Thursday, February 16, 2012

- Our Retarded Cousin To The North

Some Good news from our retarded cousin to the north. Canada has officially ended it's poorly thought out Long Gun registry. The law required all firearms to be registered, but there was WIDESPREAD defiance of the law by people in rural communities.

The few times an effort was put into enforcement and someone went looking for the guns in question that farmers and sport shooters had failed to register, it turned out that they were mostly lost or damaged and then destroyed. But now that the law has been rescinded, I'm sure many of them will be found again. It's amazing the way the law can effect your memory.

the law involved lots of fees, paperwork, and bureaucracy, so it was everything liberal anti-gun Canadians had hoped for. And when it came to pass, like most things liberal, all it accomplished was collecting fees, adding to paperwork and expanding the bureaucracy. It saved not a single Canadian life - which is to say that it failed utterly in accomplishing it's goal.

It cost 1 Billion - so I'm sure the liberals will say that it failed from lack of funding.


ikaika said...


now HUnters with money may want to hunt in Canada again. I turned down more than my share of hunts in protest of this stupidiy.

Tom said...

Best black bear hunting in the world on Vancouver island (or so they say). And then there is open plains Caribou. I'm pretty sure you still can't bring polar bear back to the US, but that's too tough a hunt for me.

James Bond said...

The bad guys also used leaked info from the gun registry to find and rob gun owners.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that retarded meant stupid. Thanks for that insight.

Tom said...

It's actually a reference to a PJ O'Rourke joke from "Holidays in Hell".

That's the way he said it, so it's how I stole it.