay) in chief.

I personally think our first female president is demonstrating a little battered wife syndrome. As anyone liberal could tell you, a few accidentally burned books is far worse than several thousand dead citizens - and certainly warrants an apology.


chess said...

this pos president.....this needs to be picked up by a repub. newt would but his voice has basically been silenced. this would help romney to get the right behind tired of apologizing for global warming. my religious beliefs, my just being an amrican..sat am and head exploding.where is the outrage from a repub.. get some dam balls you guys and go after him. my father used to say that you are gonna get your ass beat every now n then but leave a mark on the guy.... take the gloves of romney n leave a mark!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing to be sorry about is having to live in the era of the complete and total pussification of the USA.

chess said...

anon.................well said.