Monday, February 20, 2012

- The Road To OWS

The critics of the leftist progressive worldview claim that it's all driven by envy, and focused on entitlement. They claim it's a worldview which ends in destruction rather than creation; where the intent of a program is all that matters, and the actual result is considered secondary - where 'fairness' is determined by an arbitrary political process rather than by individual merit.

The standard bearers of progressivism are the teachers. Incapable of succeeding in the private sector, they retreat to their protected world where competition has been eliminated, and all you need to do to declare yourself a success is be more persuasive than the next guy. They don't have to 'accomplish' anything, and it's a good thing too. Because when in the real world where other people's competing interests are taken into account, they lack the capacity for achievement.

Those who can't... teach. And the only way they ever get anything done, is by banding together as a noisy minority, and using the government to force others to comply with their experimental ideas.

This story is a perfect example of the 'results' of liberal progressivism as compared to its intentions.
The 'occupy' movement took over a foreclosed house to the cheers of leftist politicians and the media. they intended to fix it up and cede (they don't own it so they can't give it) it to a homeless family.

But with all their master's degrees in puppetry and LGBT studies, the occupy movement can't actually 'do' anything. The tragic result was mayhem and destruction. They all but completely destroyed the house and left the world a worse place - exactly as their critics all said they would.

One of the unspoken goals of the OWS movement was to rebuild society in a way that the requirement of actually accomplishing things was eliminated as a means to success. They wanted politics and political power to be the only consideration, rather than actual productivity.

The thing to remember this next election season is that whatever the merit of their intentions, the reason the world doesn't already work the way that liberals wish it would, is because the world doesn't work the way that liberals wish it would.


chess said...

im tired of their whining. oh po me... a day of reckoning is coming and i cant wait....unfortunately "they" have become a majority who want everything and want to work for none of it.the person who cant sign their name and doesnt know who the 1st president of the US has the same vote as me.the coming outcome was inevitable. we have "dumbed " down this country so badly that its over. done. toast.

Tom said...

Actually, if you look at what's transpiring in Greece more and more it seems like the day of reckoning isn't actually coming at all. What it looks like is that (if you'll forgive the Bubba Clinton reference) it all depends on what your definition of the word 'reckoning' is. And when that's resolved, it will depend on your definition of the word "definition" - and with that settled it will depend on your definition of 'depend' etc.

There will always be one more level of mutability that can be added to obscure the onset of consequences that used to be thought of as inevitable. But now adays, it all depends on your definition of both "inevitable", and "consequence". It's all up in the air now.

chess said...

tom..i agree greece and eu has "kicked the can" down the road again. and itl be again until it cant be.,... markets will make that final decision.. im not saying it will happen tomoro.. but the path we are on is not sustainable..reckoning will be the day when people realize(for real) that a program implemented in the 30s(ss) when life expectancy was 61 cant be maintained.that we cant keep people alive at all cost..