Wednesday, February 8, 2012

- One For The Annals....

... of half baked and idiotic ideas.

Only the left could conceive of such a dim witted idea. Only the left could somehow convince themselves that this kind of shameless confiscation of wealth would somehow lead to greater 'fairness'. Its yet another 'teacher's lounge' discussion given credence in the pages of The New York Times as if the consequences of it were somehow uncertain. Really - this is evidence of something that I've maintained for ages. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some opinions are simply stupider than others. This would be one of those.

I've been feeling frustration lately. There are so many liberals out there who continue in their determination to ignore the real world. Instead, they want to build a new world where acts have been detached from their consequences. Where 'fairness' isn't based on merit, but on political connections. And the surest way to have yourself declared a villain, is to succeed. This really just takes the cake though.

Worst of all was watching Squawk box this morning and the palpable glee that devout leftists Andrew Ross Sorkin demonstrated while he raised the issue. He used the "Jon Stewart" defense ("I'm just asking the question here.") but it was impossible for him to hide his delight at the possibility of looting cash from the rich even before the rich actually called it their own.

That's what CNBC calls serious business news.

My wife and I watched him this AM and shook our heads. Eventually she said that the fountainhead idea is probably right. Just burn it all to the ground and eliminate the host to their parasite. Then when they're back under control simply start from scratch. Today I feel like she has a point.

The New York Times praises "The Zuckerberg Tax" designed to tax unrealized capital gains.


ikaika said...

CNBC is nothing more than a 'din' in the air in the office.

The advantage to trading Europe hours: I have greatr control of the idiot box.

CNBC has become a 24 hour version of that horrible 70's TV show "Real People".

Bloomberg Radio reported disgraced Governor Spitzer's support for a "Romney Tax"...

I guess libs don't like re-investment or more apporpriately - their concept of re-investment is confiscation...

are we doomed yet?

chess johns said...

this is the exact way the amt started...lets just stick it to a few rich guys and bam!!!.. and that will never go back into pandora's box.freakin idiots