Thursday, February 16, 2012

- Teaching Union Pigs To Sing

Nicholas D. Kristof writing about the Teacher's unions in the NYTimes, sounds to me like a battered wife talking in the emergency room about how she really "deserved it."

"Teachers’ unions are here to stay, and the only way to achieve systematic improvement is with their buy-in. Moreover, the United States critically needs to attract talented young people into teaching."

He certainly sounds like Randi Weingarten's 'bitch' to me.

It's true, there may be a few union leaders who are media savvy enough to understand that they have gone too far and as these 'worst cases' hit the media it hurts them instead of helping them. But they would sooner see every child in America pushed out into the world as an illiterate than allow the kind of changes that are being proposed in New Haven to become mainstream. No tenured eternal job security?! Demands for actual "Results?!" Fat frickin chance.

If it's going to be like it is in the private sector, then what's the point of having a union in the first place? Insulating "Labor" from market forces is the whole point of a labor union. More pay for less work, and less work for more security is their entire raison d'etre.

So the simple fact is, so long as the unions retain political power, they will be a force operating against the interests of American students. They have no choice - their interests are diametrically opposed. The only people who say otherwise are the union leaders who are trying to fool America, and the imbecile teachers who yell utter nonsense at Chris Christy at his town hall meetings.

Randi Weingarten knows it. And I'm sure she's glad to have a mouthpiece as obedient as 'dumb as dirt' Nicholas Kristof, helping her sell it.

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ikaika said...

I read the article aloud in 'feigned' exasperation.

made it amusing