Thursday, February 2, 2012

- Size Matters

Count me among the ranks of 'Bigger is Better" when it comes to concealed carry pistol rounds. I don't necessarily feel that way about rifles, but with pistols, I truly believe that a larger round has a better chance of doing what you need it to... making the person on the receiving end stop in his tracks.

The .380 has the virtue of being completely concealable. That's particularly important in the greater NYC are where you're almost certainly breaking the law if you carry concealed. But in my opinion it just doesn't do the job... or rather... it will do the job with too low a probability, for me to be comfortable.

Thanks to modern engineering, there are new just a few 9mm pistols which can also be as well concealed as the .380's. I'm personally a fan of the Diamondback DB9, and Vinny my Transfer agent, carries a Rohrbaugh R9. Both are concealable in a hip pocket and will look like nothing more than a bulky wallet with the right holster.

The cops I know (who don't have to fear NY/NJ handgun laws like the rest of us) all carry .45 acp's. For some jobs, size does matter.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I have small wrists for a guy, making larger handguns a bit harder for to shoot with accuracy.

For me, the 0.40cal was a nice compromise btw size and stopping power.

Tom said...

But at the cost of lack of conceal-ability. These things are a fraction of the size of even a micro-40 cal.

The DB9 is just a hair's breath bigger than an LCP. The Rohrbaugh is a little smaller. A cop or someone trained to look, will spot your .40 caliber every time, but not these.

ikaika said...

My EDC varies from compact to full size.

I have a sig p228 with the right IWB holster is ok.

B/w the Sig P228 and the HK P30 - these are the smallest auto's I carry.

I do carry a USP full size off-body - maxpedition makes cool products.

My fav is my Ruger GP 100 3"

That goes in a Galco Sihouette high ride. OWB.

It's bulky, but I wear it on weekends whether I'm going to the store or fishing.

I can open-carry while fishing in Florida too. The Galco Sil serves dual purpose.

I am intrigued by sub compacts but have never shot one in any caliber that passed my reliability muster.

Recently bought and returned a Beretta PX4 Compact 9mm - I have the big brother in 40 and it's awesome. The little guy was quirky and choked on 115gr FMJ's.

I will look into the HG's you postd.


Matt H said...

@Hell_Is_Like_Newark: usually small wrists do better with a bigger gun, holding the muzzle energy constant.

@Tom, speaking of the LCP, my wife has an LC9, which I sometimes carry. It has a thumb safety in addition to a very heavy DA trigger pull, which is excessive. But the safety is designed to be stiff to engage, so it can be carried off-safe without having to worry too much that it will get engaged accidentally. It's a very good value for the money, but like all the little single-stack 9s, it's not a lot of fun to shoot even though it's mostly great to carry. I say mostly because Ruger doesn't put a good anticorrosive finish on the slide, so we have had some minor rust issues.

If I were going to approach this purchase decision again, I'd give a good look to the Walther PPS. Even in .40 cal, it's amazingly concealable. But I'd still probably go with the 9mm because it's less punishing to shoot and so I'd get more practice with it. Another one I'd want to check out is the Beretta Nano. It's not the absolute tiniest of the bunch, but I've read that it shoots particularly nicely for a gun in this category.

ikaika said...

I'm intrigued by the Beretta Nano.

I just hope it is nothing like the Sub Compact PX4. as I said - the PX4 Full Size will give HK or Glock a run for its money.

The S&W Bodyguard is .380 abomination. another example of a bad mouse gun.

I was told to look at Kahr or Kel-Tec too.

James Hogan said...

If any of you want to fingerF a Kahr CM9, let me know and we'll meet up at one of the ranges in NJ and I'll bring it along. With a crossbreed supertuck I have carried it IWB with a light colored/thin t-shirt and it disappears even to the trained eye. It's a 6+1 capacity as bought and 8 round extended magazines are available for backup. I think they go for around $300 these days.