Friday, February 10, 2012

- Speaking As A Bitter Clinger

Speaking as a bitter clinger, I hope this religious freedom issue that the Obama administration has accidentally stepped in will cost them in the election. It’s no secret that the left in general and the Obama administration in particular, are profoundly dedicated to the destruction of Christian morality. I know they say otherwise but - and I know you’re going to be surprised by this – I think they’re lying.

What they want… what they really want… is control. They want control over every aspect of your lives. The government is their church. The law is their guardian of morality. And if you’re a bitter clinger they will ridicule you, berate you, sue you, prosecute you, fine you, harass you, and present you with no end of bureaucratic obstacles in order to wrench that power from you individually, and from any other institution that they don’t directly control.

This is the progressive dream. The omniscient mandarins in Washington will issue commands for the rest of us, and we will kowtow and obey. And nothing is going to stand in their way. Not the rule of law, not the constitution, not the archaic institutions that we religious troglodytes still adhere to… nothing. They will stop at absolutely nothing. Period.

It doesn’t matter if they’re wrong. It doesn’t matter if their plans make things worse not better. It doesn’t matter if ‘the people’ don’t want what they’re offering. There will be more, more, more, more, more! They will have absolute rule, and they don’t care if they have to burn it all down to get it. If they thought they could get away with it, they would have no problem herding these disobedient Catholics into re-education camps to purge them of their silly superstitions. These are the people to whom we’ve given the reigns of government.

It’s not just Obama or Pelosi – although they both surely want the same thing. It’s not just the press – although they will cheer it on the whole way. It’s the entire movement. And that movement is winning. They are incrementally peeling away the constraints on them and their brethren. And with every tick of the clock, the odds of ever taking back the power that they've seized diminishes. Eventually their control will be so pervasive and so complete, that we will never be able to unwind it. And that point of no return is awfully near. Once we cross it, individual liberty – that pernicious idea that they’ve struggled for over a century to shatter – will finally be a thing of the past.

I hope there are some young liberals somewhere who are seeing this, and realizing what they’ve done by voting for these people. I hope it’s a mistake that they don’t feel the need to repeat. the DC progressives may have come for the Catholics first, but they’ll be coming for everyone else too.

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Diver said...

Have you heard of Mencius Moldbug? This is right in his wheelhouse.

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