Monday, February 13, 2012

- A Word On Obama's Budget

To be a liberal in 20th century America there are a lot of subjects on which you have to have a healthy propensity for self delusion. The full list is very long and very deep and spans from man made global warming, to the crusades, to the effectiveness of socialism to the ugly intellectual history of the American progressive movement.

So in the grand scheme of things, I don't see Obama's new proposed budget - which includes a hair under 4 Trillion in spending, and 1.4 Trillion (with a T) in NEW taxes, as being such a big intellectual obstacle for them.

They will no doubt have themselves convinced that we'll all be better off if 100% the money 'earned' by Americans in the private sector was siphoned off for the unions to spend on Democrat election ads. Because as we all know, the new-speak generating political advertising industry is central to any healthy modern economy.

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chess johns said...

tom.excellent as usual. unfortunately the libtards think they know best .. with >50% of this country wanting a handout i dont see how we regain the whitehouse until the ponzi scheme falls apart. its inevitable that it will. ill say its when china back away from a few treasury auctions or that investors stop using our treasuries as a safe haven. when we get 10 yrsa back up at 4 or greater the interest will collaspe the pyramid. but by then itl be too late to salvage the wreck.. i wish i could be more hopeful but america had dumbed itself down so much we are in free fall. thanx for your insight.