Thursday, February 2, 2012

- Why I Really Don't Care About The Poor

When my father in law came to this country from a refugee camp in Europe, he did so in accordance with the law. At the time, all he had to his name was $460 dollars, two suitcases, and the clothes on his, his wife's, and his then tween daughter's back.

The year was 1976.

His English was never great, and is still heavily accented. He had only a third grade 'formal' education - enough to read and write Hungarian, and just a little English. But he worked hard, saved his money, bought his bosses business from him, worked even harder, and retired 18 years later in 1994, as a multi-millioniare.

He says there is no excuse for being poor in this country, and I think he's absolutely right. You may not end up a billionaire, but I'm absolutely convinced that no one is really poor in this country unless they choose to be.

Too harsh? Tell it to someone who came from the rich side of the tracks.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Some years back, I had this Jamaican kid (he was 18) working for me doing construction related work. He would bust his ass six hours a day during the week and 10+ hours on Saturday. On weeknights he went to work at his UPS job.

He was working so hard because he wanted to build up a nest egg.

I used to play talk radio while working. One day, normal programming was interrupted to host some telethon to 'feed the starving in America'.

When the program was announced, the Jamaican kid stopped working, turned around and exclaimed, "Yo mon.. how do you starve in this country? How is that possible?"

From his perspective, it was impossible for someone to stay poor who had even a minimal amount of drive not too.